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Happy Birthday Kat Von D! Check Out Her 15 Most Famous Celebrity Tattoo Clients

Kat Von D's celebrity tattoo clients

If they gave Oscars for tattoo artists, Kat Von D would be Meryl Streep. The LA Ink star has tatted up some of the biggest names in the biz, from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga and even Beyonce! Sure she sometimes has questionable taste in men (*cough* Jessie James *cough*) but her ink art eye has always been flawless.

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It’s been a roller-coaster ride of a year for Kat. She started dated famed DJ Deadmau5, even giving him a star tattoo under his eye to go with her very own trademark. They split in November, but then he proposed in December…over Twitter. Huh. Nothing says “I love you” like social media! But she accepted, so we guess it’s all good.

Today the tattooist turns 31 years old, so to celebrate we’ve decided to take a look at 15 of her most famous celebrity clients. You’ll be amazed who has gone under Kat’s skilled hands!

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A Pre-Fame Lady Gaga Gets A Tattoo From Kat Von D

Even before she caught The Fame, we knew that Lady Gaga had glam and sprinx in her veins. And now this video of Mama Monster taken on the edge of super-stardom (and glory) proves it! A clip has just surfaced of Gags getting a tattoo from none other than Kat Von D, and it’s actually pretty adorable. The moment took place in early 2008, when Gaga moved to LA before the release of her debut record. Even before becoming a living legend, she made sure to dress the part in a long blonde wig and sparkly blue hot pants. Fake it til ya make it, girl! And Von D was still light years from becoming a famous/infamous reality TV face. But fate had something in store for theses two.

Ever the professional, Kat starts making small talk with the artist-then-known-as Stefani Germanotta, and her casual responses are disarmingly sweet, charming and simple. “I’m a singer and also a songwriter for other artists,” she tells Kat, who then asks of she’s “working on anything cool or interesting.” Not much, just fusing pop and performance art to change the music industry as we know it, NBD, she could have said. But instead she goes with “I worked with New Kids on the Block last night, it was rad!” Our minds are blown into mini Donnie Wahlberg-shaped pieces.

She then starts talking about her home in New York while the LA Ink star does her thing, tattooing intertwined roses onto her lower back. “I have an Italian family. They still live there. I go home and have meatballs.” Apparently at this point her fam is still getting used to Gaga’s tattoos, not knowing the avalanche of crazy their daughter would soon unleash on the world. “When I got the first one, they had a heart attack,” she admits, “Then I had a heart attack because I felt bad for not telling them I was going to do it. We’re really close.” We wonder what else Gaga hasn’t told them over the years. Check out more in the vid above!

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Kat Von D Blogs Away The Pain, Declares “I Suck”

See, the internet isn’t just another means for celebrities to accidentally show us their sexy times/secret homophobia. This wacky series of tubes can also be a force of good, like in Kat Von D’s blog post about her break-up with Jesse James and storming off Good Morning L.A this morning. In the post titled “What can I say? I suck,” Von D poured her surprisingly eloquent heart out about her split from her fiance, devastating house fire and continuing recovery from addiction. “Today was really hard for me. And no ones to blame other than myself,” Kat apologizes. “Never planned on walking away from this relationship, let alone the timing of things.” Celebrities: they aren’t just cyborgs made out of collagen and tattoo ink. They also have human, collagen-filled, tattoo-covered hearts.

As for all of us rolling our eyes at her diva move on live TV, Kat Von D’s Twitter tells a different story. “My apologies if I’ve offended anyone this morning-For the record: I did not storm off – I politely left w notice when GDLA broke their word,” the reality star tweeted. “As if we’ve forgotten how to love, so easily we resort to blame, criticism, and ridicule of one another… Today, I admit defeat. Xo.” Wow, really makes you think…that this might be some sort of genius marketing scheme for the new season of L.A. Ink. If so, well-played you crazy cyborg!

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Kat Von D Storms Off Talk Show After Jesse James Questions

Just days after the news of her split with mega-creep Jesse James went public, Kat Von D stormed out of the Good Day L.A. studios after learning that host Jillian Reynolds planned to ask some questions about, you guessed it, her split with mega-creep Jesse James. Kat doesn’t seem to get how morning talk shows (or people in general) work. But now she’s back peddling and insisting to TMZ that the show’s anchors broke their word to not mention the split in her introduction.

Kat says she saw her Jesse James-centric intro on the teleprompter and “very politely” asked that it be changed, but nothing was done about it. So when she heard it live on air, she bolted. Good Day L.A. producers are calling BS, and insist that Kat made no such demands, only requesting the interviewers didn’t discuss former James flames Sandra Bullock and Michelle McGee (which they didn’t). Kat claims that she didn’t want her to highlight her personal life, but promote the new season of LA Ink. And what better way to promote a series than a massively public breakup and causing a fuss on live television. We’re just sayin…

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Kat Von D and Jesse James Are Dunzo

After a fairy tale year of romance, tattoos and being “connected on a whole different level,” America’s bad boy/bad girl couple Kat Von D and Jesse James are calling it quits. The couple got together last summer in the aftermath of Jesse’s catastrophic end to his marriage with Sandra Bullock, and were engaged to be married in January. The stated reason for the break-up is that Jesse’s home in Texas is too far away from Kat’s tattoo shop in LA.

“The distance between us was just too much,” James told People Magazine. “I’m so sad because I really love her.” We’d  think this could have been sorted out before getting engaged. Silly us.

As for Kat’s response, she took to her Twitter:  “I am no longer w Jesse and out of respect for him, his family and myself, that’s all the info I’d like to share. Thanks for respecting that.” And just like that, America’s scariest couple is no more.

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