Larry Crowne

by (@hallekiefer)

Tom Hanks Allegedly Refunds Larry Crowne Ticket Price To Fans

As people who would be too shy to send back a burger if it had broken glass in it, we take our meek little pork pie hats off to the fans that got Tom Hanks to refund their Larry Crowne ticket money. Allegedly the couple ran into Hanx at an L.A. gas station and, while no doubt gushing at how amazing he was in Forrest Gump and Castaway and A League of Their Own, they happened to let slip that they hated Hank’s recent rom-com with Julia Roberts. The fact that this story doesn’t end with Tom Hanks running them down with his hybrid is a testament to his being the nicest actor in Hollywood.

Instead, the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close star gave the couple $25 to pay them back for their ticket prices, though the $80 they spent on Raisinets and a small soda still had them at a net loss. So…you can do that to celebrities? While part of us is afraid this is going to turn into a crankier version of Marines asking out celebrities, another part is wondering what gas station is closest to Ryan Reynolds‘ house…