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Justin Bieber Flashes Washboard Stomach, Gets Very Close To A Mannequin On Fallon

Justin Bieber Makes Out With A Mannequin On Jimmy Fallon

Is this weird? Is this gross? Is this oddly compelling? All of the above and then some. Justin Bieber was on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and something about the presence of Jimmy Fallon made him comfortable enough to bare his soul. And by baring his soul we mean … baring his abs. He sauntered in with his leather pants, his camo jacket and this red kicks — basically took over the studio like the boss he is — and gave Fallon the money shot of all money shots which you can see right below. Of course he has the cheek to say, “my abs are not my musical guest,” when Fallon talked about his famous six-pack, because, lets face it, they will always be his very special guest, musical or otherwise.

Justin Bieber Abs

But that’s not the weird, gross, compelling part. We say this to snap you out of the washboard stomach shock you just went into. And to prepare you for your next spell, we’ll just spit it out — Justin made out with a mannequin on televisionRead more…

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Anne Hathaway Talks “Devastating” Wardrobe Malfunction With Friend, Recovers On Fallon

Anne Hathaway was overheard telling Vanity Fair writer Ingrid Sischy all about her unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, another diner was, er, kind enough to relay this info to the New York Daily News. “I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” the Les Miz star said over lunch at the Four Seasons. “It was devastating. They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

Anne Hathaway recalls her devastating wardrobe malfunction
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Katie Holmes Has An Idea For A Dawson’s Creek Reunion; We Have A Better One

Every time we’ve talked about a Dawson’s Creek reunion, we’ve been so feverishly gung-ho about it that we kind of forgot a key obstacle to bringing the gang back together: Jen Lindley’s series-finale death from pulmonary congestion. I mean, Michelle Williams has actually brought it up in interviews before, but we ignored that minor detail until Katie Holmes brought it up again last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

“I love everyone from the show,” she said. “We have kind of talked about it here and there, but we’re like, ‘What do you do?’ Because our last episode, Michelle’s character passed away.”

Fallon was having none of that excuse, saying, “She comes back as a ghost! Problem solved.”

Katie Holmes reveals her idea for a Dawson's Creek reunion
Katie also seemed to feel like the fact that the finale had already fast-forwarded five years made any kind of reunion plot redundant. Because we all know everyone’s lives become completely settled in their 20s and there is no more drama after that. We do kind of like her solution, though: “But maybe we’ll go on vacation. That would be fun.”

Vacation with Jen’s ghost? Could work. Personally, I think they could do better: Hire some soap opera writers who’d reveal that Jen faked her death to escape a stalker, maybe. Forget that finale ever happened. Write it off as a dream sequence. Better yet, turn the whole thing into a zombie/vampire/witch story — hey, this is a Kevin Williamson show, after all!

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See Robert Pattinson Get Soaking Wet And Talk About Peeing His Pants On Fallon

Honestly, do you even need us to write words here? Probably, we should just shut up and let you watch Robert Pattinson get drenched, even as he wins his Water War game with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. But maybe after you enjoy the above clip a few times, you will also want to entertain yourself with the many funny things we learned from his appearance on the show. Things such as the fact that Rob is a Corky Romano superfan.

“I love that movie; I would say that’s one of my top five favorite movies,” he said of the Chris Kattan comedy. “That’s the only time I’ve ever genuinely peed my pants … from watching a movie.”
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Kristen Stewart Kicks Off Her Heels, Plays A Game Of Quarters With Jimmy Fallon

Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon

So, what you see on the left is Kristen Stewart looks absolutely amazo in her LBD, major heels and intensely smoky eyes and black nail polish. It’s like a goth girl who grew up to be super glamorous! But we do love the Kristen on the left, who kicked off her heels (who needs them when you have legs like that) and got up to play a late night game of giant quarters with Jimmy Fallon when she appeared on his show last night! We couldn’t help but giggle at the set of photographs below where she looks like ancient Greek discus thrower! Only, Kristen’s playing for beer, which is also a prize worth fighting for, don’t you think?

