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Glee Picked Up For A Third Season


Gleeks go crazy! Everyone’s favorite musical/show, Glee, has already been picked up for a third season. Its first season wraps up on June 8. Peter Rice, who is the Fox Networks Group Entertainment Chairman (the channel on which the show airs), said, “In just one year, Glee has transcended the television landscape and emerged as a global pop culture phenomenon,” so it figures that they’d want to keep the motor running.

The creator of the series, Ryan Murphy, seems rather happy. He added, “It’s been a whirlwind year — from shooting the pilot to performing at the White House to the concert tour that began last week — and yet we all feel like we’ve just begun this amazing musical journey. We think our Gleeks worldwide are going to love what we’ll have in store for them in seasons two and three.”

There’s also high praise from the Queen herself, Madonna! Her episode won such smashing reviews that another Madonna-centric piece is being planned. She commented, “I thought the Madonna episode of Glee was brilliant on every level. The dialogue and the entire script was genius. The entire cast was amazing. They’re all so talented. I especially loved Sue Sylvester [Jane Lynch] and Kurt Hummel’s [Chris Colfer] characters. Ryan Murphy did a great job bringing all these elements together.” Well, if Madge has given her blessings, then they’re onto something!

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Naomi Campbell Has A New Outlook On Kabbalah

SPL178480_001She’s a supermodel. She can totally change her mind whenever she wants to, right? Naomi Campbell dissed Kabbalah and compares it to rehab, and threw in Madonna’s name in for good measure too. She scathed, ” I knew about Kabbalah before Madonna got involved. Kabbalah is not a religion, it’s a program. I don’t like to get hooked on things like that. It reminds me of A.A. but just with different words. They’ve got the same principles. We’re all looking for positivity in our lives and looking towards the light but I just believe in God.”

Now the slap-happy supermodel’s apparently changed her mind, and has been meeting up in secret with Madge’s Kabbalah mentor Eitan Yardeni. Spies report that the supermodel met Yardeni at Manhattan’s Kabbalah Center shortly before taking off to Europe with her Russian billionaire boyfriend, Vladimir Doronin. Maybe all that business with a blood diamond got her stressed out.

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Madonna Officially Declared A God, Sort Of


The children of Malawi have learned what we have known for over 20 years – that Madonna is not of this earth. The age-defying, career-defying, body-defying, music chameleon is currently on a trip back to the African nation to visit the Home of Hope orphanage she adopted son David Banda from back in 2006. “You are our God. Where could we have been without you?” one orphan is quoted as saying to Her Royal Madgeness.

So she’s a God in Africa, and already a Queen of Pop. If only she’d stayed married to Guy Ritchie and lived in Britain a while longer, she may have been made a Dame. [Photo: AFP/Getty]


Madonna Promises Not To Act Again


Even uberstars like Madonna have to compromise sometimes. Reports that she’s been meeting influential film people (including her ex, Guy Ritchie) in order to get her latest project W.E. off the ground have been given an extra element of comedy by the claims she’s had to promise influential agents she’s not going to act in it, in order to secure top-level interest.  “She would have said if she was to be in it. It’s a game-changer. Some find it difficult to act opposite her. Ask Rupert Everett,” reports Brit gossip columnist Baz Bamigboye.

Madge is interested in directing the flick, which she co-wrote with her Truth Or Dare helmer Alex Keshishian. The film is a romantic comedy which has flashbacks to the 1930’s days of royal couple Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII. Reports that Madge has written in a scene involving a bottle blow-job are just in our head. [Photo: WireImage]


Madonna Gets Ready For Mercy (With Gwyneth & Lourdes’ Help)


Madonna has been busy prepping for the arrival of her new three-year-old daughter Mercy from Malawi — although why she hasn’t gone over there herself yet we’re not sure.  It’s said that Madge is equipping her new $30m NYC townhouse with “porcelain dolls, antique teddy bears, a library of leather-bound children’s books and ancient maps of Africa to adorn the walls.” No pressure, then? She’s also said to have enlisted the interior-decorating skills (???) of pal Gwyneth Paltrow. “Madonna was so impressed with her daughter Apple’s room that she asked Gwyneth to help her [decorate] Mercy’s new bedroom,” reports the Sun.

The extra detail we love is the claims that mom Madonna is stockpiling outfits like “cashmere sweaters, dresses and silk tunics” for Mercy, whereas older daughter Lourdes has been buying “piles of leggings, hipster T-shirts, tutus and trainers” for her new sister. That’s going to be one confusingly-dressed toddler. [Photo: Getty Images]


Madonna Falls Off Another Horse

Maybe she should take up another hobby? Madonna is currently recovering from injuries after being thrown off her horse — again. The pop superstar famously suffered a broken hand and collarbone four years ago, and is now said to be “under observation” after falling off again at her friend Stephen Meisel‘s estate in the Hamptons. Apparently the paparazzi “jumped out of the bushes” and startled her horse.

“Her boyfriend Jesus Luz, 22, was among pals who looked on in horror as the singer was flung from the saddle after her horse was spooked. Sons Rocco, 8, and David Banda, 3, were also watching as Madge — who was in full riding gear — landed awkwardly on her back.”  She’s said to be at Gwyneth Paltrow’s home recovering. What a sucky month for Madonna. But remember, bad luck comes in threes, Madge, so don’t walk under any ladders until May.