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Kanye Vs. Bush! Supermodels In Blackface! 10 Uncomfortably Racial Moments In Pop Culture

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There’s a lot of racist ish going on. From Paula Deen to the Philadelphia Eagles player Riley Cooper’s N-word rant, folks are losing their minds! In the wake of this, let’s look at some of the most cringeworthy racial moments in recent history — not outright hateful ones like these, just grimace-y situations that you sort of wish hadn’t happened. (Remember Mitt Romney posing for a pic with black kids and asking, for no reason, “Who let the dogs out?” Like that). Enjoy!

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The Worst Dressed Celebrities At The 2013 ESPY Awards


Last night’s ESPY Awards celebrated unparalleled achievements in the world of sports. Hosted by Jon Hamm, it was a chance for premier athletes to gather together, uncomfortably laugh at the Mad Man’s jokes, and experiment with unflattering red carpet styles.

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All The Besties At The ESPYS

Last night Jon Hamm hosted the 2013 ESPY Awards, which honors individual athletes and teams for outstanding achievements in sports and athletics. The annual event presented by ESPN tends to draw everyone from NFL stars to SNL actors. That’s right everyone is there: LeBron James, Jon Hamm, P. Diddy, Maria Sharapova, and the list goes on. Check out all the folks who became best friends if only for one night.

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Say TaTa To The London Olympics With This GIF Wall Of Victory

The 2012 Summer Olympics went out with last night’s star-studded, nostalgic Closing Ceremony. It’s been an emotional couple of weeks, welling up on a nightly basis while watching dreams come true from the comfort of our couches. To tie our Olympics coverage in a neat, hypnotizing bow, here’s a GIF wall of winners winning and inevitably treating us to victory dances, tears and triumphant cheers.

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Someone Feed LeBron James A Slice Of Humble Pie STAT

As if the saga surrounding which team NBA star LeBron James will join couldn’t get anymore disgustingly reminiscent of Brett Favre’s yearly antics, ESPN revealed LeBron will conduct his own show on their channel in a one hour special airing at 9PM tonight. Oh, sorry did we make a wrong turn down egotistical lane? Who does he think he is? The president?

It was cute when Betty White made a plea for Lebron to stay in Cleveland and it was even worth a chuckle when Rachel Ray begged LeBron to come to New York, but taking it to the extreme and being given his own hour-long segment called “The Decision” (how horribly dramatic and Jersey Shore-esque, no?) is basically like wrapping the entire NBA up and tying it in a big, shiny, golden bow for him.

Let’s break it down together: a one-sentence announcement should only take ten seconds, right? We thought so, but hey, we could be wrong so let’s practice: “After much thought, I have decided to join the [insert team].” Oops! We were wrong, it took less than ten seconds! So what the #$%*&@! does he need his own one hour show for?!

Dearest LeBron (no, we will not call you “King”), we don’t care how great of an athlete you are. After you make “The Decision” just stick to basketball games, press conferences and interviews. Oh, and don’t even think about doing a reality show, leave those to Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens.