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Shia LaBeouf Is A Total Tom Hardy Fanboy, Convinced Him To Join Lawless Cast

When you go see Lawless and ogle at the magic that is Tom Hardy, please know that you have Shia LaBeouf to thank. The actor became a huge fan of Hardy’s after seeing him in Bronson, and reached out to him with the Lawless script. “I wrote him a later,” Shia told said of his first contact with the British actor. “And said I’d really like to work with you.”

Scripts were exchanged, conversations were had, and Shia sold Hardy on the role of Forrest Bondurant, which he plays beautifully. Shia co-stars as Jack Bondurant, Forrest’s little brother and fellow bootlegger living in Prohibition-era Virginia. “I did look up to Hardy,” Shia told us. “I do look up to Hardy, and that translated right into my Jack and Forrest relationship [in the film].”

Shia also name-checked Michael Fassbender, Ryan Gosling and Hardy as “the guys I look up to,” which is pretty awwww-dorable, don’t you think?

He’s also certainly not alone in his Hardy fandom — we named him one of the top 10 breakout stars of the summer. If you agree, head here to vote for him!

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Shia LaBeouf: I “Scared” Mia Wasikowska On Lawless Set

Shia LaBeouf is quickly becoming one of our favorite working actors in the biz, for his way candid interviews, his fearlessness when it comes to dissing big Hollywood players and his desire to work with some of the best directors out there. But mainly for the intense, and sometimes weird commitment he brings to his acting. We’ve all heard about his acid tripping as role research and planned un-simulated sex for Lars Von Trier‘s next film, but did you know he also convinced himself that he was so in love with on-screen girlfriend Mia Wasikowska that he totally freaked her out?

Shia told us that he committed so hard to their relationship in Lawless that he was completely in love with her by the time she arrived to the movie’s Georgia set. “I was so eager for her to show up on set,” he said, “and so in love before she even got there. I had already coached myself into this insane romance in my mind. So by the time she got there it was full-blown on my end and did not exist at all on her end. I think it sort of scared her a bit. It was a bit intense. ”

The actor said as a result their communication was “stilted” and so they spoke to each other through an iPod. Seriously. “We never were able to find communication,” he said. “I would pick songs [on an iPod] that matched my thinking based on the song title,” he said of their talking-through-music relationship. His choice: “You’re Sexy And You Know It.”

Adorable or way too intense? You tell us (but we think it’s kinda cute). Lawless is out today and it is AWESOME. Violent but wonderful, with the added bonus of a lot of close-up shots of Tom Hardy‘s lips. Go!


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Premiere Showdown Between The Jessica’s: Biel Vs. Chastain

Jessica Biel, Jessica Chastain: Totall Recall, Lawless Premieres

Two different premieres in two different countries. Two Jessica’s. Two very awesome looks. We’ll start with the lovely lady on the left. Jessica Biel really brought to the Total Recall Berlin premiere last night, in a completely different way that she did to the L.A event two weeks ago. This time around, she wore a black, backless, fully-embellished, semi-sheer, halter-necked Elie Saab Fall 2012 gown that clung to her like a second skin. An oversized black Fendi clutch completed the look. She looks so fabulous that we’re totally ignoring those bangs which normally irk us. The makeup is ace too. Do we spot matte, pale almost-coral lips? Way to go, Jessica! Giving her competition is her namesake — Jessica Chastain, on the right. We’re loving the flirty, black vintage YSL frock worn to the Lawless premiere in New York last night as well. With the gathers and the oversized bow at the hip, it’s got this sexy, almost flamenco feel to it, and it’s working on her like a dream. She wore Black YSL Tribute Mary Jane pumps along with the dress, paired with blue nails (which, as you all know, are a seasonal trend right now) and masses of colorful Tom Binns bracelets. She was smart to add the sideswept hair and the pop of bright pink lipstick too. The two actresses looked better than we’ve ever seen them and we’re having a hard time choosing who look best. Want to help us make a decision?

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