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Honey Boo Boo Goes High Brow: Our Dream Cameos For Alana Holler

I consider myself a veteran Honey Boo Boo Child fan, frantically cutting together this montage the morning after her amazing, hysterical, breakout Toddlers & Tiaras episode. Since then, the Go-Go-Juiced sassafrass [legal, rarely-heard name: Alana Holler], along with her coupon-cutting mamma June and daddy Sugar Bear, have scored their own reality series that infamously garnered more viewers than the RNC and has spawned catchphrases like “You Betta Redneckognize!” In light of the show’s success, Honey Boo Boo’s veering more and more into the mainstream with a recent, hilarious interview on Anderson Live and a sketch featured on SNL‘s Weekend Update, starring Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan.
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, this family isn’t going anywhere. The only natural step is a featured role for Boo Boo on one of television’s hottest Emmy-nominated shows. Right? No? Whatever, let us dream.

Show: Downton Abbey
Character Summary: Lady Mary enters the Big Sister program and is assigned to Alana, or as she will be known on the show, “Lady Boo Boo.”

Show: Homeland
Character Summary: Alana and her belly become a key element in Carrie Mathison’s case against Brody.

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Jon Hamm Shows Us The Real Reason Don Draper Gets Away With Everything

Jon Hamm shops with Jennifer Westfeldt

Well, we always wondered why Mad Men’s Betty put up with Don’s cheating ways for so long, and why Megan forgave him after that time he left her at the Howard Johnson’s in the middle of nowhere, and why all those clients were OK with his weird “creative” outbursts. Also, in real life, we weren’t why Jon Hamm’s longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt was putting up with all those rumors of him having a little too much fun without her at various bars … all over the world. Well, thanks to some pics snapped of Jon and Jen out and about in New York City on Friday, we have our answer.

Is it because he likes going shopping at Barney’s with his lady? Because he’s so comfortable in his own skin that he doesn’t bother ironing his incredibly wrinkled shirt? Because he’s so darn funny and charming? Maybe…
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Jon Hamm’s Turn As A Talking Toilet On Bob’s Burgers Joins His Other Least Jon Hamm-Like Roles

Jon Hamm

If there’s anything we love more than Jon Hamm‘s absurdly symmetrical face, it’s the fact he’s willing to play parts that are diametrically opposed to how insanely good looking he is. Like playing a talking toilet on an upcoming episode of Bob’s Burgers, for example. The Man Men star could make a living playing only Don Draper-style leading man roles if he wanted to; instead he’ll be voicing a “high-end talking electronic toilet that falls off a truck and lands in the woods.” Perfection. While “toilet” might be the most openly disgusting of Hamm’s roles, it’s certainly not the only one that completely undercuts his good looks and hypermasculine aura. Not by a long shot:

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Kiernan Shipka’s Closet Is The Stuff Of Dreams

We want to be Kiernan Shipka when we grow up. Is that possible? Well, it certainly is possible to dream of one day becoming as mature, articulate and fashion-savvy as the 12-year-old Mad Men star. Her closet is the stuff of legends, and we are totally envious of Harper’s Bazaar editor Laura Brown, who stopped by the actress’ home for the above edition of the YouTube series “The Look” on the Hello Style channel. We can’t list all the things we love about this video, but here are some highlights:

1. She loves the red Little Mark shirt she’s wearing, especially with a cardigan, “because it’s kind of a printed, Peter Pan kind of vibe.”

2. She got to keep Sally Draper’s “back-up go-go boots” from this past season of Mad Men.

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Emmy Nominations: Girls, Downton, Zooey And More Make This A Competition We Actually Care About

Zooey Deschanel, Michelle Dockery and Lena Dunham

When we planned this post, before Scandal’s Kerry Washington and a pajama-wearing Jimmy Kimmel announced the 64th Primetime Emmy nominations, we thought we’d make this list short and sweet. Traditionally, this is an awards show that ignores our faves and gives all the kudos to the shows our parents love. But then we got a very pleasant surprise and discovered we actually care about almost all of the nominees. Maybe the Emmy voters are finally getting younger and hipper. Or maybe really good TV is back in a place where everyone can agree on the shows that CAN’T be ignored.

