Now Dina Lohan Wants To Sue Glee

Yes, that Glee! Dina Lohan is pissed that her Lindsay and her troubles have been used as a punchline on the show this week and like the Mama Grizzly she is, she’s not going to stand for it. It stems from a scene featuring Gwyneth Paltrow as the substitute teacher who asks her class in Spanish (subtitles were provided) “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right?” And then asks  “How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?” in an effort to get them to count in Spanish. Which sounds kind of hilarious to us, and we don’t even like Glee.

Dina said “Our lawyers are sending a letter” to Glee because she feels Lindsay was defamed, while a rep for Lindsay said “Lindsay has an issue that millions of people around the world are dealing with yet Glee is treating addiction as a laughing matter.” We have to admit that suing because you’re called crazy more legitimate than suing because you’re called a milkaholic, but we still don’t think this case will stand up in court. Besides, considering Dina doesn’t even know how many times Lindsay has been in rehab, maybe she could learn something from the episode.


David Beckham Sues Over Prostitute Allegations

Come ON. A man that takes pictures as adorable as this can’t be capable of whoring it up…can he?

David Beckham plans to sue InTouch Magazine after they reported a story alleging he had a threesome with two prostitutes. Irma Nici, one of the prostitutes who claims to have been involved, said she and Beckham met in 2007 in New York, where Beckham supposedly paid her $5000 for sex and then had another prostitute join them. Such is the problem with being so damn rich, talented and good-looking – no one would be surprised to learn that you’re screwing around, and then you have to try and maintain your innocence if you actually are a faithful husband. This happened all before when Beckham was accused of cheating with his personal assistant, Rebecca Loos in 2003, but he and Victoria managed to come out of that without publicly tarnishing their relationship.

A statement from Beckham’s people called the allegations “a series of malicious lies.” It also said “Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it. We are taking legal action against the magazine.”

First Ashton, now David – it’s quite the week for defamation lawsuits.


Kevin Federline Comes To Britney’s Defense


It’s a double-edged sword, having Kevin Federline come to your defense, as he’s doing for his ex-wife Britney Spears this week. On the one hand, hey, it’s nice to have someone sticking up for you! On the other, do you want that guy sticking up for you? (We kid, mostly. Federline actually seems like he’s a decent ex-husband, bestowing his blessing on Britney when she started dating Jason Trawick.)

Britney is being sued by her former bodyguard Fernando Flores for, among other things, child abuse and sexual harassment, and K-Fed will not stand for it! He, by way of his lawyer, says that “the allegations are a product of economic motives,” and says  “they are as baseless as they seem.” It’s actually kind of nice to see Kevin defend the mother (well, a mother) of his (well, some of his) children. We wonder if his statement will help Britney’s case though.

After their divorce and a subsequent legal battle, Federline was granted sole custody of the Jaden and Sean while Britney was given visitation rights.

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Ice-T Turns To Ice Cold Vengeance After His Arrest


Post arrest, Ice-T eloquently tweeted, “Some punk b*tch rookie cop named Fisher #10026 Made the arrest of his bullsh*t career today. Arresting the Notorious Ice T for no seatbelt.” Well, the “notorious” rapper is making sure that everybody knows messing with him means big trouble.

He’s retaliated with a lawsuit of his own against the DMV. His story is that the cop arrested him “because he could” instead of giving him a ticket, which is how it usually goes.  And he’s even madder about the claims that his license paperwork was not in order because  of “something in the computer called an insurance lapse from 2008.” Stupid computer was dead wrong, it seems.

It’s all a load of crock, apparently, and now he wants ice cold revenge. He warned, “At the end of the day, after I get this dismissed … I either can sue the DMV or the insurance company … and that’s when I have my revenge.”  Said rookie cop better be watching his back. Who knows when this vendetta will end!

