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Rooney Mara And Her Dragon Tattoo Storm The Red Carpets For Breakout Actress Week

Rooney Mara is everywhere these days, thanks to her breakout role as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo released last year. The actress’ turn as the ass-kicking computer hacker also earned her an Oscar nod, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing this Sunday. Mara isn’t the only new (or new to us) face stepping out this awards season. During our Breakout Actress week, we’ve so far looked at the meteoric career graphs of Melissa McCarthy, Berenice Bejo and Shailene Woodley, and today it’s Mara’s turn to grab the spotlight.

Who: Rooney Mara

Age: 26

What she did before 2012: Rooney’s been acting since 2005, popping on our TVs with roles on ER and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit before a brief but notable performance as Erica Albright, a.k.a. the girl who broke Mark Zuckerberg’s heart in 2010’s The Social Network. Rooney also had roles in 2009’s Friends With Benefits and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

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Jennifer Aniston And Paul Rudd Are Our New Fantasy Couple On The Cover Of GQ

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd seem like such a natural fit, we’re surprised no one has started any salacious rumors about them. So don’t mind if we do! We’re kidding, of course; Paul has been happily married to wife Julie Yaeger since 2003. Damn you, Julie Yaegeeeer! Oh, sorry. What we meant to say was, in an alternate universe of our own making, Aniston and Rudd are posing shirtless together on a nightly basis, just as they did for this month’s GQ cover.

Despite the sexiness of their Terry Richardson photo shoot for the mag, there is so little going on between the Wanderlust co-stars that Jen and Paul can discuss having intimacies on the big screen with the same salaciousness most people reserve for flossing their teeth. “Nah. I’ve kissed him for years,” Jen tells their interviewer. Jokes Paul, “We’ve made out for decades.” If. Only. And just in case you were holding out hope for a few scandalous secrets between Jen and her manfriend Justin Theroux…you will be disappointed yet again. “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby,” Jen explains, even lifting her shirt to prove her stomach remains bumpless. “I did not elope.” Ah well, maybe in that alternate universe then. Or if Julie Yaeger is ever out of the picture. Hey, we said if!

[Photo: GQ]

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Adele Is One Beautiful “Bitter Witch” On The Cover Of Vogue

Adele’s Vogue cover is so dreamy, what with her amazing cleavage and gigantic eyelashes, that we’re going to ignore the obvious Photoshop nip tuck they gave her torso. Seriously, who do they think they’re fooling? We know what Adele’s arms look like: ours. We’re also going to ignore the singer’s promise never to write a break-up song again, but only because the idea fills us with despair. “No one’s got to be brave. It’s not like, ‘You f— me over and I’m going to write a record and make you the most hated man in the world,'” the singer jokes in her interview regarding potential gentlemen callers. “I am never writing a breakup record again, by the way. I’m done with being a bitter witch.” Noooo! Don’t make us put on “Someone Like You” and cry about how there will never be another “Someone Like You.” It’s just too meta!

Her interview also indicates that Adele’s throat surgery was a blessing in disguise, and not just for the singer’s physical well-being. “I think if I hadn’t had my voice trouble, I would never have broached those subjects with myself,” the Grammy Award-winner tells Vogue. “Now I just feel really at peace…In fact, my entire life has changed in the last ten says. I’ve never been so happy, and I love it.” Okay, but no one let Taylor Swift know about the perks of throat surgery! Some of our favorite performers need to stay bummed out so we can get our cry on!

[Photo: Getty Images/Vogue]

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Nicki Minaj Looks Like A Hotter Medusa On Her Paper Mag Cover

Nicki Minaj has made it abundantly clear that she’s a mother—-ing monster, specifically one who loves a wig in an inhuman color. It seemed like only a matter of time, then, before Minaj got around to rocking jade-colored curls like the ones she’s taming on the cover of Paper mag. Nicki’s look is making us want to brush up on our Greek mythology real bad. What if Medusa actually turned everyone to stone because she was just so ridiculously, ridiculously good-looking? Quick, to the library! After we finish writing this post!

Of course, Nicki looks consistently smoking now matter what color mane she’s rocking, whether she’s dressed as a historical courtesan on the cover of W magazine, a busty Juggalette on an issue of V or just eye-meltingly hot on King. Personally, we like her locks as unearthly as possible. So next time, Nicki, just go for the scalp full of snakes. Once you make that hot, there is literally no stopping you.

[Photo: Paper Mag]

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Entertainment Weekly’s Vampire Diaries Covers Are Supernaturally Hot

Is there anything sexier than a vampire? How about two sexy shirtless vampire brothers…who both happen to be in love with you…a woman who is also exceedingly sexy? The limit is zero…the sexiness limit does not exist! Entertainment Weekly’s three new Vampire Diaries covers feature all the best combination of stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and those notches under Ian Somerhalder’s abs. Is there a name for those? Can someone make up a spooky word for them if there isn’t?

