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From Game Of Thrones To Liz & Dick, We Look Back At The Best Wigs Of 2012

Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof effect? Basically it’s a cognitive illusion in which, once you become aware of something, you notice it everywhere. For us, 2012 meant a year of noticing wigs in every single aspect of our lives. From TV shows like Vampire Diaries to movies like Liz & Dick to meat space like celebrities’ heads, we couldn’t blink without seeing yet another wig. Nor did we want to.

For example, did anyone else see The Hobbit? Critics turned up their nose at the film’s length, but no one breathed a word about all the magnificent dwarf wigs. (It’s better this way. It was a delightful surprise.) While we try to figure out how to obtain a braided-beard-attached-to-a-toupee wig like ol’ Bombur, check out the best of the best of 2012’s wigs. Lindsay Lohan…you did us proud. Did we miss any winners? Please tell us. We genuinely want to know!

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Lindsay Lohan, Bicoastal Criminal: The Actress Charged With L.A. Car Crash The Same Day As NYC Brawl

Lindsay Lohan charged in LA car crash

Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, she doesn’t do anything halfway. Even where arrests are concerned. The girl somehow managed to be charged with two different crimes on the same day an entire country apart! OK fine, her L.A. charges stemmed from a car accident that took place over five months ago. But still, it’s pretty impressive.

The troubled Liz & Dick actress was charged yesterday by a Santa Monica prosecutor for three misdemeanors relating to the June incident where she plowed her Porsche into the back of a dump truck. At the time she told authorities that her assistant was behind the wheel, but investigators now believe that she was driving herself to the movie set and that she lied to police. As a result, Lilo faces charges including reckless driving, lying to police and obstructing a police officer from performing duties. So essentially, Lindsay got slapped with the legal equivalent of “Liar liar, pants on fire.”

Bear in mind, this charge came mere hours after her smack-down outside of the NYC club Avenue, where she was arrested for suspicion of third-degree assault. New details about this incident are also coming to light. It’s now rumored that the brawl was sparked because she was turned down by Max George of the band The Wanted. She had apparently seen the boy band open for (who else?) Justin Bieber earlier that night and wanted to meet him in person. She got blocked from meeting him back stage (we guess the bouncer saw Liz & Dick) but they met up later that night at Avenue.

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Liz & Dick May Have Been Pretty Bad, But Let’s Remember Lindsay Lohan’s 10 Best On-Screen Roles

Everyone has something negative to say about Lindsay Lohan these days and the same goes for her new Lifetime biographical piece based on the love of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Liz & Dick. Last night was the debut of the highly anticipated film, and today it’s the butt of jokes all over social media. Of course so much was riding on the her performance in this film; not only did she have the tricky task of doing the screen legend’s diamond-encrusted life justice, but the flick was generally seen as a make-or-break attempt at a career comeback. Unfortunately, the film didn’t capture the hearts of viewers the way Liz has so many times throughout her career in films such as the sexually frustrated Cat in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof or the dynamically powerful Cleopatra.

But regardless of whether Lindsay’s acting in the film was horrible or not, we have to remember she has made some films in her career that are staples in pop culture history. Who could forget Mean Girls, where we see every high school girl of this generation’s life being simulated through a quirky story of lies. Don’t get us started on the young starry eyed, red-haired girl we all fell in love with when she fooled us all into believing she had an identical twin in The Parent Trap. Then there’s the under the radar film Bobby, based on the shooting of Robert F. Kennedy where she shined bright as Hollywood Film Festival’s Best Breakthrough Actress of 2006 playing the role of Diane Howser.

We’re not sure whether or not Lindsay Lohan’s career can rise from the ashes, but instead of joining the roasting session this time around, we’ll take a second to bask in some of her best on screen moments.

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The Two Lindsay Lohans: Fidgety Tonight Show Interview Vs. Elegant Liz & Dick Premiere

Lindsay Lohan taped the Tonight Show before heading to the premiere of Liz & Dick

It’s been a hectic couple of days (years) for Lindsay Lohan, so we totally understand why she looked a little nervous and fidgety as she sat down with Jay Leno yesterday for The Tonight Show. She seemed to be channeling all her worry — over her probation being revoked, how people would receive her big role in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick this weekend, the latest family drama — into fussing over her dress, which is the one thing that shouldn’t have bothered her, since sheer paneling was preventing those interesting arm straps from giving way. Her hair color was actually what bothered us most about her look on the show — she needs to protect that kind of red from the sun or something. But actually, what impressed us most about this appearance was how skillfully Leno took the interview to an awkward place and then backed down.

