Carrie Prejean Asked To Return Boob Job Money

carrie prejean

The Miss California pageant has demanded Carrie Prejean, the anti-gay activist stripped of her crown earlier this year, return the $5,000+ they spent on her breast augmentation. In one of the cattiest legal documents we’ve ever heard of, officials for the pageant call out their former queen for being a religious hypocrite: “Had [she] heeded the guidance of the Gospel of John, who admonished only those who are without sin to cast stones in judgment, she might have avoided this legal battle.” Snap!

While stopping short of “imma cut this b—-, she’s so full of s—,” the message is loud and clear throughout the Cali cabal’s filings. She says she was unfairly punished for her Christian values, they say she’s a tramp for posing without a top. She says the boob job was “private,” they say it stopped being private once Carrie flaunted her new Prejeans on stage. Can’t wait for the tiaras to fly once these folks finally get their day in court.

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Nic Cage Helps Babies, Sues Manager

nic cage, babies

Despite all those defaulted loans and cheaply-sold castles, Nicolas Cage isn’t too strapped for cash to help others. The National Treasure star posed with babies (not his!) at the Bath Royal United Hospital to help raise money for their Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Wait, posing with babies helps raise money for kids? We know lots of ladies who would be willing to lend a hand.

Now, about those loans and castles. Cage has placed the blame for his financial troubles—rather large ones for a guy who made $40 million last fiscal year—squarely on former business manager Samuel Lewis. In a $20 million lawsuit, Cage accuses Lewis of not doing any of the stuff a business manager should do, like pay your taxes, keep your credit in line and stop you from buying too many castles. According to TMZ, Lewis even tried to write off $3.3 million of limos, meals and private jet use as business expenses from 2002 to 2004. Hope you enjoyed the ride, Sammy.

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Madonna’s Trainer Sued For $1 Million

tracey anderson

Was there more to Madonna firing her trainer than we knew? Page Six has word of a million dollar lawsuit against Tracy Anderson, the woman credited with maintaining the Material Mom’s figure. Ex-boyfriend Glynn Barber (not the guy who used to work for Madge’s charity) says he invested heavily in Anderson’s fitness ventures, receiving only a “Dear John” letter in return. “She used her female charms to manipulate me to invest $1 million in her company,” says Barber.

And that’s not all! According to the ex, jilted in 2007, Tracy’s full of lies, magic and poisonous venom. “I was an easy target. She told me she was a Power Ranger. She told me she was in the musical ‘Cats’ for four years…None of this turned out to be true. I wish there was some way to inform her new boyfriend that he is playing with ‘The Cobra.’ Tracy absolutely has some voodoo capability.” Guess Madonna should watch out for sharp pains and snake bites, too.

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Christie Brinkley Settles With Ex, Still Pissed

christie brinkley

Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook have settled their custody dispute, less than a week after each demanded the other be sent to prison. The ordeal started when attention-starved Cook complained to the cameras about Brinkley holding on to their son’s passport, making them miss a school trip to Egypt. She accused him of breaking a confidentiality agreement and suddenly everyone was prescribing anger management classes and jail time.

The settlement appears to be “Christie hands over the passport next time and everyone takes a chill pill,” but since neither was actually punished, both parties are claiming victory. “She didn’t get what she wanted. All that happened here is that Mr. Cook’s parenting time was preserved,” said Cook’s lawyer. “Ms. Brinkley is completely vindicated,” said the supermodel’s, who suggests they could have thrown Cook in the clink if they wanted. “Since Mr. Cook lost the custody battle in the divorce trial, he has staged a relentless smear campaign against Ms. Brinkley….Ms. Brinkley chose not to exercise her right to hold Mr. Cook in clear violation of their original confidentiality agreement until Ms. Brinkley was served this unfounded and unwarranted court action at her children’s school holiday concert this past December. It was only at that time that she agreed to file her counterclaims which she hereby withdraws today in an effort to put this all behind her. For the sake of the children, she is hopeful that Mr. Cook will cease his attacks on the children’s mother.” Or else! Somehow we think this drama is far from over.

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Oprah Sued By Ex-Employee Accused Of Airplane Sex

oprah winfrey

Oprah Winfrey‘s Airplane Rule Number One: if anyone’s going to have sex on Oprah Winfrey’s Airplane, it’s going to be Oprah. The talk show titan has been slapped with a lawsuit by Corrine Gehrls, a flight attendant fired for boinking pilot Terry Pansing while Oprah slept like an innocent, sex-not-having baby. Gehrls denied the accusation—even passing a polygraph test— but Winfrey still refuses to let her fly the friendly skies. The plane was also grounded and refueling at the time of the alleged romp, so it’s not like it counts for the Mile High Club anyway.

