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Kristen Stewart’s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever


Since taking on the role of Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga in 2008, Kristen Stewart (photos) has not only generated frenzied fan worship but also established herself as a mainstay on Best Dressed lists. Over the years, and especially after portraying Joan Jett in The Runaways, KStew has defined her style as rocker chic. Often in black and always flaunting her enviable legs, she works the red carpet in the hottest labels from Prabul Gurung to Marchesa to Elie Saab. She consistently completes the look with sky-high designer heels, though is notorious for having Converse within arm’s reach for the moment the paps stop snapping.

Just as the films of The Twilight Saga continue to improve, Kristen’s style keeps evolving as she takes more risks and gains confidence in front of the cameras. She’s been on a fashionable roll throughout the Eclipse press tour, inspiring us to once again collaborate with our fellow fashion lovers and KStew admirers at Kristen Stewart News to chronicle Mrs. Robsten‘s Top 25 Hottest Outfits Ever.

Disagree with our Number 1 pick? We’re eager to hear your thoughts in the comments and on Twitter (@thefablife)!

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Robsten Confirmed? They’re A Couple!


We KNEW it. Well, everyone knew it, but HAH. Robsten(photos) are real! Bring out the tissues, get some ice-cream, keep all breakables away, get a new haircut or buy some new shoes… whatever you need to do to deal with the heartbreak. Eclipse producer Wyck Godfrey has pretty much outed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as a couple in an interview with Time. No more acting coy! Months of speculation have come down to this!

He was flat-out asked what he thought about their down-low relationship and responded, “The thing I do think about is, Oh my God, I hope they stay together. Because it could be awkward on set in the next movie if they have a huge falling out. It’s like, Wow, they have to portray this love story through two more movies. God, I hope they stay together; please stay together. That’s what affects my day-to-day.”

Did you read that? Right there… they’re real! They exist!

And that’s not all he gabbed about. When the interviewer asked him about the intense media coverage on them, he commented, “I don’t feel it’s out there anymore. Do people still report on it? If you look at people who have a stable personal life, the rags get tired of them. I think we’re heading to that place where they are together and that’s their life and we better find someone new to create drama out of.”

Awww, they sound cozy. Bella and Edward for real!  Now somebody hand us a tissue.

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Photos: Robsten Avoids Losing Their Sh*t By Sticking Together


A couple days ago our editor Kate Spencer reported live from Tent City where over 7,000 Twi-hards awaited their chance to catch a glimpse of Rob Pattinson‘s luscious mop and Kristen Stewart‘s tiny bird legs at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

As we patrolled the live stream tonight for any sign of Robsten (photos), the deafening waves of shrieking girls only increased – we’re certain at times their anticipation caused them to yelp at passing production assistants. While we’re sure having gazillions of devoted (and we mean, devoted) fans is beyond flattering for probable-couple Rob and Kristen, there’s got to be moments of claustrophobia mixed in with those gracious autographs and fan pics. Fans of the Twilight franchise are an openly emotional kind, shamelessly making bite requests, and snapping thousands of blurred photos with their cell phones. (Disclaimer: We’re not denying we’d do/have already done any of these things.)

Maintaining a cheerful, grateful disposition amidst all the commotion cannot always be easy, and while Rob and Kristen seemingly pulled off another madhouse premiere tonight, there were some funny face-producing moments of them almost losing their sanity. But for each shot of Rob looking befuddled there were five of the pair gazing into each others’ eyes, smiling, and cracking each other up. Looks like our favorite secret lovers are more likely to breeze to Breaking Dawn than reach their breaking point.

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5 Reasons Why Kristen Stewart Is A Fashion Icon In The Making


How we wish we could share a giggly group hug with Kristen Stewart (photos) and her stylist today. Oh and while we’re at it, let’s throw in her hair and makeup team too. While she’s ultra-casual in person (which we love) the girl takes it up a notch – or ten – every time she steps on to the red carpet, and she’s been stone cold killing it during the Eclipse press tour. She and Taylor are currently in Rome, where she showed up in a dress that is both sexy and classy, a combo so rarely pulled off in Hollywood.

The lady is quickly becoming a total fashion icon in our eyes. Don’t believe us? Let us count the ways.

1. She dresses for her age – 20 – and keeps her own style in mind, embracing her edgy, rock n’ roll, glam side. But she never, ever skanks out.

2. It never looks like she’s donning some desperate get-up just to get attention (cough, Kim Kardashian, cough) and she lets the clothes speak for themselves, keeping her hair, make up and jewelery to a minimum.

3. She also doesn’t compromise her taste for the red carpet – she’s been wearing her special necklace, for example  (we’re sure Rob can tell you all about it) at every photo call and she took her ridiculous Joan Jett hair cut and embraced it, turning it into something cool and distinctly her own.

4. Kristen is risky, but she never so much that she’d grace a bad fashion list, and her shoe choices are consistently both  timeless and on-trend.

5. She always – always - looks like herself.

In short: swoon.

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The 20 Most Notorious Celebrity Red Carpet Moves


Everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood has their own signature red carpet move. For example, our red carpet move consists of not going to the red carpet. This is mainly because we’ve never been asked. But for celebs, their signature move is like their calling card! It’s a catch phrase for the body. You can see a signature move and immediately know who’s responsible for it. Spot a peace sign, and you know it’s attached to Miley‘s hand. That head of hair being combed by some gangly fingers? RPattz, obviously. And every time bare abs turn up on the carpet well – you don’t even have to ask.

