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Throwback Pics of Hilary Duff in All Her Teenage Glory

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It is a well-known fact that Hilary Duff is an ethereal sunshine goddess who has the ability to slay any and all faves with just a smile. We’re barely four months into 2015, and Duff is already killing the game with new sitcom Younger (opposite Sutton Foster) and triumphant return to dance-pop with her (second) comeback single, “Sparks.” In fact, there’s so much Duff-tastic energy in the air that it almost feels like the early 2000s again. Read more…


Hilary Duff Turns 25! Track Her Style From Disney Princess To Hot Mama

Hilary Duff turns 25 today, and we are happy to say that she’s looking better than ever. Over the past decade (and then some) we have seen her transform from a preteen princess to a sexy, sophisticated wife and mother. There’s no question that Duff hasn’t always been on trend when it comes to fashion, especially during her Disney days, but the star somehow managed to escape her squeaky clean image and has become a full-fledged hot mama! The freshly minted 25-year-old is enjoying her family life, but let’s face it, it’s time for her to get back to work. That’s why we were thrilled to hear that she has signed a talent/development deal with 20 Century Fox TV, in which she will star in a “half-hour comedy vehicle.”  We can’t wait! And if it’s half as funny as Lizzie McGuire it will totally be a hit. So in honor of her b-day we take a look back at some of the star’s best looks throughout the years. Enjoy!

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