Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Top 25 Hottest Looks

Transformers: Dark of the Moon hit theaters today, so before you escape the heat and check it out this Fourth of July weekend, let’s prepare by getting patriotic and praising two displays of real American beauty: the ancient struggle between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, and Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Well, she’s British, but Victoria’s Secret is 100% American. In Michael Bay‘s third film of the Transformers franchise, Rosie H-W will replace Megan Fox and her outrageous Hitler comments in the role of leading lady. Along side the seasoned Shia LaBeouf, Rosie will make her acting debut as she helps the Autobots discover the secrets of a hidden spacecraft on the moon—and make the moon look prettier?

Go see Transformers 3 this weekend and decide for yourself on Rosie’s acting capabilities. In the meantime, she’s certainly been looking the part of resilient seductress in promotion for the film’s release. Check out her top 25 hottest looks—she has us convinced she could take over the moon in that white pantsuit.

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Who Says She Doesn’t Smile? 21 Pics of Kristen Grinnin’

Our girl Kristen Stewart often gets a bad rap for looking peeved in photos and acting less-than-enthused in interviews, but we at TheFABlife know from first-hand experience that it just isn’t so! She’s actually very pleasant in person and even cheeses it up for the paps from time-to-time! To prove there’s more to her than “b*tchface” and honor her 21st birthday on Saturday, we’ve gathered the 21 most adorable pics of KStew showing her teeth* – in a good way.

*Note the maximum toothage while alongside Mr. Pattinson.

21. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Los Angeles Premiere, 2009

20. Twilight: Eclipse Q&A, 2010

19. Twilight: Eclipse Rome Premiere, 2010

18. The Late Show With David Letterman, 2010

17. The Twilight Saga: New Moon Paris Press Conference, 2009

16. GQ Celebrates 2007 “Men Of The Year,” 2007

15. The Runaways Press Conference, 2010

14. People’s Choice Awards, 2011

13. Twilight Cast Appearance, 2008

12. Twilight Press Conference Tokyo, 2009

11. 18th Annual MTV Movie Awards, 2009

10. The Runaways Los Angeles Premiere, 2010

9. Spike Scream Awards, 2010

8. Twilight: Eclipse NYC Screening, 2010

7. Twilight Tokyo Premiere, 2009

6. Twilight: Eclipse LA Premiere, 2010

5. Los Angeles Film Festival, 2010

4. Teen Choice Awards, 2009

3. People’s Choice Awards, 2011

2. MTV Movie Awards, 2010

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Berlin Premiere, 2010

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20 Photos That Prove Every Jake Gyllenhaal Expression Is Adorable

Jake Gyllenhaal‘s latest action thriller, Source Code, drops in theaters today, inspiring us to rummage the ‘net for his most darling, heart-melting photos. We quickly discovered that, well, every photo he takes is in one way or another cuter than the cutest of buttons. Whether he’s scowling, giggling, irking or dishing a stink eye, Jakey G. knows how to make the ladies (and gents) swoon. We challenge you to find evidence of the contrary.

Take a gander at our refined photo collection of Jake’s sparkly-eyed mug.

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The Craziest Red Carpet Looks Of Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter is gorgeous, talented, and a walking fashion disaster. But at least she knows it. When she was recently asked about what she plans to wear at the upcoming Academy Awards, Bonham Carter responded “I have no idea. Of course I want to have fun…It’s probably going to be a catastrophe. But it’s like, I’m gonna go for it.”

The actress, who is nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for The King’s Speech,  is eccentric to say the least when it comes to her red carpet style. Most recently, she was called out for wearing two different colored shoes at the Golden Globes this year, but she, and we, embrace the weirdness. So this is hardly a worst-dressed list or a post making fun of the woman we love for embodying Bellatrix LeStrange, the Queen Mother and human pie-maker Mrs. Lovett. Rather, it’s a celebration of her offbeat style, her penchant for teasing her hair to the heavens and then sticking stuff in it, and her bizarre accessories. Which look do you find most entertaining?

