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You Guys, Snooki Was Just Keeping It Real When She Blurted Out Obscenities On Access Hollywood

Snooki Swears On Air At Access Hollywood

As far as we’re concerned, Access Hollywood should have just switched to a fifteen minute delay the second they booked Snooki on their show this morning. Of course she was going to accidentally swear! If anything, we feel reassured by Snooki’s casual cursing on live TV. “Because they’re a–holes. I mean jerks! Sorry!” Snooki cracked when asked why people are “surprised” she’s a good mom to baby Lorenzo. The Jersey Shore star got salty again later while discussing her fears about motherhood. “I was scared that I wasn’t gonna have maternal instincts, ’cause I wasn’t really good with kids before,” she admitted. “So I’m like, s—!’” Was anyone really surprised by any of this? The first season of Snooki & JWoww was basically 22 minutes of bleeping over footage of Jenni picking up hot dog poop!

More over, Snooki was clearly contrite each time she annoyed the censors. “Ugh I’m sorryyyyyyy,” she tweeted in response to a fan’s teasing comment. Personally, this whole debacle just feels right. People who automatically assumed Snooki wouldn’t be able to care for her infant are sort of a-holes. And who didn’t have an s-bomb moment when they first considered the staggering responsibilities of motherhood? Snooki is just keeping it real, ya’ll. Call us when Michelle Obama drops the f-bomb on live TV. Ooooh, or if Hanks does it again!

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Snooki May Get A Law Named After Her! Also, She Looks Awesome After Pregnancy

Snooki and friends

Assuming the above photo wasn’t taken a year ago and just posted to her Instagram this weekend, Snooki is looking amazing after just giving birth to baby Lorenzo a month ago. We’re sure she was thrilled to go out with her “besties” too. And clearly, she and her friends aren’t in the least bit bothered by the fact that the Jersey Shore star’s past televised antics are now the subject of a proposed law in her adopted home state. New Jersey Assembleyman Ronald Dancer (love that name, btw) introduced the Snookiville Law on Monday, according to the Associated Press. The law would let individual towns impose certain restrictions on TV crews shooting reality shows, such as requiring the production to pay for the increased police presence sometimes required when the casts are out and about.

The law probably won’t affect Jersey Shore itself, since the last season is wrapping up soon. And Snooki & JWOWW has hardly been causing a public disturbance. But will it cause other productions to think twice about deciding to set their shows in the state? And will towns then lose revenue as a result? We’ll keep an eye out for this one.

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Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Makes His Adorable Debut On People

Snooki and baby Lorenzo Dominic LaValle

Wearing Italian flag booties and a onesie with a chain printed on it, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle and his mama, Snooki, grace the cover of this week’s People. Not that you’re really paying attention to his outfit at first, ’cause that mug of his is distractingly cute. Which makes up for the fact that most of the quotes Snooki gives about motherhood sound exactly like every other magazine interview with a first-time mother.

“It’s a different kind of love that I never felt before,” she told the magazine. But she also made a promise that pretty much explains why the Jersey Shore is ending at just the right time, following the upcoming season: “When I got pregnant, everything changed. The partying is long gone. I’m a new person.”

Fiance Jionni LaValle and Snooki also explained the origins of their son’s name: Jionni knew a kid in his hometown named Lorenzo, and Dominic is the name of Snooki’s late uncle. “I did it for my dad,” she said.

Another adorable photo of the happy family is available on MTV News.

[Photo: People]

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Snooki Sounds Like The Happiest Mom Ever, And We Get A Peek At Baby Lorenzo!

snooki stork

We’re still awaiting a real pic of brand-new guido Lorenzo Dominic LaValle, but for now we’ll settle for the exclusive glimpse TMZ got their hands on, which show only that Snooki and Jionni’s kid has quite the full head of hair, and that Mama Snooks wore platforms on her way out of the hospital after giving birth on Sunday morning. We also thought now would be a good time to catch up with everything we know so far about the new family.

  • Snooki is a fully-converted breast-feeding advocate. “I love nursing my little man!” she tweeted yesterday, following up with, “#BreastPump insteada #FistPump.” Though we sense a little bit of sarcasm in her tweet this morning: “Can’t wait to pump!!! The highlight of my life.”
  • She maybe has to use diapers herself right now: “I’m legit an old lady. Rockin the diapers with that old lady gangsta lean,” she wrote.
  • We will probably get to witness Lorenzo’s birth. Radar reported that Snooki & JWOWW producers 495 Productions had cameras at St. Barnabas Hospital, and even after they were kicked out of the delivery room, Jionni kept his personal camera rolling.

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