Leonardo da Vinci


Celebrities Who Resemble Famous Paintings!

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Time and time again, we praise the stars for their “classic” beauty. But where exactly does this classic beauty come from? Well friends, we think we’ve cracked the code. With a little bit of snooping into the glorious archives of some famous works of art, we’ve found the spring of celebrity exquisiteness — and it streams from the paint strokes of Leonardo Da Vinci… and a bunch of other cool dudes with a knack for the arts. What are we talking about? Famous painting doppelgängers, of course! Funny lady Kristen Wiig has a particularly good match with Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” – but that’s just skimming the surface. Anthony Hopkins has got his own artsy clone, plus 8 more celebrities you won’t believe… until you see them. So come take a cultural tour of the arts, and check out our gallery of 10 Celebs Who Look Like The Subjects Of Famous Paintings!