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Happy 50th Birthday, Mariska Hargitay! Celebrate With These Vintage Foxy Photos

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Mariska Hargitay is such a badass on Law & Order: SVU and such an incredible force for good in real life, that sometimes we forget her earlier years as a bombshell beauty. Silly us — she is, after all, the daughter of original blond bombshell Jayne Mansfield and bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay. Today, as the actress turns the big 5-0, we’re looking back at some vintage foxy photos of Mariska.
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After Pornstache, Pablo Schreiber Is Done Playing Creepy Guys (For A While)


Pablo Schreiber is having a moment. As menacing corrections officer George “Pornstache” Mendez  on Orange Is The New Black he stood out among so many amazing characters thanks to his horrifying, and at times hilarious, creepiness. With a simultaneous stint on Law & Order: SVU as serial killer William Lewis, Pablo’s perfected the art of playing monsters. Now he’s stepping out of the dark side to play good cop Virgil on Ironside, NBC’s new cop drama debuting tonight at 10/9c. (The show is actual a remake of one that aired on NBC from 1967-1975.) We chatted with the actor over the phone while he was on a break from shooting Ironside in Los Angeles and talked about fatherhood, fandoms and how Dolph Lundgren inspired that ridiculous Pornstache haircut.
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Movie Over, Christopher Meloni, Ice-T Says He And Coco Should Play Zombie Vampires In Space

When VH1 sat down with Ice-T at a screening of his film Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, we did not expect the conversation to go the way of zombie vampires … in space. Ever the awesome interviewee, Ice humored our vampire-obsessed tendencies and fielded some very important questions.

After 12 years, Ice’s Law & Order: SVU co-star Christopher Meloni left the series last year presumably to pursue a film career and obviously for his four-episode stint as Roman on True Blood. As a 500-year-old leader of the Vampire Authority, one could say he traded one form of Law & Order for another, much more undead one. On the departure of Detective Elliot Stabler, Ice said “I’m happy for Chris. At some point, you gotta make your exit… If it’s up to me, [Law & Order] will be on for 20 years.” Hilariously Ice added, “He’s going to the best vampire they’ve ever seen because the man’s crazy – he’s got beady eyes.”

Naturally our imaginations wandered and we had to ask about he and wife Coco‘s vampire potential. “We’d be the best vampires in the history of the world,” Ice-T confidently declared. “But I think we need to be a different kind of vampire… like vampire zombies. [Laughs] The next generation – space zombies or something.”

Full interview below, wherein Ice describes Coco’s undercover love for hard-core gore flicks.

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Mariska Hargitay Starts A Scholarship Fund At UCLA

Mariska Hargitay has donated $100,000 to  the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television. It’s the Law & Order: SVU star’s alma mater and the money has gone towards creating an acting scholarship called the ‘Mariska Hargitay Scholarship for Acting Students’. What’s even cooler is that both graduate and undergraduate students can avail of the fund.

Mariska issued a statement about her reasons for dropping such serious cash, saying, “After all I have received from TFT for my journey as an actor; I am so excited to give back. My education there not only gave me an invaluable foundation for my craft, but also lit the fire of enthusiasm, perseverance and pursuit of excellence that has fueled me ever since.” She also added a really sweet bit revealing, “I cheer for the students now receiving those gifts at TFT, and to play a part in their journey as artists is hugely gratifying.” We knew we were fans of hers for a really good reason!


Christopher Meloni To Leave Law & Order: SVU After 12 Years On The Force

Is the Law & Order era coming to an end? The flagship show was shut down episodes away from becoming the longest running prime-time drama ever, and the LA version was canceled after one season, despite signing big names like Terrence Howard, Alfred Molina and…Skeet Ulrich (there’s the rub). Now Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is headed for its first major shake-up, with Christopher Meloni leaving after 12 years(!) as the show’s male lead. No word on what made negotiations fall apart, but we have to imagine its hard to work up righteous indignation over stories ripped from the headlines year after year after year after year. And it’s not like the residuals will be going away anytime soon…we’re just amazed they haven’t made a L&O channel yet.

Season 13 was already set to be a risky one for the show, with Meloni’s partner Mariska Hargitay set to take a more “supervisory” role half way through. Jennifer Love Hewitt was rumored to be replacing Mariska as the show’s female lead, but with Meloni already out the door, creator Dick Wolf and the gang might want to think really hard about which actors they choose—or just letting Richard Belzer & Ice-T run the ship like a pair of Lenny Briscoes. Let Skeet be a teachable experience.

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Mischa Barton’s Stripper Outfit: This Time, It’s For A Role


You may think Mischa Barton exhausted every young female stereotype during her time as Marissa Cooper on The O.C. To be able to play a lovelorn, teenage, alcoholic sometimes-lesbian who dies in a fiery car wreck takes a special talent. We never did see her work the streets, though.

Luckily, Law & Order: SVU is going to allow Mischa to round out her fragile, female-in-trouble resumé when she plays Gladys The Pregnant Hooker on an episode set to air on March 3. No doubt Gladys will have a heart of gold and is just paying her way through law school. Mischa’s wardrobe for the role is pretty hilarious in that clichéd prostitute way – she actually looks more like a thrift store hipster to us, but you be the judge. [Photos: Getty Images]

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