Little House On The Prairie

by (@hallekiefer)

Our Inner Children Demanded That We Cast The Little House On The Prairie Movie Immediately

Little House On The Prairie Movie On The Way

Someone unfreeze the oxen and break out the corn cob dolls! There’s a Little House on the Prairie movie on the way! There’s been such a spat of films about tomboy heroines surviving in the great outdoors recently (True Grit, Hunger Games if you don’t consider the futuristic dystopia aspect, etc), it makes sense that someone would attempt to bring the pioneering Ingalls family to the big screen. We never suspected it would be Shame screenwriter Abi Morgan to do it, but why not? Why. Not. Of course, it will really fall to the cast to pull off a movie adaptation of the beloved series. Based on our distant memories of the books/slightly less distant memories of the show, our initial casting picks would be:

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