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Is Britney Spears “Mentally Incapable” Of Testifying In Court?

Britney Spears can tweet, sing, dance, give interviews, and date former agents…but can she testify in court? Former manager Sam Lufti wants Britney to give a deposition in his defamation suit against her mom, Lynne Spears, but her family is arguing that the 29-year-old mother of two, whose song “Til The World Ends” is currently in the Top 10, is “mentally incapable” of giving testimony. Pointing to Britney’s relatively coherent interviews with Ryan Seacrest and MTV, Lufti is arguing that she should undergo a psychiatric evaluation to prove their claim.

While Lynne Spears wasn’t the only person to say bad things about Lufti—recently rumored to be “stalking” Lindsay Lohan—it does seem like they might be hiding their profitable celebrity daughter cake and selling it too. Can she parade around the world and talk about her “really normal” relationship with Jason Trawick, and not have to explain how Lufti’s role as a “gatekeeper” was that different than the one her parents have taken on now?

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Britney And The Family Spears’ Day Of Fun!

Now there’s the love right there! That’s Britney Spears, her younger son, Jayden James, sister Jamie Lynn and her daughter Maddie Briann Aldridge , mother Lynne and boyfriend, Jason Trawick all cheering on Brit-Brit’s ¬†eldest son, Sean Preston, from the bleachers at his baseball game in Calabasas, California (papa Kevin Federline coaches Seans’ Little League team). Now look us straight in the eyes screen and tell us that isn’t the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. And we know some of you are going to write in and crucify us for cooing over something that’s as normal as families coming out to watch a game. But this is the Spears family (plus boyfriend). There’s nothing normal about their lives. So when they attempt something as cute as this, we’re going to give them props. Okay?

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Scandalist’s Top Teeniles: 9 Celebs Who Dress Half Their Age

Scandalist has noticed a disturbing trend plaguing Hollywood these days: older celebrity ladies in the prime of their lives dressing like they’re on their way to a Jonas Brothers concert. This fashion illness – known as going teenile – befalls famous middle-aged woman. Symptoms manifest themselves by the presence of tight denim, belly shirts, frilly lace, and lots and lots of skin.

We’ve pored over pics to bring you our 9 favorite teeniles tromping down Robertson Boulevard these days. Marvel at the phenomenally fifteen-year-old fashion stylings of Mariah Carey, Linda Hogan, Shauna Sand, Teri Hatcher and other hotties hiding their wrinkles behind mini-skirts, below.

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Lynne Spears: Jamie-Lynn Told Me In A Note

Britney Spears‘ mama Lynne Spears appeared on Today this morning and chit chatted with Meredith Viera and Al Roker about how her family went from “there to here.” There being when daughters Britney and Jamie-Lynn were young, fresh-faced starlets and here being a distraught, disturbed mother-of two shaving her head and a pregnant teenager, respectively. Lynne blames the turmoil surrounding Britney’s life on her absence, but claims it wasn’t possible to be there. “Did I want to be there? Of course!” she said. “Was it feasible? It wasn’t.” Lynne equates sending Britney off into the shark infested waters of celebritydom as just like when, “Our kids go to college…Britney set off two years earlier to be a star.” At one time, Lynne claims when Britney wasn’t speaking to her, she considered resorting to scaling the fence of her gated community.

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