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Lindsay Lohan Fires Longtime Lawyer Shawn Holley, Seems To Prefer Jail To Rehab

Lindsay Lohan fires longtime lawyer Shawn Holley

In the latest in her long line of bad decisions, Lindsay Lohan fired her long time (and long suffering lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, who has defended her through her epic legal battles. What the hell could Ms. Holley have done to get the ol’ heave ho from Lindsay? Did she hit on that dude from the Wanted? Did she say that Liz & Dick sucked worse than I Know Who Killed Me and Chapter 27 combined!? Nope: She was on her way to the courthouse to broker a deal with the judge that would get he out of jail time in exchange for going to rehab. Ahh. So, she was doing her job well. Got it.

TMZ is reporting that Holley was literally en route to the Santa Monica City Attorney to seal a plea bargain stemming from Lindsay lying to police after a car accident in June of last year. The attorney was apparently warm to the idea of letting Lindsay go in exchange for 6 months of “lockdown rehab,” but before Shawn could pull the trigger on the deal, she got 86’d by Lilo in exchange for a new lawyer. Who is this new hired hand, you ask? Well, he apparently got banned from practicing law for a spell in the 90s. Now that sounds more like Lindsay’s style!

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Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Revoked In Stunning Legal Development That We All Saw Coming

And now over to Really Obvious News Corner, with today’s update that you completely saw coming a mile off. Lindsay Lohan’s probation has officially been revoked today, meaning that the troubled actress could face up to 245 days in prison. Which is a fitting sentence, because the whole time we were watching Liz & Dick we couldn’t help thinking to ourselves, “Wow, this is so bad, it’s like spending 245 days in prison!” At least the punishment fits the crime.

The ruling came this morning in an LA court, where Lilo wasn’t present because she’s indulging in her new-found Wanted super-fandom status in London. Commissioner Jane Godfrey arraigned Lindsay on charges that she lied to cops in the wake of her car crash last June, and had a comically inconsistent accent in Liz & Dick (not true). Godfrey set a hearing date for January 15th to decide whether or not Lindsay is guilty of violating her probation, which was put in place after her ridiculous jewelery stealing caper last year. If so there’s a chance that she could be off to prison, but TMZ is reporting that Godfrey is unlikely to do so as she “is not a big jail person.” A viewing of Liz & Dick might change her mind.

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