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9 Most Chic Lourdes Leon Looks Of ’09


In 2009, Queen of Pop offspring Lourdes Leon went from fledging fashionista to full-on tween style icon. At only 13 years old, Lourdes has developed her own edgy style, never leaving the house without making a statement. At a recent premiere, she walked along mother Madonna and stole the spotlight. Little Lourdes is morphing into a lady in front of our eyes, and doing it oh-so-gracefully. Remember what you looked like as a seventh grader? Yikes.

Here are Lourdes’ nine trendiest looks of 2009. [Photos: Getty Images]

9. High-waisted And Frilly

8. Perfectly Plaid

7. Pretty Cozy In Pink

6. Turquoise And Tousled

5. Cardigan And Keds

4. Blazin’ Neon

3. Double-Vested

2. Layers Of Geekdom

1. Leather And Lace

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Style Wars: Mother Vs. Daughter

Madonna‘s more-fabulous-by-the-day, 13-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon accompanied her on the red carpet last night at the NYC premiere of Nine, and we must say she gave the Queen of Pop some competition for Best Dressed. The pair matched in mostly-black ensembles, with the tween fashionista donning a chic grunge look complete with fishnets and high-top Doc Martens. Mamadonna sported a lacey bustier and past-the-elbow gloves. Does Madonna still reign as the family’s red carpet queen, or is little Lourdes stealing the throne? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Diva In Training: Lourdes Ready For World Domination


Since the beginning of the year, we’ve started to notice Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes a lot more. She’s already developed a kick-ass style and was featured in her mom’s music video for “Celebration” looking spookily like Madge in her “Like A Virgin” days. And according to a report in Grazia, Lourdes’ emergence on the world stage is all down to master-manipulator Madonna, saying, “It is no coincidence that [her] “coming out” ceremony has taken place on her mother’s stage…when the time was right it was always destined to be a Madonna production.”

Regardless of Madonna’s hand in all of this (and hey, we’d expect her mom to be in control of everything, what with Lola not even being a teenager yet), we’re more impressed by a roll-call of Lourdes’ achievements. “Lola is fluent in French, Spanish and Italian, takes after-school language, dance and yoga classes, along with cultural and philosophical studies. She regularly comes top of her year academically,” the mag reports. It won’t be a big surprise, but we’re expecting this girl to be a force to be reckoned with in the future. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lourdes Inspired To Become A Bad Actress – Just Like Mom

Little Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter with her former trainer, is itching to get into show business, and has recently enrolled at Manhattan’s Professional Children’s School, where kids who work in (and excel at) the arts also squeeze in an academic education. The school’s most famous celebs range from trashy (Ashley Tisdale, Tara Reid) to classy (Sarah Jessica Parker, Uma Thurman).

Perhaps her first homework assignment should be watching all of her mother’s cinematic masterpieces. It could be a day-long session on what not to do in the industry, beginning with Desperately Seeking Susan and ending with the absolutely forgettable Swept Away. We have a feeling one afternoon spent with the Dick Tracy DVD will set Lourdes straight on her aspirations. It’s not like acting talent runs in the family – perhaps she shound try dancing around in cone-shaped bras instead? [Photos: GettyImages]


Seen Offscreen

Here’s a look back at celeb sightings of the past week.  See Gwyneth strolling, TomKat grinning, Keira working, Paris parading, and Lourdes…in hot pants? Oh, and we threw in a Suri pic for good measure.

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