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Kim Kardashian Cover Sales Slipping, People Worried About $1m Payday?

Paris Hilton isn’t the only reality star dealing with some consumer disinterest. Page Six says the people over at People are nervous about the $1 million they allegedly paid for exclusive rights to cover Kim Kardashian’s wedding after her engagement photos—which cost $300,000—failed to fly off the shelves. It’s too bad footballer Bret Lockett admitted he never met Kim despite his claims that they “hooked up”…People could use any controversy they can get! Maybe they even get the million back if Kim and Kris Humphries call everything off.

People and Kim deny that any deal has been made for the wedding photos, and if that’s true, the ratings of last night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiere may decide how much Kim can actually expect to pull in for exclusive pics of the festivities. But even if the ratings slip, you can guarantee the Kardashian girls won’t just blame technical difficulties like Paris did. These women aren’t afraid to work for their money…as long as it doesn’t actually mean being good at anything. How about a pre-honeymoon sex tape, guys?

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Kim Kardashian Threatens To Sue Bret Lockett Over Affair Allegations

Kim Kardashian may just sue Brett Lockett if he doesn’t stop talking about their alleged affair, which also involves her supposedly cheating on Kris Humphries, her fiance. In Touch even ran a cover story about their apparent hook-up, and Kimmy’s hopping mad with them. She’s sent the magazine a letter telling them to drop the story or else she’ll sue because, as Kim’s reps keep saying, she’s never met or spoken to Brett. (Who happens to be Tom Brady‘s team mate on the New England Patriots, BTW.) He was quoted in the story to have said, “I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does. She pursued me.” and is ready to present concrete proof that Kim is lying.

What’s Kris take on this, is what we want to know. Kim’s very much wearing her huge engagement ring, as seen in this photograph taken at LAX yesterday so it seems they’re presenting a untied front. Kim’s also sent a cease and desist letter to Brett now, telling him to quit talking about her cheating on Kris with him. She also wants him to admit he’s been lying or else it’s off to court. Her lawyer Michael Kump has said, “To put it very plainly and clearly, and as Mr. Lockett knows, there is not now, and never has been such a relationship. Ms. Kardashian does not know and has never even met Mr. Lockett.” So’s who’s telling the truth and who’s lying? What do you think?

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Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Or OK! Magazine Full Of It?

“I’m Having A Baby!” declares Kim Kardashian on OK!’s latest cover. When we saw this we were all, “OMG yay! Keeping Up With The Kardashi-spawns can now be a real show!” But then we read the accompanying article and said to our computer, “Hold the eff up, gurl.” The cover may be all about a baby, but the story is just some random engagement details strung together to vaguely appear as if it’s about a baby. “I walked in and… stroked my hair, flashing the ring,” Kim tells the tabloid. Okay, cool, but what about your baby announcement, Kim?! “After three minutes of arguing, everyone finally started jumping,” she says. Jumping about the ring. Not the phantom baby.

But don’t worry, there are more quotes! From friends! “Kim always thought she’d have at least one or two kids by now, so she’s absolutely in a hurry,” says OK!’s source. “And Kris loves kids and doesn’t see any reason to wait. Her friends are even taking bets on whether it will be a boy or a girl.” Well that’s nice, but once again: YOU NEVER ACTUALLY SAY SHE’S PREGNANT, OK! MAGAZINE. But you are quite talented at misleading readers with your selective word choice. Congratulations?

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Enjoy The Sweet Pleasure Of Saying Kim “Kardashian” While You Still Can

You never know a good thing until its gone. Every time you start a sentence with “Kim Kardashian blah blah blah” should now be considered precious. You won’t have the pleasure of saying her name—her full God-given name—for too long now. Kim’s dropping the “Kardashian” for “Humphries” once she gets married to fiance Kris Humphries! Which is really sweet when you consider the brand value of that name. It’s worth a lot.

Of course, the one person who will not see anything but the balance sheets regarding Kim’s decision is her mother, Kris Jenner. As expected, Kris said, “I don’t think she should take his name and be Kim Humphries … She needs to be Kim Kardashian because she’s worked so hard to get where she is.” Kim Humphries, huh? Start getting used to it!

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What’s The Mystery Inscription On Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring?

By now we’re  guessing the news that Kim Kardashian is engaged has spread to all corners of the globe. Seraphim have sung songs about it from the heavens, Cupid’s gone on an official holiday ’cause his job’s done and Armenia declared the day of the popped knee a national holiday. We’re also also aware of the blinding awesomeness of carattitude that is her ring. Which isn’t so much as a rock as it is an island.