“You canceled Barbara Walters, and Barbara looked a little bit upset, so what happened there?” Jay asked, addressing the elephant in the room, that 20/20, not Tonight, was supposed to be Lindsay’s big sit-down of the week. “It’s just the timing wasn’t right, right now,” Lindsay explained vaguely, while messing with her hair and straps. Read more…

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Liz & Dick Trailer Looks Dramatic, Still Proves Nothing About Lindsay Lohan’s Acting

“God, that woman knows how to make an entrance,” Grant Bowler as Richard Burton says in the trailer for Lifetime’s Liz & Dick. And he could just as easily be talking about his co-star Lindsay Lohan as about Elizabeth Taylor. (Just ask Jose Rodriguez, heh. Sorry.) We’re dying to see this TV-movie already, and not because we’re huge fans of the screen legends and their tumultuous relationship, obvs, but because we want to see if this is the LiLo comeback we’ve been waiting for.

But alas, it looks like we’ll have to wait until November to answer that question. This trailer shows Lindsay looking super glam, as she has in all the stills we’ve seen from the movie. But here are the three lines she utters:

“You’re screwing that witch!”
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New Liz & Dick Photos Released, Now Elizabeth Taylor’s Trailer Gets Trashed: We Just Can’t Take It!

Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In Liz & Dick

Oh Lindsay Lohan, why can’t you let Lindsay Lohan be great? That’s what we’re taking away from these new photos from Lilo’s Liz & Dick movie released by Lifetime today. They (and she!) look glossy and lovely and imbued with the exact amount of camp you would hope for in a Lifetime movie starring Lindsay Lohan as a middle-aged Elizabeth Taylor. So why do we have to get distracted from Lindsay’s proudly B-list achievements with news that somebody did $100,000 worth of damage to Taylor’s original trailer from the Cleopatra set? As people who genuinely want Lindsay to have a normal, successful week, this is so frustrating!

Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In Liz & Dick

In the photos, we actually get a glimpse of Lindsay as Taylor in 1963’s Cleopatra, in addition to her chemistry with True Blood‘s Grant Bowler as the love of Liz’s life Richard Burton. Yes. Yes, he will do nicely. Meanwhile, a woman by the name of Angel Alger says she loaned Taylor’s trailer to the film’s production, only to have it returned to her covered in cigarette ash, filled with broken glass and missing several antique pieces such as a rocking chair and telephone. Alger has already blamed Lohan for the damage, to which Lilo’s rep Steve Honig immediately replied, “Lindsay had nothing to do with it. It’s an absurd story.”  We should hope so! That late ’80s Elizabeth Taylor wig can help us forgive a lot of ills, Lindsay, but not all of them. Not all of them.

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Lilo’s Liz & Dick Investigated After Reports Of Exhaustion, Questions Of Workplace Safety

Lindsay Lohan's Liz & Dick Investigated After Reports Of Exhaustion

What is going on over at Lifetime? Now we have to picture Rob Lowe in the fetal position on the bathroom floor and Courteney Cox weeping with fatigue. Well…we don’t have to picture that, but how could we not after hearing how Lindsay Lohan‘s Liz & Dick movie is allegedly being investigated for possible workplace violations? After Lilo’s deep-sleep-that-maybe-wasn’t-a-deep-sleep-at-all-but-was-bizarre-and-terrifying-either-way, the resignation of two crew members claiming exhaustion and the hospitalization of two other crew members, both the IATSE (the union who represents film technicians and crafts people) and actors union SAG-AFTRA have looked into the production. According to a statement released by SAG-AFTRA ,“all applicable penalties will be paid” if they find a violation. If we were them, we’d check how many hours Lindsay’s wig makers have been working into the night. The human body has its limits, Lifetime!

