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Rachel + Ryan! Brit + JT! 10 Couples We’d Kill to See Back Together

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Some celebrity couples are bigger than the sum of their parts. Even after they’re kaput. For these dynamic duos, it doesn’t matter how many years have passed since the breakup, how many marriages they’ve endured, or how much their star has risen or fallen — we’ll always root for them stop being silly and get back together, already. Honestly, is there anyone more right for Ryan Gosling than Rachel McAdams?
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Kristin Cavallari Engaged To Bears QB Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari may have had her sleeves over her hands when she arrived in LAX yesterday, but word still got out that boyfriend Jay Cutler proposed to the Hills star during their vacation in Cabo San Lucas this weekend. The pair have been dating since August, with E! cooing that their own Giuliana Rancic introduced the pair at a Bears game. Hmm, think Cutler’d be up for a new reality show?

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Buy Laguna Beach Star Kristin Cavallari’s Family Home – For $14 Million


Yes, you tell can let the rain fall down and wake your dreams, just like the stars of Laguna Beach! Kristin Cavallari – who tried to turn her reality TV stint into a failed acting career – and her family are selling their Laguna Beach estate, and it’s $14 million worth of decadent luxury. The house resides in a gated community, and – in a cute little twist of fate – was designed by architect Jim ConradLauren Conrad‘s rich daddy.

Wanna know what kind of ridiculous amenities you’ll get from dropping that kind of cash on a house? Let’s see – the place was approved by a Feng Shui master, was made of numerous organic materials, and includes an infinity pool, jacuzzi, spa, sauna, steam room, yoga studio – with a koi pond, wine cellar, gym, media room, solar heating, and a “private trail to scenic overlook.” Oh yeah – it’s got 4 bedrooms, too!

Check out the entire listing here. Keep a couple of tissues handy to wipe away the drool.

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Laguna Beach Star Caught Up In Drug Bust

Remember Alex Murrel, the sassy brunette from Season 2 of Laguna Beach, who pursued a career in singing after her gig as a grade-A bitch fell through? Well she’s still working on that “debut album” (it’s totally coming out this year!) but has fallen in with a bit of a rough crowd. Her boyfriend Renzo Gamboa, a Peruvian illegal immigrant, was busted this week for selling cocaine out of her rented house.

“The immigration people came down and asked us for assistance,” said a Sargent with the Laguna Beach police department. “They found him at the girlfriend’s house and we assisted them, but we had a new charge to add on because of the cocaine in the house which was his.”

Murrel was questioned by the police and released, and is not expected to be charged. If this doesn’t help her music career make it, we’re not sure what will. Use it, Alex M!  [Photo: GettyImages]