We’ve all strutted in front of the mirror and pretended we’re at our first premiere, perfecting our signature red carpet move. (No? Just us? Oh well.) Check out these famous folks as they actually do it!

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KStew: Kissing Taylor Was “Hard” (Because He’s Not RPattz, Right?)


Kristen Stewart (photos) has said that the kissing scenes with Taylor Lautner in Eclipse were “hard” to shoot. Why, because her boyfriend Robert Pattinson (photos) was watching from craft services? Give us a break, K.Stew… it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it (pick us, pick us!)/

At an Eclipse press conference this past weekend, she confessed that kissing Jacob “was so against everything that Bella’s always been.”  But she did admit that the “tent scene” was gratifying. You know – the one where she canoodles with Jacob to keep warm in the freezing temperature, while Robert Pattinson‘s Edward watches on in jealousy. She said, “Bella always wanted Jacob and Edward to level with each other finally and it’s funny that it takes place while she’s sleeping between them. It was fun to shoot, but I wish it wasn’t as hot. I was literally in a beanie and I was just sweating.”

Stewart went on to say that shooting love scenes with Tay-Tay still hadn’t sunk in properly stating, “Taylor [and I] have so much fun with this stuff because our intimate moments are so few and far between — and weird. Me and Rob are always so serious because we have [a lot of] those scenes.” Ok, don’t rub it in, we know Robsten have kissing down.

She was also asked to choose the better kisser, but Stewart couldn’t take sides.”Dakota [Fanning],” she said, referring to her costar in The Runaways. “I’m just going to have to say that because it’s easier.”

Pics of Rob and Kristen shamelessly flirting in public at Twi-Con this weekend below.

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Kristen Stewart’s Stalker Is No Match For Her Ultra-Protective Fans


Here’s one thing we’ve learned about Kristen Stewart (photos) fans: say one thing that could be considered remotely negative about the Twilight princess, and they come at you stronger than an army of newborn vamps (ohhh, Eclipse reference!). Knowing their, uh, loyalty, we’re confident that if they catch wind of Kristen’s alleged stalker‘s whereabouts, they’ll kick his ass to Forks and back.

Now, apparently KStew is not that worried about her stalker, which we find hard to believe because

1. Kristen hates the paparazzi and is notoriously private and protective of her loved ones and her own life and…

2. It’s a f*cking STALKER and Kristen is no idiot. Moody – yes, dumb – no.

Not to mention, we don’t think best secret boyfriend ever Robert Pattinson (photos) would let some crazy person get within one inch of his beloved queen – especially if he keeps attacking her with surprise kisses (Robsten photos) every chance he gets. He’s like a free bodyguard with sexed up hair…come to think of it, we got to get ourselves one of those.

In all seriousness – stalkers are nothing to mess around with, and we hope that those big bodyguards we always see lurking around her are doing their job. Back off, weirdos!

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80 Signs That Robsten Is Real


Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) pretty much confirmed what we all already knew (and hoped) at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. There’s no way they’re not dating. Throughout the show, Rob and Kristen were leaned towards each other, sharing glances and giggling. When Kristen won “Best Female Performance,” Rob hoot and hollered as her named was called, she touched his stomach as she passed, and he checked out her bum as she strolled to the stage. Once she accepted her award and gave a trademark awkward speech laden with thumbs-up, he looked on with twinkly eyes and an adoring smile. Swoon.

Then, there was their “Best Kiss” acceptance shenanigans. Though the secret couple’s plan may have been to tease us for the second year in a row, Rob could not resist stealing a smooch. We’re unconvinced the kiss was scripted, as Kristen seemed legitimately surprised and peeved, while Rob looked far too pleased with himself. Note that his tongue even came out to do a victory lap.

Still skeptic? Here are 80 pieces of photographic evidence that Robsten (photos) is more than just every Twi-hard’s fantasy. [Photos: TheFABLife, Getty Images]

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Style Wars: KStew Glams It Up

Since the dawn of her days as Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart (photos) has become a mainstay on Best Dressed lists – most recently looking drop-dead in a Prabul Gurung black mini dress while in Korea promoting The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. She continued her extension-laden, high-hemmed streak at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards in a gorgeous D&G gold and gray frock. She’s come a long way since pairing Converse with last year’s red and black number. Which KStew look do you prefer? Playful in 2009 or Glam in 2010?  [Photos: Getty Images]

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Even Kristen Stewart Can’t Believe How Hot She Is


Seriously, you guyssssss – look at our girl! Kristen Stewart (photos) is out promoting Eclipse looking like – okay, we’re gonna just say it – a hot piece of ass. (Somewhere on the set of Water for Elephants, Robert Pattinson is shaking his head in agreement.)

KStew wore Prabul Gurung to the Eclipse premiere/fan event in South Korea, and it may be her sexiest look ever. We have no idea who coerced her into that fake hair, but when we find out we’re taking said stylist out for a drink or five. Now can we all just forget about the hoopla over Kristen’s rape/paparazzi comment and focus on the sparkly, vampy goodness in front of us?

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