Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

by (@hallekiefer)

Ali Larter Happy And Pregnant With Tiny Man-Baby

Even while still in the womb, Ali Larter’s baby boy is being embarrassed by his mom. The Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D star officially announced the gender of her unborn to Jimmy Fallon last night, after the talk show host offered her the choice between a pink or blue romper.  Larter grabbed the blue one and announced, “We’re having a boy!” , and then added, “Yes! I have a little penis inside of me.” Ah, the joys of motherhood! Knowing that the breakfast sandwich you ate today will be broken down and used to build your tiny baby’s unit…well, who wouldn’t want to talk about it on Light Night with Jimmy Fallon?

Larter was making the news official after sort of spilling the beans in an interview last week, using the word “he’s” when talking about her almost-baby before quickly correcting herself.  In response to her phallic outburst, Jimmy Fallon quipped back, “That’s what she said!”, which probably brought back a lot of memories, of when women actually said that to him. We hope mom-to-be Larter DVR’d the episode so she can play it for her son when he’s older, like when he’s a moody teenager and his friends come over to hang out. Or at his wedding.