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The 30 Cutest Couples Of 2011 *That Aren’t Robsten

We’re gonna level with you, dear readers. Here at the FABLife, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will get our vote for the cutest couple every year until the end of time. That’s just the way it goes! So, to make it fair for all of the other adorable love birds out there, we’ve taken them out of the competition. But we’ve made Robsten the gold standard by which we measure and rank the rest of the sweethearts! So please Twihards, don’t send us angry letters.

Sure, 2011 was largely seen as the Year of the Breakup. That doesn’t mean love didn’t flourish! We’ve asked stars who they think should earn the title of “Cutest Couple 2k11,” and their answers ranged from the predicable, to the, err … not so predictable. Tehmina Sunny and Amadou Ly both share our Robsten 4Lyfe sentiments, whereas David Cook and Chelsea Rendon were more Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber people.  Roots drummer Questlove was pumped that puppet pals Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy got back together in the Muppets reboot, while Robin Thicke felt that Charlie Sheen and his nose candy made the perfect duo. Err, adorable, right? Watch the vid to see what other celebs had to say!

Now that you’ve heard their views, check out our official TFL Cutest Couples list in the gallery below! Agree, disagree? Let us know in the comments!

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Shania Twain’s Love Quadrangle

Normally one of the most private stars around, Shania Twain caused a bit of commotion yesterday at JFK Airport when she hopped off a plane from Switzerland with a hunky companion. The twist? Her new tall, dark and handsome is apparently the husband of the woman who split her marriage apart. Follow that?

Back in May, the country mega-star separated from her husband of 14 years, Robert “Mutt” Lange, who described their falling out as “just a growing apart, that’s all.” But word later leaked that the private pair apparently called it quits over Mutt’s wandering eye, which allegedly landed on none other than the couple’s trusted secretary and manager of their Swiss mansion, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who later denied the affair.

Her husband, businessman Frederic Thiébaud, has been identified as Shania’s traveling companion. Graeme Massie of Splash News was at JFK when the pair emerged together off a flight from Geneva. “They were walking side by side,” he told Scandalist. “But as soon as they saw photographers they looked at each other and laughed, and he dropped back.”

He also revealed that Shania and Frederic “stood apart” while waiting for their limo, then “looked relaxed” once inside the ride. Could it be because Shania’s finally gettin’ some love from a pure-breed stud and not a Mutt?

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