Apparently all is not as it seems with the Kim’s ring, people. Her fiance Kris Humphries just went all Da Vinci Code on us and has hidden messages etched on Kim’s ring. Sources say that he got two bible passages that are important to the couple inscribed. Which is just adorable, sure, but we’re dying to know which ones! Who do you think will spill the beans first — Kris or Kim? Our money is on Ms. Kimberly. Another cover story, perhaps?

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Kris Humphries Proposes To Kim Kardashian With 20.5 Carat Ring

Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries of the New Jersey Nets! The pair have been dating since December. Surely Kris must have known it was fate when he met Kim and her family of K names — he has two sisters named Krystal and Kaela. They must be soulmates! Even more exciting (for us) — Kim may be relocating to New York City to be near her man. Let’s do lunch, girl! Our treat! (If it’s Quiznos.)

In true Kardashian form, she’s already plugging the engagement on this week’s cover of People magazine. See her giant 20.5 carat ring and learn all about the storybook (er, or a little much?) proposal: Kris was waiting in her bedroom on his knee with the words ‘Will you marry me’ spelled out in rose petals. We’re just thrilled that the news all but ensures an endless amount of Kim-focused reality shows…engagement, wedding, newlywed life, maybe a baby…the opportunities for fame are endless!

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Stars Pose Awkwardly At Avril Lavigne’s Record Release Party

The release party for Avril Lavigne‘s new record Goodbye Lullabye was last night, and you know what that means…Kardashian photo ops! Avril is one degree of separation away from all things Kardashian since she’s dating step-Dash Brody Jenner, so of course her sister-in-law-by-dating, Kim, was in attendance. And actually, if you look closely at the photos, Kim appears to barely move from her position all night long. Hers was one of many awkward poses during the party which looked like it took place in someone’s weird, leathery rec room where everyone was standing on couches. Check out our gallery for proof.

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Mom Kris Says Kim’s Not Serious About Kris Humphries (Yet)

When you’re the owner of the hottest and most famous booty in the world, you don’t really have a lot of motivation to settle down with one man. So it makes sense to hear that Kim Kardashian isn’t serious about Kris Humphries…yet. “She’s dating a lot of different people. I usually don’t meet them until she gets serious and, so far, she hasn’t brought him around,” Kim’s mom Kris Jenner told People. Kris went on to explain that Kim is simply too busy to seriously date anyone, which is exactly the type of thing you tell your mom when you have more boyfriends than there are days in the week.

Since Humphries and Kardashian have been dating only since early December, we don’t find it odd that she hasn’t inflicted Scott Disick and the rest of the gang on him. However, Kim has meet Kris’s parents…and meet with hearty approval. “Kris’s family like Kim. They think she is really nice, considerate and pretty,” a source claims. Rumor has it that that Kim watched Kris’s New Jersey Nets play the Timberwolves on New Year’s Day with Kris’s sister Kaela before meeting his rents. “Yes, they met and it was a wonderful meeting,” Humphries’ rep confirms. So step-dad Bruce Jenner can put his mind at ease. “I only worry about the boyfriends when they show up at my house. I know if he shows up at my house, then I’ll start to worry,” Bruce explained. Maybe worry your step-daughter is exhausted from having so much swagger. Other than that, we think she’s got this.

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Kim Kicks Halle’s Ex To the Curb, Already Dating A New Baller


Another week, another smoking-hot guy slobbering all over Kim Kardashian. To have that woman’s butt for just one day! Mere milliseconds after hearing that Kim and Gabriel Aubry broke up, we find out she’s has already moved on to a new equally devastating dude. Who’s allegedly Kardashian’s new boyfriend? New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. Says an inside source to Life & Style, “Kim likes him much more than Gabriel. He’s normal, so much fun and cute. He’s perfect for what Kim wants right now, which is some fun dates and some fun times.” O that’s funny! “Fun times” is what we call “doing it,” too!

Says a source, “Kim feels like Gabriel was just using her for her fame,” adding that the 34-year-old Audry “is older than Kim is looking for… so she’s decided to stop seeing him.” Wow, a cougar at 30. You can’t see it, but we’re crying on single tear of pride. We guess if you’re Kim Kardashian, you can just dump a male model and not worry about finding another man. Or many, many other men. Remind us to lock our boyfriend in the basement tonight. [Photo: Getty/]