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Topless Lady Gaga Grabs Pretend Penis On Mag Cover


Could this be our most favorite Lady Gaga outfit yet? The singer is on the cover of Britain’s Q magazine this month, and pays homage to that ridiculous (but also kinda awesome) rumor that ran rampant this summer on the web. Ya know, that she’s well endowed with man junk. Inside the mag, a lengthy interview with the princess of piano pop reveals that the whole shoot is her idea, after declaring, “I want to wear a dick strapped to my vagina.” And because she is Gaga, she does.

Yes, this is the photo spread in which our fair Gaga sports a dildo in her pants. But the most interesting stuff can be found in the interview itself, in which Gaga drops major divatude over the photoshoot (apparently she’s insecure about her “weak chin”) and the whole thing ends with the singer in tears (and sunglasses), exclaiming, “I’m not in a good place right now” after an upsetting phone call with her label. She abruptly ends the disastrous shoot and and never rescheduled. She’s a regular Mariah Carey in the making, this one.

Gaga declares the photos “flat,” during the shoot, but we like the surprisingly simple, stripped down look. We were mostly just bummed, though not shocked, that she comes across as a bit of a demanding pain in the ass. Perhaps having a dick for a day, turned her into one, too?   [Via PopEater/ONTD/]

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McQueen Muse Lady Gaga Mourns Designer’s Death


Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous outfits, and one of the designers behind some of her most iconic looks was the legendary Alexander McQueen, whose body was discovered yesterday after he reportedly committed suicide. So far the singer has stayed mum on his passing; her only comment on his death thus far has been a single tweet with a link to a personal picture of the pair.

The designer and the diva were constantly supporting each others’ art: he helped debut her single “Bad Romance” at his Spring/Summer 2010 runway show and she sported his clothes to such high profile events as the MTV VMAs (see outfit above), and in her “Bad Romance” video (in which she only wears his designs; watch it below). As Popeater reports, McQueen’s publicist even referred to Gaga as his “an unofficial muse.” How will she handle the loss of her biggest fashion collaborator, and friend?  [Photo: GettyImages]

More shots of Gaga donning McQueen below.

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Hey Gaga, It’s Okay To Wear A Coat Sometimes

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga‘s outfits always ere on the side of the fashionably insane, but not wearing a coat in the middle of a blizzard? That’s downright cray-cray. Yet we spotted our favorite New Yorker taking her hometown by storm this morning, showing up to an appearance at “Good Morning America” in a sheer dress with nothing but a wee bit of nipple tape to keep her warm. Oh wait! Please excuse us – she was also wearing sunglasses and a military hat, some of the warmest accessories on the market.

Gaga was joined by pal Cyndi Lauper on the cheesetastic morning show (which one should only watch when stuck at home on a show day) to promote Mac Cosmetics’ Viva Glam campaign, with proceeds benefiting AIDS research. The clip below is worth watching, as Gaga proves in just a few minutes why she really deserves out attention: her outspoken activism, which is even more awesome than her outfits.  [Photo: SplashNewsOnline]

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Galactic Gaga Hits The Grammys


Lady Gaga never bores on the fashion front. The outrageous pop star du jour showed up to the 2010 Grammy Awards in a custom-made Giorgio Armani Prive gown, glittery gravity-defying heels, and what appears to be a yellow wig. Rumored to be opening the show with Elton John, we’re dying to see what she’ll wear on stage. We expect nothing less than flames, blood, and alien-inspired leotards.

Nominated for five Grammys, Gaga has already won two tonight; Best Electronic/Dance Album for “The Fame” and Best Dance Recording for “Poker Face.” Earlier today she tweeted “We won two grammy’s already little monsters + I dedicate them to u!” [Photos: Getty Images]

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Swedish Singer’s Outfit Makes Lady Gaga Look Like Britney Spears

Lady Gaga has met her rival in Sweden’s Karin Dreijer, singer from The Knife and Fever Ray. Even if you’ve never heard of Karin you’ve probably heard her music – she sings that catchy song “Heartbeats” that everyone went crazy for a few years ago. Karin went up at a recent Swedish awards show to accept her prize in a get-up that – while similar to some of Lady Gaga’s outfits, like the all-red outfit she wore at the VMAs – looked like a blood-red KKK cloak. But the real ‘oh sh*t!’ moment occurred when she pulled off her mask to reveal a face covered in dripping silly putty. Her speech consisted of a couple of moans, because, you know, her mouth was melded shut by the stuff and she couldn’t really speak.

