Left Behind

by (@hallekiefer)

Ashley Tisdale, You’ve Made A Great Decision By Choosing To Play Nicolas Cage’s Daughter

Ashley Tisdale to Play Nicolas Cage's Daughter In Left Behind

We could not be more pleased with your decision-making skills, Ashley Tisdale. You too, Ashley Tisdale’s agent and manager and anyone else who helped her land the role of Nicolas Cage‘s offspring in Left Behind. According to Deadline, the former High School Musical star has been cast as Chloe Steele; she and father Ray Steele must learn how to survive on Earth after the biblical Rapture. We guess what we’re saying is, a Christian-themed apocalyptic action movie starring Nicolas Cage is an automatic Wicker Man-style cult hit, and Ashley was smart to get on board.

It’s not like Ashley Tisdale hasn’t been getting work, of course. She’s lined up to voice Sabrina Spellmen in the Sabrina The Teenage Witch reboot as well as Scary Movie 5, and recently did two episodes of Sons Of Anarchy. If anything, daughter of Cage is the perfect compliment to girl sorceress, comedy horror victim and prostitute. All those roles sound vaguely Cage-like as well! Hmmm, maybe Nicolas Cage could mentor Ashley into becoming some kind of Lady Cage? A new generation of Cage fans are dying to know how did it get burned, and Ashley Tisdale seems like the perfect person to tell them!

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