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Idol Reject Told To ‘Gay It Up,’ Sues Show For Exploitation

American Idol reject and certified diva Ian Bernardo is now claiming that AI producers told him to turn up the fabulousness during the finale as well as his 2006 audition, only to dump on him after his performance bombed. You might remember Bernardo from the AI finale this past May, when he interrupted comedian Dane Cook on stage, proclaiming, “Nobody cares! It’s all about Ian Benardo!” making us drop to our knees and pray for him to get a spin-off reality show.

Unfortunately, after his performance Bernardo claimed to have been threatened by Cook and abandoned by the producers, and has filed a claim with the New York State Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in an effort to prove it. In his allegations, Bernado claims that AI “exploited … my sexual orientation” by telling him to “gay it up” for the cameras. Now, despite the fact that Bernardo makes Clay Aiken look like Jason Statham, we have the sneaking suspicion that Bernardo was asked back not because of perceived sexual orientation, but because his try-out consisted of a bizarre spoken word rendition of “Gloria,” delivered while wearing a t-shirt with his name on it and draped in layers of fur. If that’s what gay people are like, we need to get out of our parent’s basement more. But as Coco Chanel said, before you leave the house, take one fur coat off. And before the producers at AI ask you to act like a mincing gay stereotype on TV, remember that contestants who don’t make it through try-outs are usually portrayed by AI a parade of oblivious freaks, hamming it up for the audience’s amusement.

Maybe one day someone who is as over-the-top and fabulous as Bernardo pretended to be (and who can actually, you know, sing well) will be allowed to sashay his way across the stage and into our collective hearts – besides our beloved Glambert. Until then Ryan Seacrest can only hold his breath and dream.


Gary Coleman Death Certificate Released, Exes To Battle In Court

Gary Coleman, Anna Gray & Shannon Price

Gary Coleman‘s death certificate has been released following an autopsy, with the late actor’s death officially ruled “accidental” following a “fall.” While this is good news for Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price (pictured right), considering the attention she received for cutting off his life support, it doesn’t get her any closer to the Diff’rent Strokes star’s estate—something she clearly wants control of (Coleman is erroneously listed as “married” on the death certificate—Price’s doing?). Though ex-manager Dion Mial, named in a 1999 will, has backed out of a legal battle with Price, Coleman’s former girlfriend Anna Gray (pictured left) has come forward as the executor of a 2005 will. Though Coleman allegedly left Gray for Price, the latter’s divorce from the actor likely means she has less of a claim on the estate—and Gray is filing a restraining order to keep Price from taking more of Coleman’s stuff than she already has.

“[Price] is invading Gary’s home and disposing of his property,” said Anna Gray’s lawyer. “Nothing is left in the home beyond Gary’s bed and his clothing. She has taken all his personal papers, evidence and other belongings. That is completely disrespectful and a further indication of what her objectives are.” Though police have reportedly convinced Price to return most of the material, a judge is set to weigh on in the matter later today, hopefully deciding which woman has the right to Coleman’s affairs.

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David Carradine’s Widow Blames Movie Studio For His Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation

David Carradine & Annie

David Carradine‘s wife has filed a wrongful death suit against the movie producers he was working for when he accidentally died from auto-erotic asphyxiation. According to TMZ, Carradine was promised an assistant to take care of travel and scheduling while working on the film Stretch in Bangkok. The night of his death, Carradine was supposed to have dinner with the film’s director, only to be left behind when he failed to answer a phone call from the lackey. Told he had to “make his own arrangements that evening,” Carradine tied a rope around his neck and genitals and accidentally hung himself. Apparently, Annie feels the studio is to blame for not giving himself the actor something better to do.

We hate to laugh about a tragedy (Carradine was not only a great actor—seen Kill Bill?—he was also an early supporter of Martin Scorsese), but this lawsuit seems totally ridiculous. Unless Carradine was considered a danger to himself and required round-the-clock supervision (which goes well beyond the “industry standards” the studio allegedly failed to live up to), it doesn’t sound like his unfortunate demise was the outcome of their negligence so much as the actor’s lack of good judgment. It’s a good thing she waited a year after his death to file this thing—David’s spirit needed time to get over his initial embarrassment before hearing about this.

