“Victoria Principal Pulled A Gun On Me,” Says Maid In Suit

victoria principal

Victoria Principal‘s house must be one exciting place to work. A former employee is suing the Dallas star and cosmetic queen for…well, read it for yourself.

When [the Plaintiff] returned from walking [the Defendant]’s dog, the Defendant alleged that the Plaintiff took too long. Plaintiff explained that she was waiting for the dog to do her “business.” Defendant fired Plaintiff and told her to leave the house. Plaintiff asked for her final payment for services. Defendant went upstairs and Plaintiff thought Defendant would return with her checkbook…Defendant came downstairs and pointed and aimed a firearm at Plaintiff and verbally threatened to kill Plaintiff…asking another housekeeper who was present to stand aside so she could kill Plaintiff.

The maid claims she locked herself in a room and called 911 as Principal, whose fortune reportedly exceeds $25 million, continued to threaten her until police arrived. Hopefully this mess won’t affect Victoria’s plans to be one of the first passengers on Richard Branson‘s spaceship! We were all looking forward to that.


Britney’s Battle With Lutfi Isn’t Over

Sam Lutfi won’t let some three-year restraining order keep him from playing Captain Save-A-Brit to the public. The former manager of Britney Spears has announced he’s going to appeal Tuesday’s verdict. According to his lawyer, Lutfi’s no drug-dealing vulture—just a good Samaritan trying to help an old friend.

“Never before in the history of the world has a restraining order been granted as a result of someone answering someone else’s cries for help,” Lutfi’s lawyer told TMZ. “The evidence showed it was Britney Spears reaching out to Mr. Lutfi and all he did was help her get a lawyer.” So far the court hasn’t bought his line—what ace does he have up his sleeve now?


Britney Spears “Lacks Capacity” To Testify In Court

britney spears

She may be a world-touring, 27-year-old mother of two, but Britney Spears is in no shape to speak for herself. An LA Superior Court judge denied an attempt to make her testify at a hearing to place permanent restraining orders on ex-manager Sam Lufti and lawyer Jon Eardley.

Eardley’s lawyer tried to force Spears to appear, arguing that her wishes aren’t truly being represented by father Jamie. But after hearing closing arguments Tuesday, the court announced to the press that “there was a finding of a judge of the Superior Court that she lacks the capacity to testify.” Even if this is just to protect her from hangers-on, their decision begs the question: will she ever be able to run her own life again?

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David Caruso Sued By Babymama For Being Worst Boyfriend Ever

david caruso and liza marquez

In 2007, David Caruso dumped girlfriend Liza Marquez only days after she gave birth to their second child. According to her lawsuit against the CSI: Miami actor, this was but a taste of the crap Caruso put her through. Some examples:

  • Caruso would yell at her for over 4 hours at a time over imagined affairs with everyone from her cousin to Greg Kinnear and Billy Dee Williams, raising his hands at her and once throwing a remote control.
  • When she refused to abort their first child, he commented “I guess for now you’ll just be a birthing cow.”
  • He would deny her the pleasure of his company by spending hours alone watching Seinfeld re-runs.
  • Marquez found “significant amounts of pornographic materials” and “a stash of ’70s pornography” at his second residence.
  • Caruso told her “fatherhood was not for him” when she announced her second pregnancy, and admitted to cheating on her.
  • Caruso suggests she should sleep with a male prostitute.
  • He has refused to pay a $1,000,000 settlement promised after their break-up.

Dude should have at least let her watch Seinfeld with him. Marquez seeks $1.2 million and a house she claims he promised her.

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Queen Latifah Sued By Her Makeup People

What happened to U.N.I.T.Y. between women? Because it looks like the only thing uniting Queen Latifah and her makeup artists right now is a lawsuit. Latifah is being sued by two women, cosmetologist Roxanna Floyd and stylist Susan Moses, after they accused her of breach of contract and non-payment.

The women worked with Latifah on her CoverGirl ad campaign as well as on her Curvations lingerie line and they claim they were promised a salary that was never paid. All told, they are asking for $1 million in compensation for work they did from 2005 to 2008. A spokeswoman for Latifah says the claims are without merit.

Looks like Taxi isn’t the Queen’s only bad business decision. [Source: NY Daily News; Photo: WireImage]


Adnan Ghalib Can’t Talk To Britney Until 2012

Looks like Adnan Ghalib is going to have to find someone else to bug. Thanks to a restraining order issued today, Britney Spears‘ paparazzi ex cannot have physical, e-mail or phone contact with the singer or family until March 17, 2012. What about carrier pidgeon?

While he’s undoubtedly bummed, his other legal woes should provide some perspective. Charged with trying to run over a process server, Ghalib runs the risk of deportation to Britain or Afghanistan if he’s found guilty. Since he hasn’t lived in Afghanistan since he was five, we bet he’s hoping for Britain. Maybe Amy Winehouse is taking suitors.

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Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex Charged With Supplying Her Drugs

Two years after her death, the first criminal charges have been pressed in the Anna Nicole Smith case. Her highly dodgy one-time fake “husband” and lawyer Howard K Stern and two doctors Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were charged with conspiring to provide controlled substances to an addict between 2004 and 2007. He was arrested yesterday in Whittier, California, but made $20,000 bail. With the lawyers for her first husband J. Howard Marshall still fighting about dead people’s rights to his billions, the sad, tragic tale doesn’t look like it’s going to come to a close anytime soon.


Anna Nicole Smith’s Lawyers Still Fighting Over Those Billions

In 1995, Anna Nicole Smith‘s 90-year-old husband of one year, J. Howard Marshall, died, leaving son Pierce Marshall and Smith to battle in court over his billion dollar estate. Smith eventually won $88.5 million, but the award was held awaiting appeal. In 2006, after stripping himself of most of his assets, the younger Marshall died. Smith herself died a year later. Now her lawyers are petitioning the Supreme Court to remove the stay on her award so they can chase the dead son of the dead husband’s money in the name of the dead woman.

“[Anna Nicole]’s estate will undeniably suffer irreparable harm if the stay is not vacated, as Pierce’s executor claims there is no money to pay the district court judgment, and [Anna Nicole]’s estate cannot pursue Pierce’s missing billions unless and until the stay is vacated,” said her lawyers. Because Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern need more money to fight over.

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Michael Jackson Sues Auction House To Get His Creepy Crap Back

Looks like Michael Jackson still wants that baby orgy decanter. The singer, in England to announce his live comeback, is suing Julien’s Auctions to halt their planned sale of his fine china, memorabilia and life-size statues of children next month. Jackson claims that while the company was given the items to appraise, he never signed off on their final sale. Julien’s rep so doesn’t agree.

Three days ago, his manager told us how happy Michael was about how this was going … we’re perplexed. We’re an auction house. That’s all we do. We’re not movers.

The company told TMZ that they did return a handful of items “out of courtesy,” but they won’t reveal what they were. Hard to imagine why they’d keep anything private after what we’ve already seen.

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Megan Hauserman Sues Sharon Osbourne

Megan Hauserman accused Sharon Osbourne of battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress in a lawsuit filed in LA yesterday. The charges stem from their tussle at the Rock Of Love Charm School reunion episode last December. Watch the infamous incident here and check out the gallery for shots of Hauserman, who’s getting her own dating show, Megan Wants A Millionaire, later this year.

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