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The Shorter List: Lady Gaga’s Craziest Fashion Moments


Now who on earth could that be? You can’t see her poker face, so it’s hard to tell. But we’ll give you a hint; she’s the first subject of VH1’s The Short List, which premiered last Friday! Join our hilarious experts each week as they sound off on topics ranging from the cutest celebrity babies to the best celebrity beach bods. Friday night they blasted into orbit with a look back at this “Lady’s” other-worldly attire that could only have come from the planet Glam. Give up? It’s Lady Gaga! Oh, you knew? What gave it away?

Follow along as we count down five of the choices that would’ve made our list…

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Katy Perry Backs Away From Gaga Slam, Steps Out In Spots

Katy Perry

Gaga? Who hated on Lady Gaga? Oh, you just assumed that Katy Perry was talking about the “Alejandro” video when she tweeted “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.” According to Perry, she was talking about other topical stuff like, you know, Madonna’s on-stage crucifixion in 2006. “[People think] I’m a very hypocritical person, ‘How do you say that and [sing], ‘I Kissed a Girl?’ Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things,” she (kind of) explained on French radio earlier this week. “When you decide to put it into the same subject, it gets interesting for some people.” Oh, so what was “cheap” is “interesting” now? You just prefer the degradation of women to the degradation of religion? Want to complete your backpedal with an “imo” caveat, Katy? “Some people have different view points.” Thanks!

Katy showed off her viewpoints outside her hotel in NYC yesterday, wearing a short animal-print dress totally suitable for Sunday service. See more photos in the gallery below.

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Lady Gaga: Not Just Another Fan In The Stands


Days after Lady Gaga wore a black veil and latex to her sister’s graduation, she took her “look at me” parade to the Mets game. Don’t get us wrong – we love Lady Gaga’s outfits, but isn’t there a dimmer switch on the outrageousness?

While we appreciate her attempt at New Yorker normalcy by attending a baseball game – and even drinking a Bud! – we’re having a hard time sympathizing with her paparazzi frustration. If Gaga wanted to sit back with what appears to be an “Alejandro” dancer and watch the game undisturbed, you’d think she’d set aside the studded lingerie and fishnets for a day. In a sea of replica jerseys and denim, she hardly blends in. Did we mention she was sitting in Jerry Seinfeld‘s suite? 

What do you think? Were the paparazzi out of hand? Or was Lady Gaga asking for it? [Photo: Splash News Online]

Update: Gaga tweeted about the heat she’s getting for flipping the bird: “A middle finger is more New York than a corporate ambush. I bleed for my hometown, and I’d die for my fans.” 

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Akon Thinks Christina Aguilera Should Stop Copying Lady Gaga


When Christina Aguilera debuted her new single, “Not Myself Tonight,” last month, the song’s bouncy, club-friendly rhythms and warm embrace of behind-the-velvet-rope-style decadence stoked the still warm embers of her beef with Lady Gaga. Now, noted child shot-putter Akon is adding fuel to this potentially explosive fire in an interview with VIBE, firmly placing himself on Team Gaga:

“I miss the old Christina Aguilera. I like the old one better than the new one. Honestly, Gaga and Christina could probably get together and do something that’s amazing. But that’s impossible if they are both trying to do the same exact thing musically … I just think [Aguilera] just needs to believe in herself more. I think sometimes she gets insecure because of all of the success Gaga has had not realizing that she was already successful before Gaga came out.”

It’s important to note that Akon has a vested interest in seeing Gaga succeed; after all, he was the one who convinced Interscope boss Jimmy Iovine to sign the pop diva in the first place, which means he most likely takes home a percentage of her earnings. At the same time, this is neither the first nor likely the last time that Aguilera has been accused of copping Gaga’s wildly successful style.

What do you think, FABLifers? Are the musical sounds of these two, petite blondes too close for your comfort, or is there enough room on the Top 20 Charts for both of them? Are you on Team Gaga or Team X-Tina? Can’t we all just get along?

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Lady Gaga Sexes It Up For Maxim


Lady Gaga put her teacup away and threw on this strappy S & M one-piece for this sexalicious photo shoot for Maxim magazine. Gaga’s got a great tan and a toned physique – stop hiding it under all those crazy outfits! As if the Gaga hotness wasn’t enough, sexy starlet Olivia Wilde also graces the issue’s cover. [Photo: Rennio Mafredi]

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