21. Like Mother, Like Daughter

20. A Blazer Glory

19. Sexy School Teacher In Combat Boots

18. Toning It Down

17. The First Rule Of Shiny, Floral Suit Club— Don’t Talk About Shiny, Floral Suit Club

16. Mary Poppins On Acid

15. French Maid Nightmare

14. Edward Scissorhands Fever Dream

13. Dead Women Don’t Wear Plaid

12. Getting Dressed In The Dark

11. I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

10. Pot Luck Wardrobe

9. Corpse Bride

8. Dark-Eyed And Bushy-Haired

7.Sexy, Evil Pippi

6. Two Peas In A Pod

5. Miss Matched

4. Wind Swept

3. Off With Her Head

2. Voulez-Vous Couchez Avec Moi?

1. Corseted Yoko Ono In A Tiny Top Hat

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Happy 30th, Paris! Paris Hilton’s Top 30 Most Age-Inappropriate Outfits

Despite the seven plus years since The Simple Life—and her sex tape, One Night In Paris—made Paris Hilton into a bonafide star, it’s hard to believe the socialite is 30 years old. Sure, she’s been around long enough, with plenty of romances (and multiple engagements) under her belt,  but thanks to an endless supply of trashy outfits, it’s hard to think of her as…well, an adult. Now that old reality pal Nicole Richie is a mother of two and World According To Paris co-star Brooke Mueller best known for having kids with Charlie Sheen, it might not be long before Paris starts a family of her own (she certainly seems happy with boyfriend Cy Waits). Say goodbye to Paris’ twenties by checking out some of the most age-inappropriate outfits she’s ever worn out. And we mean worn out.

30. Superwoman Reject
29. Little Black Top
28. Starfish
27. All-Denim Everything
26. High-Rise
25. Cross My Heart
24. Paris Knievel
23. Boho Commando
22. Name That Bottom
21. Pocahontas
20. Pebbles Flinstone Gone Wrong
19. Corner Barbie
18. Strings And Things
17. Sergeant Bling
16. Cut It Out
15. Just Legs
14. Iced-Out Catwoman
13. Half-Dressed
12. Princess Pantyhose
11. Floral Wreck
10. Matching Panties
9. Missing Piece
8. Skimpy In Pink
7. Bad Case Of Lace
6. Red Carpet Fishing
5. Lingerie For The Day
4. Lethal See-Through
3. Bad Bunny
2. Baby Blue Diva
1. Earned Stripes

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Top 25 Sexiest Celebrity Santas


Christmas comes but once a year and TheFABlife couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the jolly holiday than to reminisce over hard-bodied celebs donning (mostly fragments of) Santa Claus garb. Beyonce, Gisele Bundchen, and Carmen Electra are among the stunners who’ve dressed as Saint Nick, and lest we forget, Katy Perry! This lover of all things Christmas takes our Kringle Krown with three separate outfits on our list.

Cozy up with some hot cocoa and check out our Top 25 Sexiest Celebrity Santas – who likely skipped the milk and cookies.

25. Paris Hilton

24. Jessica Simpson

23. Katy Perry

22. Christina Aguilera

21. LL Cool J

20. Jenny McCarthy

19. Mariah Carey

18. Fernanda Tavares

17. Faith Hill with husband Tim McGraw

16. Pamela Anderson

15. Ben Affleck

14. Elizabeth Banks

13. Katy Perry

12. Britney Spears

11. Michelle Monaghan

10. Carmen Electra

9. Alessandra Ambrosio

8. Lacey Chabert, Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfried

7. Heidi Klum

6. Ryan Phillippe

5. Destiny’s Child

4. Olivia Munn

3. Katy Perry

2. Jake Gyllenhaal

1. Gisele Bundchen

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Rihanna’s Top 20 Most Hideous Outfits of 2010

There’s no arguing that Rihanna is drop-dead gorgeous. How many women can semi-successfully pull off Bozo the Clown red hair?! Sadly, our beloved RiRi has made more than her fair share of questionable fashion decisions in the last year. We’ve seen sculpted tulle, seizure-inducing neons paired with crazy prints, and very, very few pairs of pants. Rihanna is truly the Only Girl In The World that can rock these atrocious duds and keep her place in our hearts. We’re just hoping she resolves to refine her new-found wacky style in 2011. Check out Rihanna’s Top 20 fashion flops this year. [Photos: Getty Images, ]

