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Security And Paparazzi Fight Over Kristen In Sydney: Who’s Going Too Far?

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Kristen Stewart‘s comparision of photographers to rapists in Elle recently may have been over the top, but there’s no denying things have gotten out of hand.  Kristen and Taylor Lautner departed Sydney yesterday when security and photographers began fighting over access to the Twilight stars. Here’s one pap’s account:

Photographers descended upon the stars eager to send them off on there way with a few photos under their belt! The scene soon turned to chaos as security manhandled and assaulted photographers, people were punched, thrown to the ground and pushed out of the way while police threatened to arrest photographers while they watched on as the pack was assaulted by hired goons, Twilight security, while Kristen and Taylor hid behind their minders.

Now that’s some unbiased reporting! If Kristen’s security really was allowed to pummel photographers while police looked on and threatened the victims, we’re guessing she wouldn’t be so upset. But with the Eclipse star also accused of cursing out photographers after enjoying a cruise down under, maybe she should cut down on the endless photo ops if she can’t handle hordes of people showing up at them. It’s not like she’s going to get much sympathy from fans who wish Robert Pattinson was their alleged lover. Either way, with Breaking Dawn not scheduled for release until November 2011, it looks like she’ll have to take this crap for a bit longer…though possibly not much longer than that.

Does Kristen need to get over the chaos or is she right to be frustrated? Tell us what you think on Twitter and in the comments below.

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In Defense Of Kristen’s Lust For Rob


In a behind-the-scenes video of Kristen Stewart (photos) shooting a spread for Flaunt, she casually chatters while adorably fussing with her well-moussed coif and exchanging her on-set pumps for all-black Converse. The interviewer asks Stewart about inner beauty, and after denying them some cheeseball sound bite, she answered “I’ve never really gone out with someone I’ve found attractive, initially.” This is where countless media outlets gasped, foamed at the mouth, removed all context and rabidly announced “Kristen Stewart Thinks Robert Pattinson Is Ugly!” 

We’re here to defend KStew and her occasional inarticulateness, and call out the insanity that anyone with the ability of sight (or feeling, hey, we have to believe a run through his glorious mop could tingle the loins) would ever think RPattz is anything but drop-dead. Kristen met Rob at their audition for Twilight, when he was just some tousle-haired, bushy-eyebrowed British actor who played Cedric in Harry Potter. And while we’ve always thought the international hysteria-inducer was handsome, after we had the joy (that’s an understatement) of interviewing Robert Pattinson, we fell head-over-heels for his self-deprecating humor and befuddled attitude regarding his fame. We’re confident Kristen simply meant she fell for his bumbling goofiness, not his gorgeous good looks, like anyone who passes a magazine stand. Though given the eye-f*cking that went down on Oprah, we’re certain the secret lovers are plenty attracted to one another.

Video of KStew’s allegedly dissing RPattz below.

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Robsten Gets Physical: Breaking Down Their Body Language On Oprah


As all true Twi-hards know, the Eclipse trio (+1 Dakota Fanning, briefly) made their epic Oprah appearance today. While the Big O may not have succeeded in getting Rob Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) to admit they’re dating (on-air, at least), she did get an adorably goofy quip from RPattz, “Kristen’s pregnant,” followed by KStew saying he’d be the one birthing the child. A sincere confession was not necessary for even a mildly observant viewer, as the duo did enough oogling, eye-f*cking, and making each other LOL to confirm what we’ve known for months… there’s no way these two aren’t bumpin’ pasty uglies. Allow us to break it down for you.


1. Is it possible that Kristen is doing anything but undressing Rob with her eyes? We think not.

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Were Rob And Kristen Fighting On The Set Of Eclipse?


Okay, we’re going to take this with a grain of salt, but there’s a rumor circulating right now that Robert Pattinson (photos) and Kristen Stewart (photos) got into a big fight on the set of Eclipse over Rob’s alleged visit to a burlesque club in London. Pattinson supposedly turned up late to the set where the cast was shooting pick-up shots for the upcoming film, and Stewart accused him of having stayed late at the bar and taking a later flight to the Vancouver set. A source told Page Six “They were both so angry, the crew had to take a break for an hour for things to simmer down.” Ooh, wonder if we’ll be able to see the tension onscreen!

If their secret confirmation to Oprah didn’t cement the deal that these two are officially dating, fighting in public and driving one another crazy (you know, like every other couple) certainly makes it seem like it’s the real deal. Plus, you know, since Kristen is probably pregnant with their vampire love-child, she would be extra hormonal.

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Rumors We Love: Robsten Confirm Relationship To Oprah

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

According to E!, secret lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart confirmed their relationship to Oprah Winfrey while filming an upcoming episode of her show…only the bean spill won’t make it to air! “Obviously Oprah had to ask something during the taping, but agreed beforehand she wouldn’t be too hard on them if they told her [in private] what was really going on. Both Rob and Kristen’s people and Summit then confirmed ahead of time [Robsten] are together and are dating. One hundred percent.” One hundred percent, you say! Guess that settles that!

