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Kris Humphries Has A Really Good Reason For Telling The World He’s Herpes-Free

Kris Humphries proves he doesn't have Herpes

Hey, everybody, Kris Humphries doesn’t have herpes. Happy Tuesday! Yes, the former Mr. Kardashian just received the all-clear from doctors, proclaiming him STD free for all to see. Kris submitted to the blood tests after getting slapped with a lawsuit over the summer accusing him of knowingly giving herpes to a one-night-stand. The suit was filed by a woman named Kayla Goldberg, who claims the condom-less “encounter” took place in August of 2010, and resulted in her contracting the illness.

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Hulk Hogan Files A $100 Million Lawsuit, Bubba The Love Sponge Accuses Him Of Leaking The Sex Tape Himself

Hulk Hogan sues Bubba The Love Sponge for 100 million dollars

It’s on! After Hulk Hogan filed a $100 million lawsuit against the website that leaked his sex tape, DJ Bubba The Love Sponge made claims on his radio program that the Hulk may have released the footage himself. Things are getting increasingly ugly between the ex-BFF’s, and Bubba made some seriously cutting remarks over the course of the show. He accused the Hulk of being self-centered, which is a fair accusation for someone with a “the” in his name. But then he got real personal, attacking the Hulk by going after the rest of the Hogan’s. He dredged up Nick’s car crash in 2007, questioned Brooke’s talent, and called his ex-wife Linda a “whore.” Ooof.

Despite the whole mess, Bubba claims to have never even viewed the tape, which makes a decent amount of sense. It was bad enough when we had to watch it, sitting through a tape of your best friend having sex with your wife sounds pretty hard to bear.   “At the end of the day, I can’t even comment on the validity,” Bubba said over the airwaves. “[Hulk] could have had something to do with the leak of it.”

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Jennifer Lopez Sues Her Ex-Chauffeur For $20 Million — Wait, How Much Do Chauffeurs Even Make?

We wish we could be celebrity chauffeurs! OK, not anymore. As much as we’d love to hang out with our fave celebs all day, gathering juicy intel on them, it is apparently not worth the trouble. Jennifer Lopez is suing her former chauffeur for $20 million for extortion and defamation after claiming that he threatened to release damaging information about her. According to court documents obtained by E!, Lopez claims in the lawsuit that her driver, Hakob Manoukian, threatened to release “disruptive and potentially damaging” information about her unless she paid him $2.8 million. How rude! (Also, how much do these guys make that she can sue him for that much?

Lopez’s suit claims that an attorney for Manoukian, who sued Lopez, her manager, Benny Medina, and ex-husband Marc Anthony for breach of contract in April, demanded the nearly $3 million payday to avoid disclosing “sensitive and personal information that he had allegedly overheard” while working for Lopez.
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Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger Blamed For Michael Jackson’s Death In Fever Dream Lawsuit

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian, Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin

Have you ever spent all day reading gossip blogs and magazines and watching reality TV, only to fall asleep and dream that the likes of Kim Kardashian and Macaulay Culkin have leapt from the screen and into your life. And then when you wake up, you’re kind of left with this feeling that you might actually be friends with famous people. It’s especially good if this celebrity overload is because you’re home with a fever of some kind. No? Just us?

Anyway, this actual real-life lawsuit a friend of a friend brought to our attention today, filed Monday in the real-life United States District Court, Eastern District of California, reads exactly like one of those fever dreams. The plaintiff is seeking restraining orders against Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kim Kardashian and Conrad Murray. Because, um, he saw Kim have sex with Murray at Michael Jackson‘s house, thus distracting the doctor and causing MJ’s death. “Macaulay Culkin was with me and is a witness.” Also, Governor Arnold was blackmailing Kardashian into having sex with him, and was punched by Barry Bonds because he’d been promised pardon in exchange for signed bats and a James Bond DVD. And Kim is pen pals with Bernie Madoff. We could go on, but we feel the fever coming back. Read for yourself:

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Johnny Depp Latest In Long, Varied List Of Celebs Sued For Bodyguards’ Actions

The lawsuit filed against Johnny Depp, his security detail and the Hollywood Palladium in connection with an incident at an Iggy and the Stooges concert last December (and made available on E! Online) is making us cringe, a lot. Not that we know how much of it is true, but the allegations made by “Jane Doe,” a disabled physician and med school professor, are pretty horrifying: Early in the night, she says some guards tried to block her from getting back to her seat in the VIP section, telling her to go to around to a different entrance, which she didn’t want to do since she didn’t have her cane with her. Later, she alleges that the bodyguards tried to forcefully pry her iPhone out of her hand, dragged her up to a balcony area and then proceeded to handcuff and drag her out in a manner that caused her pants to fall down “exposing her buttocks to the other Hollywood Palladium patrons.” She says she suffered “severe trauma and extensive injuries” as a result. The suit also says that Depp was looking on and talking to his bodyguards throughout the night, and thus directing their actions.

While we wait to see how this drama unfolds, we thought we’d look back (not so fondly) at the wide variety of celebrities who’ve been caught up in similar situations, due to their overzealous security team, overly aggressive fans and photographers, or, more likely, an unfortunate combination of the two.

  • In 2004, Prince and his bodyguards were sued by college student Anthony Fitzgerald who said they confiscated his camera after he snapped a photo of the artist in Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport. Prince countersued for invasion of privacy and violation of copyright and trademark law. The fact that we can’t find anything on the conclusion of this conflict leads us to believe both parties settled this quietly.