Kristen Stewart Plays Giant Quarters With Jimmy Fallon

It’s fierce competition as you’ll see in the video below, but, not to give away too much or anything, but it’s unreal watching Kristen knock back beer while the audience yells “Drink, drink, drink …” Best segment … ever! Read more…

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Jimmy Fallon Takes On Our TV-Theme Song Challenge (Inadvertently)

OK, this is probably a coincidence, but it’s one we can’t ignore: Less than two days after our own Kate Spencer asked stars on the Emmys red carpet to sing their favorite TV theme songs, Jimmy Fallon and the cast of Guys With Kids performed their own medley of classic TV tunes. So, it was ostensibly inspired by the fact that Fallon sings the theme song of Guys, which he also co-created, and this performance was clearly planned well in advance, judging by the choreography and cleverly arranged order of songs. But we can’t help but be delusional and pretend we inspired this brilliance.

Above, you have Fallon, Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger and Jesse Bradford singing the themes from The Jeffersons, Happy Days, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell, Cheers, All in the Family, The Greatest American Hero (our personal fave) and more. And below, Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris, The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan, Girls’ Alex Karpovsky and others sing songs from shows like Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch. It’s apples to oranges, but we encourage you to enjoy both masterpieces.
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President Obama Makes Sweet Love To Your Ears As He “Slow Jams” The News On Jimmy Fallon

Some leaders just talk about the issues. But not President Barack Obama. He slow jams the issues! Following his much-praised tribute to Al Green last January, the POTUS appeared on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night and delivered a smooth speech that was more Barry White than Barry Obama. Plus he explained to us what “POTUS” means! The Prez managed to keep a straight face as he spoke about keeping student loan interest rates low, even as Jimmy Fallon and the Roots front-man Black Thought  kept the  jokes flowing. “Ohhh yeahhh, you should listen to the president!Or as I like to call him, the Preezy of the United Steezy,” Jimmy crooned.

The crowd went wild, but reactions to the Obama’s performance have been mixed. Fox News is (predictably) labeling the affair “Obama’s Jimmy Fallon Embarrassment.” Should the president keep on doing these publicity stunts? Does it make him look cool and fun, or just desperate and irresponsible? Watch the full clip below, and then let us know in our poll!

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Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon School Us In “The History Of Rap, Part 2″

We’re sure, based on the fact that we’ve see them on TV, that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are more than qualified to deliver a college-level lecture series on the history of rap in America. But since they are so super busy, we will instead have to settle for their “History of Rap, Part 2″ to sum it all up in five minutes and eighteen seconds.

Last night the duo served up the sequel to their “History of Rap” jam from last fall. As before, the human mash-up transitions from classics like Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby”to DJ Kool‘s “Let Me Clear My Throat” to Lil’ Wayne‘s “A Milli” in a matter of booty-shaking seconds. If we had to pick out the best moment, our personal favorite would be Timberlake channeling his most smoldering video girl impression to Nelly’s “Hot In Herr,” then fading out quietly and awkwardly when he realized how hard he was getting into it. You don’t have to be embarassed, Justin. It’s educational!

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Daniel Radcliffe Shows Off His Stand-Up Skills On Jimmy Fallon

Look, Daniel Radcliffe is already an international film and musical theater star. He doesn’t need to be good at stand-up; leave that for the less good-looking and millionaire-ish among us. Unfortunately for everyone working on their ten minutes, Daniel Radcliffe’s stand-up debut on Fallon last night was actually…sort of charming and funny. Damn that tiny adorable man!

“This is going to be terrible,” Radcliffe admitted, after explaining “I’ve also been completely fearful of doing anything like that, ’cause I think you’d have to be insane.” We love Daniel’s uncomfortable yet resolved face, and the cry of alarm from behind the curtain before Fallon introduced him as “Danny Radcliffe.” We aren’t going to spoil his one and only joke, which he rightfully attributed to British comedian Peter Kay. Between this performance and Daniel texting J.K. Rowling not to write another Harry Potter book after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II comes out, looks like the rest of us will just head back to the open mics. At least until Daniel tries out his own material; then it’s anybody’s game.