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Which Of These Emmy-Nominated Dramas Is The Worst Place To Live?


Drug-riddled exurbia, corrupt capital cities, countries threatened by terrorism, societies divided by race and class — in order to be nominated for the Outstanding Drama Emmy, it seems, your show has got to be set in someplace pretty bleak. Whether it’s Game of Thrones‘ Westeros or House of Cards‘ Beltway, these all seem like terrible places in which to live, so of course they’re great hotbeds of juicy drama. While we wait for the Academy to decide which show is the best, we thought we’d ask you: Which show’s setting is the absolute worst? We’ll break it down for you, in our own descending order of terribleness. Then it’s your turn to vote!
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Emmys 2013: Who’s The Bigger Badass? The Lead Actor In A Drama Race Gets Evil


The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards are right around the corner, and the Lead Actor in a Drama category is a battle between evil, and, well, evil. There are six contenders overall, but the top three, as far as VH1 is concerned, have made a name for themselves based on their ruthless personalities and immoral behavior. From the safety of our living rooms it’s all entertainment, but who would you really want to avoid running into in a dark alley?

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15 Pictures of Don Draper Looking Constipated In Season 6 Of Mad Men

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We’re used to seeing Mad Men‘s Don Draper as a classy lady killer with a devastating stare, but in this latest season he’s been looking (to borrow a phrase from our own Mark Graham) kinda fugs. Season 6 was a rough one for poor Don, putting him through arguably the most devastating period of his life.  Everything that he’s worked so hard for seems to be slipping away, so it makes sense that a consummate actor like Jon Hamm would want the strain to show on his face — that’s the kind of thing that earns you six Emmy nods! Maybe we’re just immature, but it looks like he’s straining for a different reason. Yes, the expressions meant to convey intense inner conflict look much like more intense intestinal distress. We’ll come out and say it: He looks constipated.

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This Week On Mad Men: Everyone Is California Dreamin’ As The ’60s Come To An End


On this week’s Mad Men FINALE, alcoholism shook through Don’s hands, Peggy wore a sexy black bra, and maybe Pete had a heart when kissing his daughter’s head? The whole episode kept me guessing the entire time! Who is moving to California? Will Ted leave his wife for Peggy? What the hell is Don doing?! Who got thrown off of a boat? For this week’s recap, I’ve compiled ’60s music to go along with each amazing moment. I suggest listening to them while you scroll, it really adds some groove. So let’s get our cigs and cocktails out one last time because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll go out with a bang for!

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This Week On Mad Men: Ken Cosgrove Turns Into A Pirate


This week on Mad Men there was a lot of sexual tension AND regular tension. There were shots fired at man’s eyes and eyes rolled at flirty man. Pete did some digging on Bob, Sally visited boarding school, and Don fell deeper into alcoholism. Creepy Glen the neighbor boy made an appearance and Rosemary’s Baby made it to theaters!!! Will Ted and Peggy’s flirting get in the way of new business?? Is boarding school right for Sally?? And is Bob pulling a fast one on us all, hiding behind his “nice guy” attitude?? Let’s get our miniskirts and thick eye liner on because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll have the devil’s baby for!

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This Week On Mad Men: Don Gets Caught With His Pants Down!


This week’s Mad Men was filled with drama, sex, teen angst, and RATS! Betty made a brief appearance; Pete’s mother got RANDY with her nurse, and Roger juggled some balls. Vietnam is starting to creep in and I have a feeling it’s only going to get even more intense. Political views are becoming more polarizing and the world is starting to change. How will this affect advertising? How will misogyny stay alive!!!? And how will Don continue to get away with almost everything?!! Why don’t we get comfortable and take our pants off because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll burn your draft card for!

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This Week On Mad Men: Joan’s Boobs Wait For The Elevator!


This week on Mad Men there was a lot of tongue action, hallucination and some disagreement on what the firm should be called. Some of the boys had a TRIP in LA, while Pete back in New York had a TRIP of his own. Don had a near death experience and Joan snags a new client! I wonder what Betty and Sally were doing this episode? Probably reading Rosemary’s Baby or yelling at Bobby. I love it! Get your polyester shirts on because here are the top ten moments from Mad Men you’ll start a race riot for!

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Mad Men + Daft Punk = The Internet Is “Doin’ It Right”

The biggest complaint about the new Daft Punk album, Random Access Memories, seems to be that there aren’t enough songs on it that you can dance to. Well, squares, if Mad Men‘s Ken Cosgrove can find a way to get it done, that leaves little to no excuses for you. I mean, Francophile disco robots have not even been invented yet in the 1968 of the Mad Men universe, yet the accounts guy in charge of freaking CHEVY is able to bust a funky jitterbug right in front of Don Draper without so much as a glow stick hanging from his neck. So, what’s YOUR excuse?

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