Love Never Dies


Phantom Sequel Love Never Dies Closing In UK: Will It Ever Open In The US?

You know your sequel’s a flop when it closes before the original. Though Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Phantom Of The Opera is still running in London’s West End after almost 25 years, Webber’s long-heralded follow-up Love Never Dies has announced plans to close this August, less than 2 years after its March 2010 debut. Like a certain Spider-musical that just opened on Broadway, Dies was in the works for over a decade (Webber first announced it in 1990!), opened to horrible reviews and closed for a period to allow for major re-tooling.

Love Never Dies was announced to open on Broadway in 2010 before Webber was diagnosed with cancer, pushing the date to Spring 2011. When the UK show turned out to be less than a smash, Dies‘ US run was delayed indefinitely. An Australian version with big changes just opened to decent reviews, and if that one has legs, Dies may well join Phantom—the longest running musical in Broadway historyon the great white way. But with the industry still enduring its superhero headache, you can bet everyone’s willing to wait a while before risking another big fiasco.

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