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The Robsten Gaze: 25 Pics Of Rob And Kristen In Love

Where were you when Robert Pattinson answered a question about Kristen Stewart in which she was referred to as “[his] girlfriend”? True story: we were sitting at our desk drinking out of our Twilight cup. Then suddenly 100 doves landed on our desk holding a banner in their beaks that read, “Rob just basically confirmed Kristen is his girlfriend to a German TV reporter!” and we shed a single tear shaped like Stephenie Meyer‘s face.

To commemorate this monumental day we’ve gathered 25 of our favorite pictures of Rob and Kristen gazing lovingly at each other. They’ve been giving each other such looks since back in the innocent Twilight days, as if they knew it was only a matter of time before they would become Hollywood’s Worst Kept Secret. They may not ever talk about their relationship, but there’s no hiding what’s written all over their faces.*

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Kristen Stewart: Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene Felt “Emotional”

Even though Breaking Dawn just wrapped shooting, the madness surrounding the film has barely begun. We won’t be seeing the movie until November, but Entertainment Weekly has already revealed their latest Twilight covers. The photos are pretty straight forward, one features Edward and Bella (Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) kissing foreheads, the other shows Jacob (Taylor Lautner) giving the camera his wolfiest Blue Steel. What’s most interesting, surely, is the story inside, in which we learn a bit more about some of the major moments in the film. You know: wedding, Brazil bone sesh, crazy clawing baby blood-fest, in that order.

First up, Kristen talks about her fake big day: “It was one of the coolest things that I’ve done. There was a certain point when I walked on set, and I saw everyone from the entire cast sitting there in the pews, about to do their bit. And it was just so perfect for me in that moment. It was so emotional in such a real way. I literally felt like thanking them for coming.” Yeah, we know it’s adorable because she and Rob are doing kissy things in public, but it’s even sweeter thinking of the entire cast coming together like that at the end of three years of making movies together. Tears, shed.

As for the honeymoon cherry-popping and the vampire birth, director Bill Condon says, “We shot everything — whether it’s the lovemaking or the childbirth — as potent and powerful as it can be.” HELLS TO THE YES.

To say we’re excited for Breaking Dawn would be the greatest understatement known to mankind. And the best part? All the good stuff happens in the first movie! Which means the second half of Breaking Dawn is just gonna be Stephenie Meyer sitting in a chair explaining for 2 hours how she came up with the concept of “imprinting,” right?

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[Photos: Entertainment Weekly]

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Sexy Bathing Suit Pics Of Robsten Leave Us Speechless

Well, we tried to come up with a creative way to post these pictures of the final Breaking Dawn shoot in St. Thomas this weekend, but we ‘re  stumped. Why the brain fart? Because we can’t focus when staring at two perfect specimens trotting around half-naked on a beautiful beach. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in hardly any clothes? The best we can come up with is “asdfghjklasdfghjkasdfghjkl”

That’s not to say we didn’t try. Here are some alternate names for this post that we batted around:

  • Do Want Kristen Stewart’s Bikini Body
  • World’s Best Day Job
  • Oh To Be Wardrobe Assistant For A Day
  • Fail Me Now, Sticky Tape
  • The Luckiest Ocean In The World

We’d love to hear your suggestions, so please get typing. That is, if you can stop staring.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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The Twilight Cast: 25 Pics Of The Way They Were

Memoriesssss…like the corners of my mind…No, our eyes aren’t watery – we are straight up CRYING today, because the shooting of Breaking Dawn is officially over. You know what that means, right? No more Twilight movies in production! Ever! Guises…it’s OVER. Okay, so maybe it’s more like the beginning of the end, but we’re still feeling emotional and nostalgic. Some memories we’ve reflected on today as we’ve looked back on three magical years together:

  • A time when Robert Pattinson was just “that guy with the hair” to us. How naive we were.
  • Nikki and Kristen‘s hand-holding BFF-ship (oh, how times change).
  • Cathy Hardwicke just being Cathy! Kooky ol’ Cathy.
  • Comic Con! Kristen wore flip flops!
  • The 2008 MTV VMAS – the hottest the cast has ever looked on a red carpet, ever.
  • Rachelle LaFevre…so beautiful, so missed. Er, what – are we being dramatic?
  • The evolution of everyone’s red carpet style. Yes, there was a time when Ashley wore flip flops on carpets and Rob wore all black suits, and oh, they looked adorable.
  • Taylor Lauter, pre-abs.
  • Edi Gathegi and Cam Gigandet, two of our fave dudes (with the best last names) from the first film who left us too soon. RIP Laurent and James.
  • Oregano who?

We dug through a ton of photos today to bring you some of our favorites from the fall of 2008, when Twilight was just being released and the cast had yet to be propelled into mega-fame. Think of it as a Twilight 2008 yearbook, with this as our sign-off: It’s so hard 2 say goodbye 2 yesterday.


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25 Films In 21 Years: A Look Back – And Forward – At Kristen Stewart’s Career

Maybe the entire world has already seen a young Kristen Stewart in this Porsche commercial from 1999, but it is new to us. Watch and “Awwww” with us, please:

The woman (let’s stop calling her a girl, shall we) has an enviable resume that blossomed shortly after this commercial was shot. You know, when she worked with A-Listers David Fincher and Jodi Foster on her first movie, Panic Room. We first caught wind of Kristen in Into the Wild. She was completely captivating onscreen, and when we weren’t marveling over her acting skills we were enviously drooling over her legs.  As Em in Adventureland she encapsulated everything it means to be a teenage girl in coming of age over the summer: insecure, awkward, flirtatious, unsure of herself and yet wildly confident.The break up scene in New Moon crushes us every time (specifically the seasonal change sequence) and we think her turn as a terminally ill teen in The Cake Eaters is some of her finest work – and at such a young age to boot.

