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Born This Day: Birthday Girl Lady Gaga’s 26 Prettiest Looks

Lady Gaga has become quite the queen of bizarre fashion. With daring ensembles including sparkling heelless shoes, peculiar wigs, facial horns and of course, red meat, the “Edge of Glory” singer is expected in at all times. It’s safe to say one of Gaga’s biggest jaw-droppers was when she dressed as Jo Calderone. Mama Monster loves to defy gravity and nature often.

But underneath the costumes and makeup, we sometimes forget that Lady Gaga also has striking features and flawless skin (which she attributes to spinach and sex). We often can’t see her true beauty under all that insanity — though we suspect that’s part of the point. But today, as Lady Gaga turns 26 and in honor of her birthday, we’d like to remind everyone that Gaga’s not just crazy, but crazy pretty! Here are 26 pictures of Gaga at her prettiest. Enjoy!

[Photos: Getty Images, Q Magazine, Twitter, Vanity Fair]

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A Very Gilded Lady Gaga Gets Mobbed In Japan

Look at the crowd around Lady Gaga! She was at Shabu Shabu Restaurant in the nightclub district of Roppongi in Tokyo last night, as she’s in town to perform at ‘Music Station SUPER LIVE 2011′ at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe, tomorrow. When her fans got wind that she was there, as it’s one of her favorites spots to visit, they landed up en masse. And waited for her in the freezing cold, we might add. The photograph you’re seeing is the mania that ensued when Mother Monster walked out of the restaurant wearing a hardcore, metallic gold jacket and gloves.  There’s no mob like a Lady Gaga mob! Click after the jump to see a bonus picture of her outfit. Read more…

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Lady Gaga Was “Born This Way” (And By That, We Mean Pantsless)


If you predicted that one of Lady Gaga’s New Year’s resolutions for 2011 would be to keep her pants on, well, better luck next year! While you were busy recovering from your hangover on New Year’s Day, the queen of the Little Monsters sent out a tweet to her 7.5 million followers that read “THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11.” Translation? Her song, “Born This Way,” will be dropping on February 13 and her highly anticipated album of the same name on May 23. She also included a Twitpic (above left) that we, being the classy and reputable site that we are, couldn’t republish without pixelating. Normally, we’d say “Let your imagination run wild,” but in the case of Lady Gaga (PHOTOS), it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

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