Owen Wilson Caught Up In Coffee Shop Sex Harassment Suit

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson will think twice before hitting on waitstaff again. Four female employees of NY’s Cafe Habana are suing the coffee shop, accusing management of physical harassment and a sexually charged environment—the women allegedly lost shifts is they didn’t dress provocatively enough or refused to pose in the shop’s pin-up calendar. One even says a manager threatened her when she refused to go out with the Shanghai Knights star, a regular customer. From the suit:

Plaintiff [Monica] Mateo regularly served Hollywood actor Owen Wilson during her shifts at Cafe Habana. Mr. Wilson expressed an interest in Ms. Mateo and asked her out on a date for coffee. Ms. Mateo declined the date, but was soon after approached by Leslie Meenan…a member of management, who told Mateo “You know what coffee means in Hollywood, right?,” insinuating that Mr. Wilson was pursuing her sexually. Ms. Meenan continued, “don’t screw this up, Owen’s a good customer.”

Whether Wilson—who has yet to comment—wanted coffee or Hollywood coffee with Mateo, no one’s accusing him of any wrongdoing. But there’s a lesson here, guys. Sometimes that too-good-to-be-true coffee shop with the gorgeous, flirty staff is too good to be true.

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TLC Wins Injunction Against Jon Gosselin: No Mo’ JoGo?

TLC has successfully won a preliminary injunction against Jon Gosselin, which will keep him from seeking deals or giving interviews that aren’t approved by the Jon & Kate Plus 8 network until at least April 2010, when their $5 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against daddy dearest reaches trial. Though Jon’s lawyers argued his shenanigans caused “no irreparable harm” and improved ratings, the judge still found JoGo in the wrong for…well, everything.

Unless they can reach a settlement, this injuction presumably means no more Funny Or Die videos, no more summits with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, no more squabbles with Nancy Grace, no more Las Vegas pool parties, no more bringing the paps to kids’ birthday parties and certainly no reality dating shows with the Octomom. For all intents and purposes, no mo’ JoGo. But at least he still has the love and affection of Hailey Glassman to rely on. Oh wait.

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Are Beyonce And Kelly Feuding Over Daddy Knowles?

Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

The women of Destiny’s Child are headed to court over a copyright infringement case—someone actually wants credit for “Cater 2 U”—and the drama may be tearing longtime friends Beyonce and Kelly Rowland apart. According to the New York Daily News, Rowland is outraged the group may have to pay for former manager Matthew Knowles‘ alleged overstating of his daughter’s part in the songwriting credits. “Matthew has a long history of trying to get songwriters to add Beyonce’s name to songs she didn’t compose, just so she gets publishing royalties,” says their source. “That information eventually became widely known, and now anyone who wants to accuse Kelly or Destiny’s Child of stealing material has ammunition to file a lawsuit. Kelly is livid.”

“Things have gotten tense since Kelly griped that Matthew is the cause of this lawsuit,” says the insider. It’s not hard to believe since Rowland dropped the elder Knowles as her manager earlier this year, and hasn’t been seen in public with Beyonce since Kelly’s birthday party in February. Michelle Williams may have said the group might reunite in August, but that’s starting to sound like wishful thinking.

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Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Sued Over Dog Attack

Ojani Noa isn’t the only person screaming for Jennifer Lopez to call her dogs off. A stewardess is suing the Selena star and husband Marc Anthony for back injuries she suffered after the couple’s German guard dog Floyd toppled her to the ground with a headbutt in 2006. According to depositions from air staff and Lopez’s family, Floyd had a trigger temper and would react violently to sharp objects—like the silverware plaintiff Lisa Wilson was holding when the dog headbutted her, for instance.

Hopefully all this legal drama won’t faze Lopez when she performs at the American Music Awards this Sunday. Her performance will reportedly begin in a boxing ring (good, use your frustration, J. Lo.!) and involve fireworks, Fly Girl choreography, audience interaction and an on-stage costume change. “Dancing again, singing, the lights and the costumes — it all feels like second nature,” Lopez told the Associated Press. Could this be her big comeback?

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Nic Cage’s Manager: “He Was Broke Before I Got There”

nicolas cage

In a countersuit against Nicolas Cage (who wants $20 million for being lead to “financial ruin“), ex-manager Samuel Levin accuses the star of being millions of dollars in debt before he took the role of Cage’s manager in 2001, and that the star was warned he’d need to make “$30 million a year just to maintain his lavish lifestyle”—a lifestyle that exploded after National Treasure happened. Some juicy bits from Levin’s legal papers:

By the time Coppola [Cage’s real last name] hired Levin, Coppola had already squandered tens of millions of dollars he had earned as a movie star, he was deeply in debt and he owed millions of dollars in accrued but unpaid income taxes, with no funds available to pay the tax debt…Because Coppola had a string of hit films, his earnings soared and Coppola abandoned the economic conservatism he had agreed to with Levin. As Levin sold off automobiles, Cage bougt new ones…By July 2008, Coppola owned 15 palatial homes around the world; four yachts; an island in the Bahamas; a Gulfstream jet; and millions of dollars in jewelry and art. …Coppola also spent huge sums taking his sizeable entourage on costly vacations and threw enormous, Gatsby-scale parties at his residences.

