Kristen Stewart Looks Amazing On The Cover Of Vogue


Kristen Stewart (photos) may try to be unassuming and unglamorous in real life, but this new Vogue cover proves she sure can step up her game when she wants to. KStew graces the February cover of the fashion magazine and inside, there’s an eight page fashion spread shot by Mario Testino (check out the photos here). Sure, she looks amazing, but it’s the interview that’s worth checking out too. Stewart discusses her favorite hobbies (cooking, golf), her thoughts about Bella Swan (she’s “a character who is embedded in so many people’s psyches at this point”), and exactly how she plans to spend her $25 million Twilight paycheck. Sadly/understandably, all talk of Robert Pattinson is off-limits, but to make up for that, we do have a behind-the-scenes look at the shooting of the Vogue cover and mini-interview with Stewart after the jump.

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Sting And Trudie Styler’s Saucy Sound Bites Make Us Blush

Oh, Mr and Mrs Gordon Sumner. How do you do it? If these two ever split up it would just break our hearts. Who would be our poster children for the benefits of tantric sex and yoga then? Not that they’ve ever been shy about talking about the details of their raunchy sex life, but Sting and Trudie Styler told Harper’s Bazaar about some stuff we didn’t know, and then some. And FYI: these two have been together for almost three decades and married since 1992, so they’re doing something right. The photographs of the couple getting rather, erm, close, were taken by who else, but Terry Richardson. Mention the word “sex” and he’s there like a condom on prom night.

Sting revealed, “When we see each other, it’s romance. I don’t think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There’s a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up…Romantic? We like tawdry.” The best part was when Sting spoke about the their bond. “Relationships aren’t easy, and I don’t think they’re particularly natural, but we’re lucky because we actually like each other. We love each other–that’s a given—but Trudie lights my world up when she comes into a room. I don’t take her for granted. I could lose her. He’d have to be very rich and very handsome, but …”

Swoon. No one could be more handsome (or rich), Sting.  Seriously.

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Justin Bieber Covers Vanity Fair


Of all the celebrities they could’ve picked for their January 2011 cover, Vanity Fair chose Justin Bieber. Just another indicator about how his star has become a super nova. Between Bieber’s sexy photos with Selena Gomez and this cover, the boy’s sure not hiding his game. OMG! Teenage hormone upsurge!

The cheeky cover has the fresh-faced teen with lipstick marks trailing down his cheek right down to his shirt (is that Selena’s shade of lippie?), and it’s heaps better than Bieber’s Toda Teen Star fiasco. The VF article has some insight into the Biebs brain, more importantly about what he thinks about himself. The Biebs reveals that he’s, “… crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently—my mind is always racing. I’m just…nuts. But I think the best [musicians] probably are.”

See more great quotes from the Bieb after the jump.

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Kim Kardashian Says She Did Playboy For “Independence”

Kim Kardashian

We should know better than to look to Kim Kardashian for coherent logic, but her cover interview for Glamour (written by Katie Couric!) still makes her head hurt. For instance, Kim says she did the cover of Playboy in late 2007 to prove her “independence” from her family (“I was always by the book, such the straight arrow when it came to pleasing my parents and being a good daughter.”). Uh, hey Kim, you don’t think that sex tape with Ray J leaked months earlier kinda already proved you weren’t a “straight arrow”? And explaining your reality TV career by saying your family drama would be “on the cover of a tabloid, and it’ll be twisted the completely wrong way. So why not tell our story?” Girl, you’re on the cover of the tabloids because you’re on reality TV! No one cared about your butt before you stuck it out there!

That said, we certainly care about Kim’s butt now. Even if Katie Couric couldn’t be bothered to corner Kim on these contradictions, Glamour definitely got their money’s worth dressing Kim up (and down) in the photo spread. See pics from the shoot in the gallery below.

[Photo: Glamour]

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Katy Perry’s Luscious Lips Are High Fashion


Katy Perry‘s lips have a lot of varied functions: kissing girls and liking it, kissing Russell Brand and loving it, singing, and being used as fashion accessories. Cue Katy’s limited edition Harper’s Bazaar cover for December. The Grammy-nominated singer has 150 red Swarovski Element crystal Swarovski Elements studded on her lips and looks gorgeous!

The accompanying interview is vintage Katy entertainment. “Honey, I am the chief of my train. If critics want to hop on board, fantastic. There’s plenty of room. The KP train is fun.” All aboard! But if magazines aren’t your thing, be sure to catch Katy performing for VH1 Divas Salute the Troops (Sunday, Dec. 5, at 9/8c).

[Photo via Hearst Magazines]


Kanye’s Weird Interview With Rihanna: “What It’s Like To Turn Women Gay?”

Kanye West & Rihanna

Remember when Rihanna and Kanye West supposedly made out backstage? After reading Yeezy’s conversation with Rihanna in the new Interview, it’s hard to imagine things ever got more intimate than that. Kanye called Rihanna while recording Watch The Throne, his “dark and sexy” collaboration with Jay-Z, at Peter Gabriel’s studio in England, with the pair talking mostly about fashion (Rihanna’s over the “shoulder-padded s—,” by the way). Then things get kind of freaky.