Gehrls wants upwards of $75,000 in compensation from Oprah and her alleged accusers: fellow flight attendant Myron Gooch and Winfrey’s goddaughter Kirby Bumpus. Gehrls, Pansing, Gooch and Bumpus? Sounds like awesome last names are mandatory if you want fly with O.

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Nic Cage May Owe Millions In Back Taxes, Loans

nic cage

According to a federal tax lien found by TMZ, Nicolas Cage may owe more than $6 million dollars in back taxes. While the lion’s share dates back to 2007, Cage still owes more than a quarter million on his 2002-2004 paychecks. Considering the fact that he’s starred in eleven movies in the last five years (with another five in the can), it’s odd he can’t get the IRS off his back.

And they’re not the only people jumping on. Word leaked last week that LA’s East West Bank hit Cage with a lawsuit for defaulting on a $2 million loan. $2 mil? From the way Ghost Rider buys and sells castles you’d think he could cut them a check. Is Nic burning through those National Treasure paychecks at warp speed, or does he need to find better accounting help? When it comes to a guy who named his son after Superman, we’re inclined to believe either.

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Fan Wants $5 Million If He Can’t Buy MJ’s Creepy Crap


It’s a shame Michael Jackson isn’t alive to see yet another frivolous multi-million dollar lawsuit thrown in his direction. Richard Lapointe says he bid on over 150 items from the auction of Jackson’s messianic memorabilia and statues of scampering children that was canceled earlier this year. While plenty of us were heartbroken not to get a crack at that decanter with the baby-orgy on it, Lapointe apparently felt the loss worse than anyone: he wants $5 million from Julien’s Auctions and MJ’s estate for “emotional damages.”

“He called us the day the auction was canceled and told us he has been emotionally damaged, and he asked what we would do to compensate for it,” the auction house said in a statement. “If he is that emotionally damaged, he can bet on the items when they come back up for auction on November 21st. Also, he accepted the terms on the bidder form which said the auction could be canceled at any time.” Fair enough, but judging by what’s currently displayed on their site, it looks like there won’t be much in the way of weird figurines at that November auction. And where are the sequined socks? Just thinking about it is enough to emotionally damage you.

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Amy Winehouse Sues Ex-Husband’s Mom

Just imagine the awkward silences round the family table at Christmas. Amy Winehouse – despite apparently still wanting her ex-husband back – is suing Blake Incarcerated’s mom. Yes, the mother-in-law relationship is often a strained one and no more so when there’s an $80k lawsuit filed against her. To be fair to Amy, Georgette Fielder-Civil did sell one of her private love notes to her son to a tabloid newspaper, so we’re already aware there’s no love lost between them.

She’s now filed suit for copyright infringement, and a source says: “Amy was furious the private letter was used to make money.” Never mind Amy, hopefully the breakup and trauma will help you write some decent songs for the new album – and maybe there’ll be one in there just for Georgette?


Michael Jackson Can’t Do London Shows, Says Promoter

michael jackson

Will Michael Jackson‘s July concerts go the way of his crazy auction? A promotion company has filed suit in federal court to keep Jackson performing 50 scheduled shows at London’s O2 Arena, claiming they have an exclusive deal with the singer.

According to the suit, Jackson’s manager Frank DeLeo signed a deal with AllGood Entertainment for a pay-per-view concert starring Michael, Janet and all the other Jacksons not named La Toya, scheduled for July 2010. The King Of Pop was to stay off stage until that gig, but he a-hee-hee-heed himself over the London all the same. Shameless!

The good news for fans is that the company would love to settle, but Jackson has refused to cough up any cash.  We expect that to change, though—if Jacko doesn’t perform this summer, how is he going to pay all the other people suing him?

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Michael Jackson’s Publicist Sues For $44 Million


Michael Jackson might want to auction off that creey crap after all. First Ola Ray, Jacko’s girlfriend in the 26-year-old “Thriller” video, filed suit because she’s never received any royalties. Now Raymone Bain, Jackson’s publicist throughout his child molestation trial (and general manager of the Michael Jackson Company since 2006), is hitting the King Of Pop up for back wages to the tune of $44 million plus legal fees, according to TMZ.

Based on how familiar she must be with his finances (she claims to have paid his bills and saved him from foreclosure), it looks like she waited until Jacko scored his London concert moolah to drop the bill on him. With friends like these…

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