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Why Lost Fans Should Watch Once Upon a Time


With the premiere of Lost celebrating its 10th anniversary, it’s a stark reminder that no show has been able to truly capture that same frenzied passion. From the memorable characters to its unique style of storytelling, Lost gave TV viewers something fresh and interesting to watch week after week. And in its absence, Once Upon a Time is the best option to fill the void left by flight 815.

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For the Record, the Lost Series Finale Didn’t Suck


As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Lost, we remember the controversial series finale that people still argue about today. There are 4,938 questions showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and the writing staff brilliantly left unanswered. Without trying to address each one, I’m here to take a stand on why the series finale kicked ass, with a little help from cast members Michael Emerson (Ben Linus), Yunjim Kim (Sun-Hwa Kwon), and Ken Leung (Miles Straume). Don’t agree? I dare you to rewatch that final episode and refrain from crying all over again.

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The Maze Runner Author Was Just As Obsessed With LOST As We Were, Says Series Heavily Influenced His Work


The Maze Runner author James Dashner calls himself an entertainment “nerd,” and clearly has the same taste in television as the rest of us. “The show LOST really influenced [The Maze Runner]. That show just means the world to me,” he told VH1 at the New York premiere of the film adaptation of his best-selling novel.

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Mark Pellegrino Explains Lost, His One Direction Fandom And The Scary Tomorrow People

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We’re not going to say Mark Pellegrino is destined to play a villain. After all, Lost’s Jacob — one of an impressive number of TV characters he’s brought to life — turned out to be a mostly good guy. But his mere presence in the premiere of The Tomorrow People tonight on the CW (9 pm ET) lets us know that the heroes are in trouble. His Dr. Jedikiah Price is the leader of Ultra, an organization that is trying to find and neutralize the so-called “Tomorrow People” or homo superiors, a new species with powers of telekinesis, telepathy and teleportation. We recently spoke to Pellegrino, however, and he defended Jedikiah’s motives as pretty reasonable. He also managed to share his thoughts on his roles in Lost, Mulholland Drive, Supernatural and Doogie Howser M.D., and — brace yourselves — how he came to love Glee and One Direction.
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Lost‘s Evangeline Lilly Is Preggers

After spending six years getting sucked into the purgatory universe and blowing up houses on Lost, having a baby probably seems like the height of relaxation. Sure, you might have to stay up until 4:00am every night for a year, but at least you don’t have be running through the forest to do it. According to photos snapped of the actress in Hawaii, Evangeline Lilly is pregnant. The baby will be the first child for Lilly and boyfriend Norman Kali, who she met as a production assistant on her star-making ABC show. Lilly is next slated to appear in Real Steel with Hugh Jackman, a futuristic film where 2,000-lbs human robots box for supremacy, and there’s rumors of a sequel already. Enjoy those vomit-covered jammies will you can, Evangeline.

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Naveen Andrews And Barbara Hershey Split


Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews – better known to the world as Sayid on Lost – have split.  Andrews manager Renee Jennet stated, “They remain the best of friends.” These two seemed like they were in it for the long haul, despite the 21 year age difference. So let’s take a look back and their love, shall we?

They got together in 1999, way before Andrews became a huge star on Lost. The then-29-year-old actor met Hershey on the set of the blink-and-it’s gone indie film Drowning on Dry Land. They briefly separated in 2005, during which Andrews fathered a child with another woman.  They managed working things out and continued their relationship until their breakup. On another note, Hershey at 62, is a complete fox!

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The Cast Of Lost Cleans Up Nice


For the past six seasons, we’ve pretty much only seen the cast of Lost as sweaty, dirty, island dwellers who have rarely gotten the chance to shower or run a comb through their hair. At a celebration for the show’s series finale, we got a glimpse of what some of these actors look like when they actual do clean up, and boy, what a difference soap makes. Sure, a couple of actors choose to maintain their tough, unshaven look (yum yum, Josh Holloway, don’t ever change!) but for the most part, everyone else looks shockingly different. Check out our gallery – most hardcore Lost fans will recognize the actors who came to the event, even though some of them died early on, blew themselves to pieces, or grew up on the show (Walt has aged, guys). And some, like Richard Alpert (a.k.a. actor Nestor Carbonell), haven’t ever changed. EVER. Unfortunately Jack and Kate were nowhere to be found, but that’s probably just because Jack was in surgery and Kate was running from the Feds.

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Dr. Jack Shephard Is Not A Cheater!

Matthew Fox

There are certain actors who we refuse to believe are anyone other than the characters they play on television. Matthew Fox is that guy; to us he was Charlie Salinger for a few years (come on guys, “Party of Five” FTW!) until he swooped into our hearts and rescued us from that crazy plane crash as Jack Shephard on “Lost.” Who cares that he’s some dude with a real life and daughters and an Italian model wife named Margherita Ronchi who he met when he was the hotness at Columbia University. In our heart of hearts he’s a noble spinal surgeon with a drinking problem, terrible tattoos and an unrequited love for a troubled, gun-slinging, baby-stealing fugitive.

So needless to say, this a-hole stripper lady is who is claiming Matthew (aka, our sweet Dr. Jack) banged her all night long after meeting her at a club in Oregon needs to back the eff up. According to Stefani Talbott, they got it on while he was in the Northwest shooting a movie and slept together on two occasions. Says the exotic dancer, “He didn’t tell me to keep it a secret or anything. He didn’t even use protection. He didn’t seem concerned at all.”

Um, excuse us – but Jack never performs surgery without first dumping airplane bottles of booze on the wound. He is all about protection (And integrity! And wincing!). Sorry Stef, but we’re not buying it. Our fictional dream man would never do such a thing. Besides, he’s too busy searching for his father’s body/ghost/John Locke the Smoke Monster to even think about sex. Next!  [Photo: GettyImages]