We’ve included some of our favorite onscreen Stew moments below the jump, as well as a giant gallery of the actress through the years. She’s starred in over 25 movies (including Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 and On the Road) in 21 years – not bad, eh? And share your favorite onscreen Stew-moments with us too!

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KStew’s Shoes: 21 Pics Of Her Coolest Sneakers

You know what we love about Kristen Stewart, guys? Well yes, everything. But specifically her fashion sense, and the fact that she dresses like an actual human and not a BRATZ doll. While we swoon over her skinny jeans and sunglasses, we’re particularly fond of her sneaker collection, and fantasize about the massive shelving system it must take to hold them all. WHAT DOES HER CLOSET LOOK LIKE?! These are the things that keep us up at night.

We’ve often hit up red carpets with some sneaker questions for Kristen in our pocket, but have never had time to ask (you know, questions that have a bit more substance come first). But seriously – do you not love that the girl owns a gajillion pairs of Keds, Converse and Vans and wears them on the red carpet? What’s more relatable than a celebrity who hates heels?

We’re celebrating all things Kristen this week in honor of her 21st birthday, so please join us as we toast her enviable sneaker collection and her casual, cool style that is so uniquely her own. Now excuse us while we go try to look cool tying a knot in our t-shirt, and check back here tomorrow as we pay tribute to Kristen’s lengthy on-screen career!

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Who Says She Doesn’t Smile? 21 Pics of Kristen Grinnin’

Our girl Kristen Stewart often gets a bad rap for looking peeved in photos and acting less-than-enthused in interviews, but we at TheFABlife know from first-hand experience that it just isn’t so! She’s actually very pleasant in person and even cheeses it up for the paps from time-to-time! To prove there’s more to her than “b*tchface” and honor her 21st birthday on Saturday, we’ve gathered the 21 most adorable pics of KStew showing her teeth* – in a good way.

*Note the maximum toothage while alongside Mr. Pattinson.

21. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Los Angeles Premiere, 2009

20. Twilight: Eclipse Q&A, 2010

19. Twilight: Eclipse Rome Premiere, 2010

18. The Late Show With David Letterman, 2010

17. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Paris Press Conference, 2009

16. GQ Celebrates 2007 “Men Of The Year,” 2007

15. The Runaways Press Conference, 2010

14. People’s Choice Awards, 2011

13. Twilight Cast Appearance, 2008

12. Twilight Press Conference Tokyo, 2009

11. 18th Annual MTV Movie Awards, 2009

10. The Runaways Los Angeles Premiere, 2010

9. Spike Scream Awards, 2010

8. Twilight: Eclipse NYC Screening, 2010

7. Twilight Tokyo Premiere, 2009

6. Twilight: Eclipse LA Premiere, 2010

5. Los Angeles Film Festival, 2010

4. Teen Choice Awards, 2009

3. People’s Choice Awards, 2011

2. MTV Movie Awards, 2010

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Berlin Premiere, 2010

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TheFABLife’s Rendition Of Vampified Bella Cullen

Since we have yet to see (and gush over) an actual Breaking Dawn production still of an undead Bella Cullen (we’re still getting used to her married name!), the ants in our pants took to Photoshop to render what we think both the newborn and “vegetarian” Bella will look like. Kristen Stewart (photos) looks pretty gorgeous in both stages, right?

What do our Twi-pals think? Are we close?

[Photos: Summit Entertainment, Editing: TheFABlife]

Take a closer look at our Bella below, as well as 10 of our faves from the webosphere.

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Kristen Stewart Looks Amazing On The Cover Of Vogue


Kristen Stewart (photos) may try to be unassuming and unglamorous in real life, but this new Vogue cover proves she sure can step up her game when she wants to. KStew graces the February cover of the fashion magazine and inside, there’s an eight page fashion spread shot by Mario Testino (check out the photos here). Sure, she looks amazing, but it’s the interview that’s worth checking out too. Stewart discusses her favorite hobbies (cooking, golf), her thoughts about Bella Swan (she’s “a character who is embedded in so many people’s psyches at this point”), and exactly how she plans to spend her $25 million Twilight paycheck. Sadly/understandably, all talk of Robert Pattinson is off-limits, but to make up for that, we do have a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the Vogue cover and mini-interview with Stewart after the jump.

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TheFABLife’s Top 25 Robsten Moments of 2010


My my, what a year it’s been for our favorite on and offscreen lovebirds! Since the first film of the Twilight series, rumors of budding romance between Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) have fluttered the hearts of TwiHards, but not until 2010 did we get confirmation of their IRL love affair. In the last year, we’ve had a blast taking part in the virtual collective meltdowns on Twitter over each hand hold, booty scan, and behind-the-scenes kiss. We couldn’t think of a better holiday gift to our fellow Robsten aficionados than to wrap up the year in the ever-more-public romance between the handsome Brit behind Edward Cullen and the anti-Hollywood starlet behind Bella Swan. Enjoy! [Photos: Getty Images, Splash News Online]


February 21st: Rob and Kristen escape the BAFTAs after party together, get caught in their getaway vehicle. Earlier in the night, Pattinson reportedly admitting they’re dating by telling The Sun that it was meant to be their first public appearance, but the crazed fans made it impossible. (PHOTOS)

March 1st: Kristen supports her funny face-makin’ “friend” Rob at the New York premiere of his film Remember Me. The two walked the red carpet separately, but supposedly left the screening as a pair. (PHOTOS)

March 21st: KStew arrives to LAX wearing Rob’s raggedy white tee. (PHOTOS)

April 11th: The flannel-lovin’ pair was spotted leaving Budapest’s local airport together, presumably en route to a top secret vacay for Kristen’s 20th birthday. (PHOTOS)
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