Fortunately for everyone’s REM cycle, the film only has one week of filming left. In the meantime, “We have had union representatives on the set since last Friday [June 15] and will continue to monitor the hours and working conditions there,” IATSE said in a statement. We’re not really surprised by this turn of events, seeing as how last week Lindsay tweeted, “Note to self.. After working 85hours in 4days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion.” 85 hours in 4 days? How is that even possible? Unless there’s a scene where Elizabeth Taylor goes completely insane from lack of sleep, we don’t see how running everyone into the ground benefits anyone.

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The Official Image Of Lindsay Lohan, Grant Bowler Released For Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan, Grant Bowler, official "Liz & Dick" image

Yesterday, we debuted Lindsay Lohan‘s transformation into Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime’s new biopic Liz & Dick. Right on the heels of that, the first official image of LiLo and Grant Bowler, as the actress and Richard Burton have been released, as you can see above. We love it! It has that softly lit vintage vibe of the pictures of yesteryear that we’re used to seeing. More than anything, Bowler looks so much like Burton in this! This is the first time we’ve actually been fully convinced that Lindsay can pull this off. The fact that she’s got the late actress’ look down to an art, in itself, is remarkable. We’d like to think that Lindz will also be able to pull off the acting bit.

We also published a gallery yesterday of Lindsay channeling Liz in a sexy leopard-print swimsuit while shooting scenes for the movie. More shots have been emerged of her, clicked yesterday, as she filmed takes on a boat in Marina Del Rey. This time, the actress was seen wearing a a groovy white dress and matching sunhat. She was also spotted shooting in front of a large green screen, so we’re wondering what that’s about. To see what we’re talking about, click after the jump! Read more…

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Lindsay Lohan’s Liz Taylor Biopic Gets A True Blood Richard Burton

Grant Bowler Cast In Lindsay Lohan's Liz Taylor Biopic

Every day we get closer and closer to a legitimate Lindsay Lohan comeback. We can feel it in our bones. Fueling that pleasant inter-bone feeling is the casting of True Blood werewolf Grant Bowler as Richard Burton in Lilo’s upcoming Elizabeth Taylor biopic Liz & Dick. That True Blood cred is making us feel like this made-for-tv movie is going to get made, though to be fair John Travolta was cast in that ill-fated Gotti biopic Lindsay was attached to last year. On the other hand, Liz & Dick is Lifetime! And isn’t also rumored to star a Kardashian!

Bowler also appeared in Lost, GCB and, most importantly, Ugly Betty, where he started as Wilhelmina’s insanely charming on-again, off-again lovah Connor. “Grant will add gravitas to our couple and bring to life one of the greatest actors who has ever lived,” executive producer Larry A. Thompson gushed to Deadline. “Burton was a Welsh poet, a rascal, and a man’s man, who swept Elizabeth Taylor off her feet and flew her so close to the sun that they both exploded into stardust that still lights up Hollywood.” Okay, okay, let’s not get too crazy here. Shooting hasn’t actually started yet and there is plenty of time for Lindsay’s weave to get caught in an escalator or for Grant to OD on fake blood or some such horror.

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Confirmed As Liz Taylor, Out Of “Doomed Film”: Everything’s Coming Up Lilo!

For Lindsay Lohan, 2012 is starting to look a lot like 2005. Career-wise, we mean, not getting-out-of-a-car-with-no-underwear-wise. Lifetime confirmed today that Lindsay is the lead for Liz & Dick, their TV film about Elizabeth Taylor‘s romance with Richard Burton. “I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor,” Lohan said in a statement. “She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well. I am very honored to have been asked to play this role.” Lilo then did a little exuberant end zone dance, but those are sort of hard to quote for the Internet.

As if that wasn’t enough proof that Lohan is on the right track, remember the other Linda Lovelace film? The one that replaced Lindsay with Malin Akerman? Maybe all things do happen for a reason. “Last I heard, which was just before Christmas, we were supposed to start shooting in March, and now it’s April. It’s been one of those doomed films that I absolutely love and totally believe in…” Akerman told The Hollywood Reporter about the movie, entitled Inferno. “I would hope and love for it to go, but now this other movie is coming on that Amanda Seyfried did, and I kind of feel like, ‘S–, we should have been on that, we should have done it.'” Another bullet dodged, Lindsay! Now if only she can stop (allegedly) getting into nightclub brawls, Lohan will be all set. One step at a time, we guess…

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