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by (@missmuttoo) Sued For $2 Million By Clothing Company needs to get a legal team together on the double. He’s being taken to court by a company called “I.Am.Clothing” (sounds familiar, right) for backing out of an endorsement deal they made with him. According to the company, they sat down with Will two years ago, in 2010, and put together a deal. They claim that he agreed to their terms and signed on to being the face for the clothing line. We’re guessing that there was a load of paperwork that also went down.

But here’s the problem now: Will seems to think that his part of the deal is done and he doesn’t need to endorse them any longer. The company, on the other hand, claims that the singer has to carry on hawking the line till 2016. And because of the two differing opinions, they’re suing for $2 million. Ouch!

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Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Sued For Supposedly Beating Up Photographer

More celebrities versus the paparazzi today (hi, Rob Kardashian.) The latest round sounds a lot more serious with photographer Delbert Shaw claiming that Megan Fox got husband Brian Austin Green to supposedly beat him up. The incident allegedly went down in December last year at the beach outside the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai, Hawaii as he was taking photographs of them. Shaw is suing them now for what went down.

It apparently started with them taunting Shaw and making verbal threats with Megan telling Brian — this is according to the papers filed against them — “Are you going to let him get away with that?” That’s when Shaw said Green starting hitting him causing him grievous injury, while Megan watched and encouraged the beating. Green then, supposedly, threw Shaw’s iPhone into the sea. Well hello there, Russell Brand. No word yet from Megan or Brusin’ Brian but we’re sure we’re going to hear a response to the lawsuit soon.

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Russell Brand’s Mugshot Says It All

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Is Lindsay Lohan Being Sued By A Nanny For A Car Accident In 2010?

That’s the thing about lawsuits. They can hit you at any time, even a whole year and a half after the offending action. Just ask Lindsay Lohan whose latest bout of trouble is courtesy of nanny Nubia Del Carmen Preza. Back in September 2010, Lindsay allegedly ran her Maserati through a stop signal in West Hollywood and supposedly hit Nubia, who was pushing a stroller across that intersection at the time. At the time, TMZ published the story, which hinged on freelance photographer Brayan Jaime’s account of the alleged hit-and-run. He revealed that it was “full impact … It was a major hit.”  According to Jaime, the car’s bumper hit Nubia in the leg and struck the stroller “in the middle, knocking three of the four wheels in the air.”

No harm was done to the child in the stroller, but when asked why nothing was done about it at the time, Jaime’s take is that, “She was in shock and Hispanic, so she was scared.” That has changed now, and TMZ reports that Nubia is suing Lindsay for unspecified damages, stating that she was hurt during the hit and run. Gossip Cop has a different take, writing that LiLo’s camp has said they haven’t yet received the lawsuit and therefore can’t comment on the situation. Is a lawsuit really pending then? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Double Trouble With The IRS And A Law Suit … All In One Week

Can Lindsay Lohan ever have one month without getting into some sort of trouble? Hell to the N.O. This time around, Lilo’s in for a double whammy. Issue no. 1 is with a paparazzo named Grigor Balyan, who is suing the actress for hitting him with her car two years ago. Seriously. It took him that long to take her to court? The incident happened on January 10, 2010, and he claims she drove into him while leaving a club in a hurry. His case is that he had to be treated for orthopedic and neurological injuries and Lindz’s insurance company made him “an an insignificant offer”  as compensation.

Issue no. 2 is also a blast from her problematic past. The IRS has come knocking with an astounding $93,701 lien, as their records state she didn’t pay her taxes in 2009. Lindsay claims complete innocence in the matter as she thought her accountants had taken care of her finances, including her taxes. Sources close to Lohan told TMZ, “Lindsay was completely unaware of the problem,” and said the issue is being taken care of immediately. Let’s hope an issue no. 3 doesn’t crop up and interfere with that Elizabeth Taylor movie Lindsay is supposedly in the running for. Because, as far as her recent run goes — what movies?

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NYU Professor Claims He Was Fired For Giving James Franco A D

In case you were wondering how James Franco managed to attend all the classes necessary to get masters’ degrees from NYU, Columbia and Warren Wilson College, in addition to enrolling on Yale for a PhD program, the answer is: he…um…he almost didn’t. Now it’s emerged that Franco’s lack of attendance has allegedly resulted in the termination of an NYU professor, at least according to said instructor José Angel Santana. In a new lawsuit he filed against the school, Professor Santana claims that he was unjustly canned for giving a Franco a D in his “Directing The Actor” course. Um, we don’t see what the problem is quit yet? D is for Diploma, James! Embrace it!

We have to assume this is the same D Franco complained about to the press back in September 2010. “I did the work, I did well in everything else,” Franco told Showbiz 411’s Roger Friedman after news of his embarrassing grade leaked out. Earlier this year NYU even announced that Franco would be teaching a course himself. “James has an amazing mind and limitless energy,” explained graduate film program chair John Tintori at the time. “Our students will be fortunate to learn from him.” Wrote Santana in his legal filing, “In my opinion, they’ve turned the NYU graduate film degree into swag for James Franco’s purposes, a possession, something you can buy.” The reason for Franco’s poor grade? He missed 12 of his 14 classes. Odd, considering you’d think he’d have to take a math class at some point.