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E*Trade Fights Back Against Lindsay Lohan Suit


Seriously? This Lindsay Lohan E*Trade lawsuit wasn’t just a big joke? Because we had a big laugh and moved on when we heard about it, and we figured the parties involved might realize how dumb it all sounded and do the same.

If you’ll recall, LiLo decided to sue E*Trade after seeing their commercial where one baby calls another named Lindsay a “milkoholic”. Lawyers at E*Trade are fighting dirtier than we thought they would, using hundreds of pages of internet comments as part of their defense (yes, friends, your comments might be used in a court of law against the starlets you rail against, bet you never realized that). Comments that call her a ” lazy, irresponsible, disrespectful little drama queen” and ask “How can she pay her rent and pay for her coke?” are being used not to claim she behaves badly, but that she lives in California, making her lawsuit, filed in New York, moot. (Yeah, we’re not sure how that holds water, either. The law is hard!)

Dina Lohan criticized the company’s tactics when she found out their plan. “This is the whole reason we are suing them — for demeaning Lindsay. They are just proving how they operate — they play dirty,” said the woman who partied till 2am with her daughter before a court appearance.

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Charlie Sheen And Brooke Mueller Negotiating Divorce…Just In Case

Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

If Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen‘s marriage can survive a violent Christmas argument and rumored visits to escorts, surely it can survive a little pre-nup renegotiation. Little over a day after Gawker got their hands on the couple’s 2008 pre-nup (which suggests Mueller would walk away with just $3.5 million if she left the sitcom superstar now), TMZ reports that the pair are hashing out the details of a divorce, neither feels ready to give up on the marriage yet. Seems the couple would just like to be prepared in case things go south. Though considering they’re reportedly not even living together, it’s hard to imagine how things could get any worse.

That there’s even anything to negotiate after the pre-nup suggests Brooke may be holding that little felony trial Charlie has coming up over his head. While his legal team has hinted they won’t be above calling into question his wife’s mental capacity (based on her multiple stints in rehab since his arrest for domestic violence), they’re undoubtedly hoping things won’t go that far. It’s a miracle Sheen still has a career at this point as it is.

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David Boreanaz Admits Cheating On Wife: Was Rachel Uchitel His Mistress?

David Boreanaz & Rachel Uchitel

Looks like the guy from Bones is no Angel. The cause for that horrible, obvious joke is the recent announcement that David Boreanaz cheated on his wife of eight years, Playboy playmate Jaime Bergman. “Our marriage has been tainted with my infidelities,” he told People. “I just want to be open and honest. I was irresponsible.” Looks like his situation might be more David Letterman than Tiger Woods, though—he’s coming forward after an ex hit him up for hush money. “I was associated with a woman who I was involved with and had a relationship with,” he says. “She asked for money. I felt as though I was being blackmailed or there was some sort of extortion.” The TV hunk says he and his wife are “working on repairing what’s been damaged so badly.”

With Boreanaz mentioned in a recent New York profile of Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel, it’s no surprise Radar says the party promoter—and her infamous legal counsel Gloria Allred—are behind his troubles. Allred, who’s representing both Uchitel and another woman who slept with the former Buffy star, says she wasn’t extorting, just suggesting “mediation” for her client’s “legal claim” that he lied about their “exclusive” relationship (yes, she’s suggesting you can be sued for cheating on your mistress). If David continues to imply something indecent about Allred’s way of scoring cash, he may regret it. “My client has not told her story to the press, but now that Mr. Boreanaz is attacking her she has decided to tell the story of their relationship, so that the truth will come out.” Wonder how much money she’ll get for that…and if Allred’s “legal advice” will ever get her arrested.

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