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Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘N’ Roll: A Counter-Culture Recap Of The Season 6 Mad Men Premiere


Mad Men is known for being all buttoned down, black and white, class and sass. But in Sunday night’s Season 6 premiere we rang in the year 1968, which means we are smack dab in the heart of the The Sixties. You know: The colors, the drugs, the free love, the awesome music…and the unfortunate facial hair. So in honor of Don Draper’s arrival into this new era, we’ve decided to recap the show based on three critera: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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This Week On MAD MEN: Betty Matches The Curtains With The Drapes!


Toward the end of last season of Mad Men, we were left with an image of two dogs making sweet, sweet love as Peggy watched from her window, mortified.

These are the kind of moments I cherish from this show. With that said, Sunday night’s premiere did NOT disappoint. It brought MANY awkward, WTF, and #BettyWhatTheHell moments that I hope you will cherish too.

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Mad Men Returns Tomorrow! Celebrate With The 50 Hottest Photos Of The Cast

50 Hottest Photos Of The Mad Men Cast

Are you ready to travel back in time with the most seductive show on television? Mad Men returns for it’s sixth season tonight after far too long off the airwaves. We’re grateful it wasn’t the thousand year gap between Seasons 4 and 5, but still…We’ve missed our chance to ogle the super attractive cast, including Jon Hamm, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and new(ish) addition Jessica Pare!

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Mad Men Season 6 Gets A Premiere Date And These Groovy-Yet-Moody Promo Photos!

Mad  Men Season Six Gets A Premiere Date

APRIL 7 APRIL 7 APRIL 7! Did you get that? You better mark that date in your calendar with ink (no, no, with blood!) because that’s the day our beloved Mad Men returns to the airwaves for its 6th season on AMC! Show creator and drama virtuoso Matthew Weiner has been doing the press rounds, opening up on the latest developments and what we can expect from the surely-epic 2-hour premiere.

“This year it’s really constructed like a film,” he tells Entertainment Weekly. “It is its own story and hopefully it foreshadows the rest of the season…You should know what happened at the end of last season before you see the episode. The whole season is in reference to last season.” OK, sounds good Matt. But what about the plot!? Does Don cheat on his new wife Megan? Will Peggy return to the Sterling Cooper fold? Not surprisingly, he’s staying rather tight-lipped on the subject. But we’ll be counting down the days until we find out! These moody black and white promo photos will have to hold us over.

[Photo: Scope Features]

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Mad Men‘s Jessica Pare Turns 30! Check Out 20 Shots Of Her Being Too Sexy For The ’60s

Jessica Pare turns 30

If Mad Men’s Jessica Pare only cultural contribution was the musical Prozac known as “Zou Bisou Bisou,” she’d still definitely deserve special mention on this site (and in the history books). But as it happens, she is also incredibly gorgeous and has gone on to become our TV heartthrob of the season. Yes we admit it: We have a crush on Don Draper’s new wife. And if he found out, he’d probably make this face.

Thanks to the sixties setting of the show, we’re used to seeing Jessica rocking seriously groovy classic vintage styles. In fact, it’s kind of gotten to the point that we sometimes totally forget that Ms. Pare exists right now in 2012! And she still looks just as gorgeous as she did in 1966. How many people can say that!? (OK, maybe Cher…) In honor of Jessica’s 30th birthday today, we’ve assembled 20 pictures of her being wayyy too hot for the old fashion world of Mad Men, where the miniskirt is still causing heart attacks. We can’t even imagine what Don would say if he ever saw her scandalous not-safe-for-Sterling-Cooper scene in Hot Tub Time Machine. But whatever he does, it would probably also involve this face.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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Jon Hamm, Jessica Pare Kick Off Mad Men In Hawaii, Not A Suspicious Bulge In Sight

Mad Men's Jessica Pare and Jon Hamm shoot Mad Men season 6 in Hawaii

Mr. and Mrs. Draper in Hawaii? The possibilities are endless! Imagine if Mad Men — just for a moment — shed its serious vibe and did a Gidget/Elvis/Brady Bunch-style romp. Well, probably not. Imagine if Jon Hamm had similar difficulty hiding his, er, gifts, as he had on the streets of New York and Boston. Er, no such luck. OK, how about Jessica Pare showing off her flawless skin and body in a super cute floral bikini while Jon gives us a good look at his chest in all its unwaxed glory? Success! Actually, these pics, from the first shoot of the show’s season six premiere, are rather promising. Don and Megan look like they’re trying to smooth out the difficulties their career-related fights caused at the end of last season, but we bet there will still be a considerable amount of tension between them too. Come up with your own theories on what will go down in the Aloha State when you look at these pics:

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Why Christina Hendricks Had A Right To Be Offended By This “Full-Figured” Interview

So, the Sydney Morning Herald has done its best to paint an awkward exchange with Christina Hendricks as being all about her objection to the term “full-figured.” That’s even the title of their article, “Just don’t call her full-figured.” But after seeing the video of fashion editor Kate Waterhouse’s sitdown with the Mad Men bombshell, we don’t think that body issues were the only thing irking her. From the first question, it’s an all-around terrible interview. In case you don’t want to sit through all four squirm-inducing minutes of it, here are the highlights.

1. Waterhouse asks “Why first time?” about Hendricks’ first visit to Australia. Her answer is basically “because it’s really far away.” What else was she going to say? That she objects to koalas?

2. Christina was in Sydney for an event that’s all about people wearing glasses. “This is the first time I’ve seen you in glasses,” Waterhouse says. “I Googled and I couldn’t see any on the red carpets.” Awesome research! Also, this indicates that Waterhouse has never watched Mad Men, because Joan wears glasses all the time on the show. Read more…

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Breaking Bad, Girls, Mad Men,Big Bang Theory Stars – And Phil Keoghan – Sing Their Favorite TV Theme Songs At The Emmys

You can always count on VH1 to ask celebrities the most important questions on the red carpet. We headed to the Emmys with one mission and one mission only: to get as many stars as possible to sing their favorite TV theme songs. After all there are SO many good ones! Just try to pick your favorite. Cheers, Friends, The Jeffersons, Punky Brewster, Facts of Life, Welcome Back Kotter, New Girl, the amazing instrumental jams of The Cosby Show and Beverly Hills, 90210 — can you choose just one? The stars we talked to at the Emmys gave it their best shot and some even sang their picks because really, that’s the only way to do it. Wanna see what it looks like when Hank (Dean Norris) from Breaking Bad sings The Brady Bunch theme song? How about The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan singing Gilligan’s Island? Yeah, we thought so. Click on, friends.