Our longtime obsession Mad Men and new addiction American Horror Story lead the pack with a whopping 17 nominations apiece. Downton Abbey’s got 16 nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series and acting nods for Hugh Bonneville, Michelle Dockery, Brendan Coyle, Jim Carter, Maggie Smith and Joanne Froggatt. Of course, HBO is a dominating force once again, but we can’t complain when that means Game of Thrones has 11 nods and Girls has five nods — for Outstanding Comedy, writing, directing, casting and, naturally, Lead Actress Lena Dunham. Speaking of girls, New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield are nominated. As expected, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock and Modern Family also have tons of nominations, but we love them just the same.

After last year’s moving speech, Melissa McCarthy has another shot at Lead Comedy Actress (she’s up against Dunham, Deschanel, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Edie Falco and Veep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfuss). We’re also excited about another of other favorite ladies: Connie Britton for American Horror Story. Also, Blossom is back! Mayim Bialik‘s role on Big Bang Theory earned her a Supporting Actress nod. Among the leading ladies in drama, Dockery is competing with Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes, Kathy Bates, Elisabeth Moss and Glenn Close.

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In the male comedy category, there’s one guy we’re rooting for, for the potential hilarity of his acceptance speech alone: Louis C.K.! He’s got to beat big shots like Larry David, Jon Cryer, Jim Parsons, Alec Baldwin and Don Cheadle first, though. If the Earl of Grantham wants to take home a statuette, he’ll have to defeat the likes of Steve Buscemi, Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm and Damian Lewis. We confess, our loyalties are completely divided there.

Check out our gallery of favorite nominees above, and a more complete list below. And let us know which shows you’ll be rooting for when the Emmys air on Sunday, September 23.
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TV Worlds Collide! Mad Men‘s Pete Campbell Is Dating Rory Gilmore In Real Life!

Mad Men star Vincent Kartheiser hooks up with guest star Alexis Bledel

It was weird enough when Rory Gilmore (better known as Alexis Bledel) time traveled back into 1966 and turned up on Mad Men as a clinically bummed out housewife. It got even weirder when the blue eyed beauty turned her affections toward Vincent Kartheiser’s character Pete Campbell of all people. Yes, he of the legendary bitch face! But now we have a report that the two actors are hooking up in real life, and our TV loving minds can’t handle it.

A witness spotted Alexis and Vincent getting cuddly while boring an airplane at JFK, and immediately shot Crushable the following email:

They came over to the gate right as I was boarding and I saw him first. His hair is fuller and he’s got a beard, but I recognized him right away. Then he walked over and a girl with him sat down and it was Rory fucking Gilmore. They are not sitting in first class but him right in front of her in middle seats. Guess they booked last minute. He was leaning over the back of his seat talking to her and leaned over and kissed her.

It’s an impressive score for Vincent, considering the scuzzy make under he received for this season of Mad Men. To give the illusion of a receding hairline, the dedicated actor had a small portion of his head shaved! “It would be shaved back every couple of episodes another quarter of an inch,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “Later, when it grew back in, it looked completely ridiculous, like a five o’clock shadow.” He also had to pack on the pounds to complete the whole “disgruntled middle aged dude without hope” look. “I gained about 25 pounds — none of it muscle. It was a very thin layer of hot fudge sundae, chicken wings and pizza.”

But at the end of the day, we guess Alexis was able to look past appearances and see Vincent for what he really is: a man without a toilet. Or maybe she has a thing for coworkers. She’s already dated fellow Gilmore Girls actor Milo Ventimiglia. We’re guessing she’s a method actress.

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Christina Hendricks Is Two Much On The Cover Of The Hollywood Reporter

Christina Hendricks, The Hollywood Reporter cover

We’re always happy when we see Christina Hendricks on the cover of a magazine. More, we say! She is, in our opinion, one of the sexiest women on the planet. You know who else agrees with us? Esquire who named Christina their “best-looking woman in America” in 2010. The Hollywood Reporter is on board as well, putting the lovely actress on their cover this week. We love the fact that they’ve been shining the spotlight on strong, female actors recently. Remember the cover with all the TV actresses last week? This is the perfect time to have Christina — who looks starkly beautiful in a low-cut, long-sleeved black dress — on the face of the magazine as well. Have you been watching Mad Men recently? Without giving anything away, our jaws have been hitting the floor, especially with the last two episodes.

