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Joel McHale Ups The Awkwardness By Calling Chevy Chase “Disoriented,” A “Wuss”

Man, if you thought shooting Season 4 of Community was going to be awkward already, you were totally right! But now even more so! While cohosting Live! With Kelly this morning, Community star Joel McHale put in his two cents about the ongoing potty-mouthed voice mail feud between Chevy Chase and the show’s creator Dan Harmon. “And as I’ve said before, we said it on The Soup, it’s impossible because there’s no way Chevy could figure out voicemail,” McHale cracks to Kelly Ripa. “He hibernates for nine months out of the year, and when you wake someone up, they’re very disoriented and a lot of the time they don’t know what they’re saying.” Oh no, that’s bears, Joel! You’re thinking of bears!

And this after all those f-bomb-laced rants Chevy left on Harmon’s phone. Because Donald Glover was going to have to break the icy silence around the craft services table anyway, Joel took the opportunity to  get in few more completely unnecessary digs at Chase’s behalf. “Maybe I should bait him into it.” McHale joked after Kelly suggested he get himself some fame off the feud. “‘Come on, you wuss, leave me a message.’” Chevy is probably fumbling confusedly with an iPhone as we speak! If someone tells him how to get to Contacts, Joel, you better watch your back.

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Jessica Alba, What In The World Are You Wearing?

At first we thought this was some sort of practical joke. Then we tried to rewire everything we (thought we) knew about fashion. Is this supposed to be avant garde? Are we supposed to think it’s cutting edge design? Through that torturous journey, we settled on this — it’s just plain ridiculous. We have no idea why Jessica Alba put this on. We love her and love what she wears normally. But then we saw these photos of her stepping out of an appearance on Live With Kelly and couldn’t find one thing to compliment except her gorgeous face. It’s a green, spattered Doo.Ri coat, with an orange Acne sweater, bile green Barbara Bui shoes and weird patterned tights that seem to have white cuffs. Buttoned or unbuttoned … this is one big, clownish fail.

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