Some might wonder why Oprah would let such a juicy scoop slip away from her show and fall into hands of E!, but maybe she cares more about being the envy of millions of teenage girls than ratings. While the audience will be treated to flirtatious joking about Kristen carrying RPattz’ love child, the almighty O can rest easy in her throne, knowing she is part of the select group that knows “one hundred percent” these two are enjoying a love worth more than her kajillions upon kajillions of dollars. You’ll have to wait to try and catch a vibe until it airs next Thursday, but you can see photos of the oh-so-secretive “couple” in the gallery below.

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New Eclipse Trailer: We Want More Making Out Action, Less Action Action!

Okay Twi-hards, let’s get to it. We just watched the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer and we gotta be honest – we have some complaints (don’t hurt us, just hear us out!). Allow us to present them to you now, in order of “BOOO!”-ness.

1. Is the make up artist trying to make Edward increasingly paler in every movie on purpose? By the time we get to Breaking Dawn he’ll be transparent, which will really suck for those of us who are holding out for those bed-breaking Brazilian love scenes.

2. Kristen Stewart‘s wig, you make K-Stew’s atrocious Joan Jett haircut look luscious. Did they make the poor girl to sleep in a hat every night to flatten that thing out even more? Why David Slade/Summit didn’t force Kristen to get extensions and dye the goth look is beyond us. Bring back Bella’s old hair!

3. WHERE IS THE KISSING? The making out? The snuggling to keep warm? The tent full of sexual tension? The Edward and Bella dry humping? This movie is for GIRLS (and er, grown women) and sure, we gals like action but we like ACTION a lot more (especially action that involves a shirtless Robert Pattinson, pleaseeeee).

Okay okay, now that our rant’s over we’re ready to gush. We’re excited to finally see some drama and danger (much improved from the motor bike snooze-fest that is New Moon), Bryce Dallas Howard looks badass as Victoria and OMG! The engagement ring!

It’s big.

Check out our gallery of screen-grabs from the trailer below and feel free to put us in our place in the comments. We know you can dish it and we can definitely take it.

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Celebs Storm Coachella Festival, Fight With Paparazzi

Kate Hudson, Kate Bosworth and Lindsay Lohan

There may have been more stars in the audience than on stage at the Coachella Festival this weekend, with everyone from Lindsay Lohan to Kristen Stewart to Katy Perry to David Hasselhoff showing up to see acts like Pavement, Phoenix, Sly Stone and Muse among countless others. Though Alex Skarsgaard and Kate Bosworth aren’t exactly Jay-Z & Beyonce, the rumored couple’s public displays of affection—Alex put Kate up on his shoulders at one point—kept the shutterbugs on them all weekend. The True Blood star eventually snapped Saturday, having to be restrained by police after charging a pap with closed fists (no arrests were made). Somehow the media focus on Kate Hudson and her alleged boob job didn’t inspire her to lash out as well. See all these stars and more in the Coachella super-gallery below.

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There Is No Way Rob Is Cheating On Kristen With A Gossip Girl


Our panic attack has calmed down enough to pound out this post dedicated to all you Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haters out there: there is no way in hell RPattz is sleeping with Leighton Meester, okay ya’ll? He’ just not. You want proof? We’ll give you proof: 1. Rob and Kristen were photographed in Budapest together just a few days ago and 2. Rob has ears and would never, ever bed the person responsible for the song “Somebody To Love.”

Now, In Touch, craploid magazine extraordinaire, is claiming that Rob is busy riding Blair Waldorf behind Kristen’ back. They also allege the pair is secretly sexting each other and getting dirty via text. NOT TRUE! Nothing could tear apart the greatest couple to ever roam the earth in flannels and Ray-Bans. In fact, Robsten is more than just a couple – they are one being bonded like greasy scalp oil to the hair shaft! Stay away, Leighton Meester. Rob may not be on to you (or on you, for that matter) but we Robsten-crazed fan are.

For you non-believers, enjoy this magical Robsten retrospective detailing the couple’s best moments in 2009, the greatest year in Rob n’ Kristory, and our giant gallery of the couple. Eff Leighton!

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ZOMG! Rob And Kristen’s Top Secret Romantic Vacation


Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are still swapping flannel shirts and getting their fingers tangled in each others’ greasy hair. Hallelujah! Praise Stephenie Meyer! Rob is busy filming Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary, which is where the couple was spotted this weekend just in time to celebrate Kristen’ 20th birthday. The private pair was seen leaving the local airport…heading somewhere seriously romantic, we hope. Long live Robsten!

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Celebrate KStew’s 20th Birthday With Her 20 Sassiest Faces


True Kristen Stewart fans know she is known for one thing. Okay yes, banging Robert Pattinson, but there’s something else: her bitch face. KStew tude is as common an occurrence as her beat up Converse and weirdly tied t-shirts. The girl could watch a marathon of Simpsons episodes and she’d probably make her bitch face through out the entire thing. KStew’s got tude, and she knows how to use it.

In honor of our heroine’s 20th birthday today, we’re gifting the world with a glorious montage of 20 of her sassiest Stew faces. So while Kristen is kissing Rob in Budapest right now (rumored, of course), you can check out the gallery below and imagine how sassy their make out sessions must be.

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