…Levin was rebuked for trying to restrain the outflow of cash. …[and] described the folly of several other well-known entertainers who compulsively overspent their way into bankruptcy, and warned Coppola “it could happen to you.”

Of all the Cage movies to reference, Levin picks It Could Happen To You? Couldn’t he have referred to the star’s “international treasures,” or having a “face off” over his spending? That millions would be “gone in 60 seconds?” Ironically, the ex-manager is only asking for $128,000 in unpaid fees—maybe he could ask for a Gatsby-scale party instead.

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Tila Tequila Sues Ex Over Attack

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila is filing suit against alleged ex-boyfriend Shawne Merriman after the San Diego District Attorney’s office declined to file criminal charges against the footballer. According to TMZ, the suit claims Merriman shook and choked Tequila during a violent argument in September, and accuses him of verbal abuse concerning Tequila’s bisexuality. Merriman, who denied the charges, has yet to comment on the suit. The amount in damages Tequila will seek is undisclosed.

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Jon Gosselin Too Famous For A Normal Job, Sues TLC

Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is suing TLC for $5 million, claiming the network is keeping him from making money on TV, and that he’s “too famous” to seek employment elsewhere. “I find myself unemployed and without the ability to secure non-entertainment related engagements,” he explains in his suit, “because the enormous Media interest, cameras, reporters and public interest makes it impossible to carry on normal daily activities, let alone find, secure and maintain a job with an employer who is willing to be exposed to the daily Media intrusions that have impeded by life.” And you know he looked everywhere.

JoGo also complains that TLC has been giving hopefully-sooner-than-later-come-on-already-ex-wife Kate a lot more leeway when it comes to cashing in on their fame. “The Plaintiff has promoted and even facilitated opportunities and appearances for my wife, yet attempts to restrain and enjoin me from making a living for my family.” The network filed suit against our hero last month, accusing him of violating the same contract he’s trying to throw out now. While we’re no legal experts, we’re cool with any verdict that leads to the OctoMom dating show.

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J. Lo’s Ex: “She’s Destroying My Life”

ojani noa & jennifer lopez

Most people would sympathize with Jennifer Lopez‘s fight against ex-husband Ojani Noa, who attempted to release sexy “honeymoon” footage of her that allegedly includes nudity and spanking. But Noa, served with a restraining order yesterday, feels that he’s the victim here. “She is destroying my life,” he told the Daily News. “This is another proof of her power and money trying to stop me from moving on with my life.” Though both TMZ and the National Enquirer have reportedly seen the footage, Noa says he never intended to sell it, but merely use it for “inspiration” for his planned mockumentary, How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story.

“I’m not making any money from these videos,” said Noa. “This is about having a closure. It’s my story…She’s trying to step on my shoes and not let me move on with my life, and it’s not fair.” Because nothing says “moving on with your life” like rewatching ten-year-old footage of your ex-wife and making a film with her name in the title twice. Arguments in Lopez’s $10 million suit against Noa will be heard on December 1st, with her ex saying earlier confidentiality agreements don’t count because his then-lawyer “wasn’t a real lawyer.” We’d be more worried about whoever’s advising you now, dude.

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Joe Jackson Attacks MJ’s Estate, Wants To Be An Executor

Joe Jackson

Being left out of his estranged son’s will isn’t going to keep Joe Jackson for chasing his kid’s money. The notorious stage dad has filed papers against the estate of Michael Jackson, repeating claims that the singer’s current will is a fraud and that managers John Branca and John McClain should be replaced by…him! Though Branca and McClain’s lawyer says “these claims filed by Joe Jackson are so outrageous that they don’t deserve any response,” Joe’s lawyer says Dad can act as “an interested party who has the right to be an executor or personal representative.”

As noted earlier, if the will was found null and void, it’s more likely MJ’s will from 1997—which also excludes Joe—would be reinstated than that the court would hand Papa the keys to the safe. But all this legal wrangling could just be an attempt to push Branca and McClain to pay him a monthly stipend around $20,000, which he filed for last Friday. Maybe this is why he said Michael is “worth more dead than alive.”

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J. Lo Sues Ex For $10 Million

Ojani Noa & Jennifer Lopez

Ojani Noa, when will you learn? Jennifer Lopez is suing her first husband for $10 million, after the chef, who was married to Lopez for most of 1997, tried to sell a movie called How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story, containing sexy home video footage of the singer also sold to TMZ. Lopez believes the movie would violate a settlement from two years ago, when he tried to write a book about their relationship, titled The Unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a Serial Thriller, which itself violated a previous settlement from 2005, when he sued her after being fired from her restaurant Madre’s. So much violation!

Since Noa had to cough up over half a million for that proposed book, it’s surprising he’d risk J. Lo’s wrath again with this movie. But executive producer Claudia Vasquez gave E! a different take last month. “It’s a parody, so usually law doesn’t apply to the story unless it’s something serious. It’s showing that he can get over it. It’s comic. This is not about Jennifer Lopez’s life, this is about Ojani’s life.” With Lopez’s name in the title twice, the court may not agree.

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