20. Oh Baby, I’m A Rock Star

19. Black Mischief

18. Tulle Gone Wild

17. Public Affair

16. Nude Attitude

15. Divided Diva

14. Game Over

13. RiRi The Explorer

12. Train O’Tissue

11. Teeny Weeny Botanical Bikini

10. Mummified

9. Beauty School Dropout

8. Robo-RiRi

7. Bazooka Babe

6. Glob of Green

5. Fluorescent Frenzy

4. Circus Act

3. Cha Cha Mamasita

2. Granny Panties

1. Clownin’ Around

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The Top 10 Drool-Inducing Moments Of VH1 Divas


VH1 Divas Salute The Troops was chock-full of stellar performances, spectacular visuals (hello, synced fireworks!) and lots and lots of sex appeal. Keri Hilson‘s gyrating hips, Katy Perry‘s relentless curves and Grace Potter‘s soon-to-be legendary legs were responsible for bib-necessary droolage. We can’t even imagine how the Marines coped in person. Check out our top ten sexiest moments – even Nicki Minaj‘s cotton candy-esque wig made the cut! Yum! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Katy Perry’s Top 50 Hottest Outfits Ever

VH1 Divas performer Katy Perry‘s style can be described with the name of her current hit single, “Firework.” It’s loud, bright, and never fails to induce “Ooos” and “Ahhs.” Whether she’s in skin-tight latex, covered in fake fruit, or wearing little but sequins, Perry always looks playful and sexy, with a dash of retro. Check out her 50 hottest outfits and be sure to tune into VH1 Divas Salute The Troops tomorrow night, 12/5, at 8/9c!  [Photos: Getty Images, ]

50. Freddie Mercury

49. Panda Perry

48. Dirndl Diva

47. Weeping Widow

46. Kiss Me!

45. Yes We Can!

44. Hello Kitty!

43. Goddess

42. Sweet Pea

41. Cleopatra

40. Katy Loves Rusty

39. Retro Cutie

38. Gas Station Glam

37. Pink Panther

36. Red Hot

35. Split Personalities

34. One Hot Ticket

33. Here’s Looking At You

32. Prickly Perry

31. Wet & Wild

30. Hut Hut Hot!

29. Hot As The Tropics

28. Fruit Salad

27. Glittery Gal

26. Elvis Perry

25. Bubblegum Pop

24. Hollywood Starlet

23. Asteroid Queen

22. Minnie Mouse

21. Foxy Flapper

20. With A Cherry On Top

19. Rockin’ The Red Carpet

18. Sexy In Slime

17. Too Hot For Sesame Street

16. Sweet Disaster

15. Sexy Salute

14. Let Me See Your Peacock

13. Carousel Katy

12. My Little Pony

11. Calendar Girl

10. Vegas Vixen

9. Liquid Gold

8. Voluptuous Violet

7. Blinding Beauty

6. Metallic Mamasita

5. Blue N’ Bedazzled

4. Smells Like Roses

3. Perry, You’re A Firework

2. Bikini Babe

1. Revolutionary Hottie

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Jennifer Nettles’ Top 20 Hottest Outfits

Listen up all you Nashville cats, because today we salute country cutie and VH1 Divas performer Jennifer Nettles! The Sugarland lead singer has a lot to celebrate after her band’s latest album, The Incredible Machine, became a massive crossover hit. She was number one in the charts, but she’s also number one in our hearts with her red hot red carpet styles. You’ve seen her at the CMAs, you’ve seen her at the Grammys, now see her on VH1 Divas Salute The Troops this Sunday, Dec. 5th at 9/8c! So let us get in the mood by counting down her top twenty hottest outfits. Can you feel the heat yet?

[Photo: Getty Images, ]

20. Ace of Hearts

19. Five Layer Cake

18. Simple Stunner

17. Attic Ensembles

16. Good Jeans

15. Black Beauty

14. Geometric Shapes

13. Gunmetal Glam

12. Halter Hottie

11. Miss Coralista

10. Caramel Delight

9. Taupe Tease

8. Tangled Rose

7. Red Delicious

6. Gladiator Girl

5. Moroccan Marvel

4. A Night On The Town

3. Leather Luxe

2. Barely There

1. Sexy Silhouette

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