Don’t read the piece if you haven’t watched, because the first paragraph itself has a major spoiler. But, the main body of the article is broader deals with everything about her role as Joan Holloway on the show and her castmate’s opinions about her — as a character and as a woman. “I thought Joan was such a bitch, and I struggled sometimes trying to make her as real as possible because I thought, who would be so mean?” says Christina. John Slattery, who plays Roger Sterling, provides another opinion. “People want to think because of how stunning she is that she’s just this torpedo, but she’s way more complicated than that, ” he says, adding, “My first scene was walking in with Don Draper at the end of a scene in which she’s telling Peggy to, ‘Go home, take a paper bag, tear out two eye holes and put it over your head.’ I didn’t know what I was getting myself into until I saw her. It was that scene that kind of woke me up to the potential for this whole thing.” Now, watch the episodes if you haven’t already so we can discuss more!

[Photo via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Mad Men’s Megan Draper, We Are Coming For Your “Lady Lazarus” Wardrobe

Jessica Pare as Megan Draper in Mad Men

Obvious statement of the century: We covet all of the clothing on Mad Men. Costume designer Janie Bryant is a genius, and even Peggy Olsen’s most embarrassing outfits would be welcome in my closet. But last night’s episode, “Lady Lazarus,” which focused largely on Megan’s (Jessica Pare) decision to quit the advertising industry and pursue her acting dream, stood out for me. Maybe because it marked a bit of a turning point — where Christina Hendrick’s Joan and January Jones’ Betty were the women we all wanted to be (at our next fancy dress party, or maybe just for Halloween), Megan has stepped up to take their place with her younger blend of Bohemian and European style. Bryant was busy for episode 508, dressing Megan in three different jackets, about four dresses, a nightgown and casual pair of cigarette pants. And every time she entered the room, I gasped aloud: “Want it now!” Good thing it’s spring and I don’t really think I could wear that plaid coat or houndstooth wool dress for months or I’d be ditching work to go shopping. But come to think of it, I could really use a green slicker right about now. Check out some screencaps from the episode, along with her other great outfits from season five. Just taste it!

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[Photos: AMC]

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40 Reasons We Can’t Wait For Mad Men To Come Back

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Judd Apatow, Mad Men’s Rich Sommer, More Share Their Grossest New York Moments At Tribeca

There are many ways to tell whether you are truly a New Yorker or just one of the millions just stopping through — and I’ve always contended that you really know you’ve arrived when you witness someone taking a crap in the middle of the street. We are not alone in this. And that’s why VH1 News asked the glamorous stars, from NYC and Hollywood alike, attending the Tribeca Film Festival for the past two weeks to share their grossest New York moment. Just so we know where they stand.

“I one day saw the entire journey of a turd,” Mad Men star Rich Sommer said. “I was walking through Union Square and saw a man creating it, and then I walked by later in the day and it was still there, and then I walked by like four hours later and it was gone.”

Malin Akerman defines gross a little differently. “For those New Yorkers that have never been to the Box…” she began, talking about the risque burlesque club. “If you want to call it ‘burlesque’ — I have seen some of the grossest things ever at the Box.”

Judd Apatow has scary, rather than disgusting memories of his childhood in the city. “I kind of remember almost getting robbed when I was a kid on 8th Avenue, but now 8th Avenue is like the Disney store,” he said.
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The 10 Brainiest Beauties On TV Vie For This Week’s Hotness

In the latest issue of Vanity Fair, James Wolcott points out what a great time it is for female characters on TV. From Downton Abbey to 30 Rock, our screens are filled with complex, strong, flawed women that reflect real life as much as they entertain us. And also, as the VF cover and photo spread demonstrate, a lot of the actresses portraying those great characters also happen to be smoking hot. We at the Fab Life pride ourselves on being solid feminists as much as we love being shallow, so this is the perfect way to combine those interests: Making you (seriously, we’ll put toothpicks in your eyelids if you disobey) look at the 10 brainiest beauties, or the 10 most beautiful brainiacs, on TV right now, and then forcing you to vote for your favorite. Are you an avid follower of Kalinda Sharma’s ass-kicking investigative techniques on The Good Wife? Were you rooting for Lady Sybil to ditch her parents AND her chauffeur suitor and run off to become a doctor? Aren’t you sure that Sterling Cooper Draper Price would crumble without Joanie’s capable guidance? Peruse the gallery, add to your DVR queue, and get to voting. Poll ends on Monday at 2 p.m. ET.

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