The multiple covers also seem to solve the central dilemma of the show: just get a bigger bed, you guys! And extremely nice sheets! Check out all three covers in all their paranormal glory, as well as even more exclusive pics from the cover shoot, at Because if Damon, Elena and Stefan can’t resolve their eerie love triangle when they’re at their most nude, then when can they? Then when can they?

[Photo: Entertainment Weekly]


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Taylor Momsen’s FHM Cover Makes Us Want To Take A Shower

Taylor Momsen is back. And what better way to remind us about what we’ve been missing than by posing half nekkid on the cover of March’s FHM? Nothing much has changed. The 18-year-old has still got raccoon eyes and hasn’t really moved on from wearing stripper heels and thigh-highs. The magazine has given us the gem that is “FHM at Taylor Momsen’s house party,” which we’re guessing the photograph on the right is a nod to. Taylor also brought along “her adult superstar chum Jenna Haze” for the festivities. Right, we’re heading to the showers now, although we never may feel clean again.

[Photo via FHM]

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Blake Lively Tells Elle She’s Only “Had Four Boyfriends In My Whole Life”

First let’s just get how good Blake Lively looks on the March cover of Elle out of the way. Because this is one of the best covers we’ve seen in a very long time. It’s chic, beautifully understated and the hair, makeup and styling is spot on. The shoot inside is a different story altogether, because can someone say steamy? What we find interesting in the interview is how Blake reveals, “I’ve had four boyfriends in my whole life. I’ve never been with anyone that’s not a boyfriend. If I spend time with a man, it’s because there’s somebody that I know well who has been a friend for a while.” Does this include Ryan Reynolds, her current flame? And Leonardo DiCaprio, the ex of a couple of months ago? And can someone point out that Blake is only 24 so her “whole life” doesn’t really apply here? Because we have a feeling we’re going to see a fair amount of A-Listers on Blake’s arm in the future.

[Photo: Elle Magazine]

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Amanda Seyfried Discusses Justin Timberlake, Vintage Porn In Glamour

Amanda Seyfried is already the second celebrity to bring up pubes today (thanks for being #1, Daniel Radcliffe!), but, as she tells Glamour, just because she’s starring in porn biopic Lovelace doesn’t mean she’ll be putting hers up on the big screen anytime soon. “What surprised me is the amount of pubic hair!” Seyfried laughs about watching Deep Throat, the infamous adult film that starred her titular character Linda Lovelace, adding “I’m pretty sure I would never do a full frontal in a movie — for personal reasons, I wouldn’t really want to show that.” Looks like it falls to you, Daniel…oh, you already have your pants off. Wow, you are so far head of the game!

When it comes to taking off her pants in her personal life however (segue!), Amanda seems strictly platonic with In Time co-star Justin Timberlake. “He seems so perfect, but you get to know him, and he’s a good pal,” Seyfried says. “He’ll tell you what he really feels. But, you know, he’s really famous, which has its downsides.” We’re guessing their friendship might be strictly platonic in part due to Amanda’s very close relationship with recent ex Dominic Cooper. “He was my last real boyfriend,” Seyfried reveals. “We still joke about having kids, like, ‘If it doesn’t work out with other people, we might as well just have a child.’ And there’s a part of that that feels … possible.” Ha! Try and beat that reveal, Daniel Radcliffe? Wait, what? No, that’s not even scientifically possible! You, sir, are truly something.

[Photo: Glamour/Splash News Online]

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Ashley Greene Says Making Out With Olivia Wilde Was “Really Fun”

She may look like she’s the envy of all women, but Ashley Greene has now officially graduated to being the envy of all men too. Ashley is a breath of fresh air on the cover of March’s Lucky magazine, as well as in the shoot inside. Make sure you catch the interview as well, because Ms. Greene talks about making out with the very beautiful Olivia Wilde, in their new film Butter. The actress is quite breezy about the love scene, revealing, “It wasn’t that awkward. It’s the same idea when you’re having to kiss a male co-star and it’s not real. Olivia is such a cool chick and very professional. So we were just messing around and cracking up in between scenes, and it ended up being really fun. And now I’m the envy of every straight male everywhere!”

[Photos via Lucky magazine]

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Miranda Kerr Morphs Into Wonder Woman For Grazia

We get it. Miranda Kerr is Wonder Woman, OK? That face and that body are not of this world. How is it fair that one woman could be an angel and a super heroine at the same time? Because not only do we see Miranda strutting her stuff in her skivvies on Angel duty for Victoria’s Secret all the time, she’s now on the cover of special edition issue of Grazia Australia magazine as Wonder Woman. A couture version of Wonder Woman, that is. Mrs. Orlando Bloom is wearing a bodysuit by Alex Perry. The patriotic issue is in honor of Australia Day which is coming up on the 26th of this month — tomorrow. Light up those barbies and break out some beer. Can we also say that we love the cover line, “Kerr Pow!”

[Photo via Grazia]