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Lady Gaga Can’t Believe She’s This Undressed, Either


Lady Gaga is definitely one of celebrity’s biggest fashion innovators, and we’re usually in awe of her totally out-there choices. (Come on, it’s about a billion times more interesting than yet another Ugg-and-denim miniskirt L.A. starlet combo). But even Gaga seemed embarrassed by her latest style display when she landed at Sydney airport.

Wearing just a pair of granny knickers (with added “control” around the middle) and a strapless bra, Gaga looked as though she had much more outfit to come, but the cabin crew hustled her off the plane early. Never mind. Still, we like the dip-dyed purple hair. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lady G Shows Us Her Gagas

Who needs a bra, anyway? Lady Gaga doesn’t think so, and she stepped out in New York after her star-studded concert wearing only a chiffon see-through jumpsuit. Clearly some over-the-shoulder boulder holders would have ruined the lines of the “look” so she protected her modesty with a couple of carefully placed stickers. Ouch. They also had the unfortunate effect of looking like giant nipples. But knowing her so-forward-it’s-fallen-over style, that was probably the intention.


The Week In Gaga


Whether she is rocking an oversized yellow handbag, her purple wig, or her signature pantsless getup, Lady Gaga always looks original. Over the last seven days, the lady has shown that wherever she is becomes her personal runway.

Gaga started off the week with an in-your-face shimmery yellow tube dress accessorized with an oversize hat, checkered umbrella, chunky platform heels, and clutch. Then she went all S & M on us when she busted out wearing thigh high boots and a black leotard. Gaga then outdid herself in a sheer black jumpsuit with her purple wig and later covered her nipples with black tape white snapping back at the paparazzi with her own camera.

Lady Gaga’s most prized accessory however, is her precious China teacup, which the singer claims has apparently taken on a personality of it’s own! “She hasn’t got a name but she’s quite famous now,” she told The Sun.

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Lady GaGa Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

Google Lady GaGa, and you’ll pull up pictures of the uber-popular singer with flowing brown hair, dressed like a Gap model. The diva-in-training, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, once lived a relatively G-Rated life, attending Catholic school as a kid and later dropping out of New York University to work as a songwriter.

Gaga eventually began headlining burlesque-like shows around downtown Manhattan, and later revealed that her dad could barely stomach her revealing outfit choices. “He couldn’t look at me for a few months…I was in leather thongs, so it was hard for him,” she said. These days, as her singles top the charts across the globe, Gaga works with a team of young artists and designers to achieve her avante-garde, skin-baring look. From bows made of hair to dresses constructed of bubbles to the constant absence of pants, anything goes in her “House of GaGa.”

Are you gaga for the singer’s extreme, avant-garde fashion picks, or are you a fan of her old girl-next-door look?

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Lady Gaga To Go


Lady Gaga can’t use any old to-go cup to tote her tea – only fine China will do! The Lady made quite an entrance while arriving at Radio 1 in the UK to promote her album. As she left her interview, she worked the crowd in her tight white dress, oversized shades, black and white hat and matching checkered umbrella. Check out our gallery of Lady Gaga! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Half Naked Is How Lady Gaga Rolls

It’s a good thing that Lady Gaga had the foresight to tape her nipples down underneath the see-through black body wrap she wore out in London last night. Otherwise, we would have been subjected to not only her “look-how-kooky-I-am” fashion statement, but a nipple slip to boot.

Even more curious than her revealing Road Warrior-esque getup is the camera she’s carrying around. Is Lady Gaga getting revenge on the ever-encroaching paparazzi? Giving them a dose of their own medicine, maybe? Surely, Gaga realizes that all eyes will be on her when her breasts are dangling uninhibited in the nighttime breeze.

If the public ever tires of her skimpy fashion antics, expect to see Lady Gaga strolling the streets in nothing but her sunglasses. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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