Mad Max: Fury Road

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Charlize Theron Vs. Amber Rose: Which Buzzcut Beauty Is This Week’s Hotness?

Amber Rose vs. Charlize Theron, battle of the buzzcuts

We’ve all fallen in love with Amber Rose for her funky style as much as her sweet demeanor — that includes her signature, super-short haircut. But the soon-to-be Mrs. Wiz Khalifa may need to guard her buzzcut crown, because Charlize Theron has been owning the minimal style lately, albeit for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Over the years we’ve seen a number ladies in Hollywood bravely shave their heads for roles — like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane or Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta — so Charlize is hardly alone in shearing her beautiful flowing blonde locks for an edgy brunette cap. But how does she stand up to a model who makes wearing the near-bald hairstyle a fashion statement on a daily basis? Well, we can’t decide for ourselves, so we’re putting this question to you: Whose hotter hairless? Peruse the gallery and vote. Poll closes Sunday at midnight!

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Tom Hardy Rumor We Love: His Mad Max Method Acting Is Driving Charlize Theron, Er, Mad

Tom Hardy's Mad Max method acting is reportedly driving Charlize Theron crazy

We believe this story as far as we can metaphorically throw it, but as it involves our personal favorite Christian Grey candidate and amateur tattoo artist/rapper Tom Hardy, we also kind of love repeating it. According to Radar Online, Hardy is not getting along with his Mad Max: Fury Road co-star Charlize Theron because he insists on staying in character when cameras aren’t rolling. “Professionally, they are doing a wonderful job, but in-between takes Tom likes to stay in character and is constantly talking to himself and mumbling things,” Radar’s source says of Hardy, playing the titular role made famous by Mel Gibson. “Charlize has tried to talk to him during breaks in filming but he shuts himself off from the rest of the cast.”
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