GaGa may wear weird things, but you better believe she always looks hot while doing so. She’s the weird alternative girl you knew in high school that managed to make her indie outfits sexy enough to turn everyone on. Karin doesn’t give a crap if you want to do her – she’s more interested in scaring the hell out of you instead (which is kinda sexy, if you’re into faces that are covered with tiny, melting octupus tentacles).

To compare them to another American-Swedish face-off: Gaga is Twilight, while Karin is Let The Right One In – darker and weirder, but so much better.

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Is That Bruise Part Of GaGa’s Costume?


WTF has Lady GaGa done to herself? The singer was on fire at her NYC show last night (many FabLifers were in the house and reported back that she’s ah-mah-zing live), but in addition to flaunting another odd GaGa garment she was rocking some serious burny-bruisey type markings on her arm. Ouch.

Yes, burny-bruisey is a made-up word, but doesn’t that accurately describe what’s going on up in there? Either our gal got injured one one of her more dangerously shaped costumes, or it’s just another part of her act, which has featured a gory, blood-filled performance of “Paparazzi” in the past. Regardless, she owns it, cuz that’s what Gaga does. Close-up pic can be found in our gallery below.

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Lady Gaga’s Top 100 Hottest Outfits Of 2009


Sorry President Obama, Jon Gosselin, Miley Cyrus and Guidos and Guidettes alike, but 2009 was The Year of the Gaga…Lady Gaga. She stormed onto the scene and into our hearts faster than you can say the words ‘sparkly unitard.’ Lady Gaga still continues to wow us with her bold and unique otherworldly style. On and offstage she has broken all conventions and enchanted us with sequins, leather, lace, fur, twigs and wigs in the shape of hair accessories — sometimes all within a single outfit.

Earlier this year we looked at Lady Gaga’s Top 40 Hottest Outfits Ever, but that didn’t encapsulate even half of Gaga’s collection. We sifted through hundreds of images to bring you the 100 Hottest Lady Gaga Outfits of 2009. There is so much magic in the gallery below we hope you don’t explode into a million little glitter pieces as you browse through. We are eager to see what she does in 2010. To the future and beyond!

1. She Has Risen
2. Reel ‘Em In
3. Captain Gaga
4. Bride Of Frankenstein
5. Bubble Wrapped
6. Gothic Gal
7. Broken & Bleeding
8. Colors Of The Rainbow
9. Pixilated Princess
10. Animal Urges
11. Pretty Peacock
12. I See Red
13. My Little Pony
14. Has Anyone Seen My Hairspray?
15. Bondage
16. 1980s New Jersey
17. Bride-To-Be
18. Queen Of Hearts
19. Kermit Kouture
20. Intergalactic Idol
21. Goo Goo For Gaga
22. Little Miss Goldilocks
23. Epic Encounters
24. Clam Shell
25. Jackalope Meets Latex

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Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus Meet The Queen Of England

Queen Elizabeth II, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus

Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus were among the performers at last night’s Royal Variety performance in London, giving us a chance to watch two of America’s trashiest pop culture icons shake hands with England’s Queen Elizabeth II (Nicole Richie also apparently got to shake hands with the aging monarch—or as Nic put it, “diva”). Judging from a blog post on Miley’s website, the 17-year-old was a too distracted by a brighter star to appreciate her brush with royalty (“I met Lady Gaga!!!!! I met Lady Gaga!!!!! I met Lady Gaga!!!!”).

While Gaga has yet to comment on the glory of meeting Miley, she’s confessed disappointment in having to tone down her performance to meet the show’s strict standards of etiquette. “I wanted to do the suicide scene I did at the MTV Awards but I was told it wouldn’t be appropriate. And not only has that been vetoed, but I have had to tone down my act generally.” We’re sure the Queen appreciated what “performance art” Gaga did manage to pull off—hanging in mid-air in a red rubber suit while playing a piano held on stilts. Way to make fellow performer Bette Midler feel old, Gaga.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Lady Gaga: Jackalope Chic


Never timid in the headwear department, Lady Gaga stepped out last night in London in albino antlers. The sheer latex dress gave the paps a good look at her growing collection of tattoos. We’re certain this ensemble will enter the ranks of Gaga’s 40 Hottest Outfits Ever. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lady Gaga Falls Twice At Tour Opener

Lady Gaga kicked off her new tour in Montreal Friday, and it looks like she’s off to shaky start. The pants-phobic singer fell at least twice during the concert, once during the opening of “Teeth” and later while pogo-ing to “Poker Face.” The show was a smash—she quickly returned to her feet both time— but she wouldn’t have to worry if she’d just replace the heels with ballet flats. Between the crazy get-ups and back-up dancers, it’s not like we’d notice what’s on her feet anyway! Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.

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