West: Was the idea of that to kind of portray an American Dream — like the fantasy of a this hot black girl sitting on a top of a pink tank?
Rihanna: I never actually thought of it like that.
West: How does it feel to know that you could have any man in the world. Or woman. How does it feel to know that you can turn straight women gay?
Rihanna: Is that a real question?
West: Yeah.

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Jake Gyllenhaal And Anne Hathaway Nude Magazine Covers: Collect Them All!

Anne Hathaway & Jake Gyllenhaal

You might think Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway shooting three different nude covers for Entertainment Weekly more a little ridiculous, but allow us to correct you. In the same way that Eskimos have dozens of words for snow, there are a variety of topless hugs that people, whether in love or merely amiable co-stars, can enjoy. On the left, we see the classic “romantic” shot, best recognized from the covers of Harlequin novels and books about erotic massage. Top right, we see a more earnest embrace, with the pair’s eyes aimed outward—this a favorite of couples where the wife is pregnant and neither person has any shame. Finally, bottom right, we see something less common: the ol’ “haha we’re amiable co-stars on the cover of Entertainment Weekly” shot spiced with the novelty of the celebs being bare-ass naked. This isn’t just a cheap way for the mag to hawk flesh, this is a chance for two shining young thespians to show off their range.

According to Jake, he and Anne will be showing it off throughout the upcoming Love & Other Drugs. “65 percent of the movie we don’t have our clothes on,” he told David Letterman last night. If the movie is half as titillating as they’re suggesting, at least 65% of the audience won’t have clothes on when the film eventually hits DVD.

[Photos: EW]

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Matthew Morrison Takes Shirt Off, Talks Sex With Details

Matthew Morrison

Well, hello, Mr. Schuester! A month the Glee kids stripped for GQ, the club’s coach is having his own sexy time. Not only did Details get an up close and personal look at Matthew Morrison‘s rippling frame—the actor was also happy to share some intimate details from his sexual history. Though the former bible camper didn’t have sex until he was 21 (his prom queen girlfriend once suggested they pray their urges away), Matty more than made up for lost time once he hit Broadway. “There was so much opportunity,” he says. “There were all these beautiful, beautiful dancers. As a straight guy I had some room. There were the shared interests in singing and dancing, and I always find dancing with someone very evocative and sexual. I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway. It was exciting. Very joyous and free.” Dax Shepard‘s ears are burning!

Despite settling down a tad, the ladies still shouldn’t expect commitment from the guy. “I’m not a good friend right now. I’m not a good boyfriend. It’s not that I’m selfish. I’m just focused.” On his abs, no doubt. Though you wouldn’t guess it from his “very joyous and free” display of beefcake in the mag, he has some reservations about us just loving him for his body. “I’m not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it. I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don’t think that’s true.” Poor baby! Maybe Morrison’s upcoming “Buble-esque” album will assuage his fears of just being a hunk of meat for our delectation.

[Photo: Details]


Ryan Reynolds: Sexiest Man Alive!(?)


Well somebody’s excited about the Green Lantern movie! Ryan Reynolds flies past such lovely likelies as Jon Hamm and Robert Pattinson to take title of 2010’s Sexiest Man Alive in the next issue of People. “We want somebody with a sense of humor, who’s humble, who has a good heart,” explained the mag’s Julie Jordan on Today. “He really enjoys it all, and he’s a good person, and that’s what we’re looking for.” hey, anybody married to Scarlett Johansson is doing something right. But do you think its a coincidence that the trailer for Green Lantern dropped today? Here’s hoping Reynolds’ rap does more for the superhero flick than Hugh Jackman taking Sexiest in 2008 did for Australia. Check out the gallery below for photos of Ryan in all his sexy glory. Van Wilder FTW!

[Photo: People]

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LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Are Engaged. Will They Wreck Their Own Marriage?

Controversial pair LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are engaged. *crickets* It’s the second mazel tov we’re giving out today, since Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are also getting hitched.

We’re wondering what the backlash to this announcement is going to be? They’re not exactly everyone’s favorite couple, since they’ve been branded as home-wreckers. LeAnne and Eddie were with their respective spouses Dean Sheremet and Brandi Glanville when they hooked up. And America hasn’t let them forget it since. Cue in the Shape magazine LeAnn cover controversy where public outcry was massive when the singer and Cibrian were written about. The editor, Valerie Latona, had to apologize in a statement that read, “Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal-but to show (through her story) how we all are human. And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment.”

That apology was later semi-retracted with Latona backpedaling, “The fact is a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain calling LeAnn a ‘husband stealer’ and a ‘terrible mistake for Shape.’ I wrote to those women apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy – as I have done for other cover stars in the past.”

Much ado about these two, as you can see. But now that they’re getting married, will they finally be accepted? Making things traditional has a way of acting like a balm. Perhaps people thought their relationship was just a pit-stop on Relationship Road. But now that they’re heading towards the aisle, you never know.

So yeah. Congrats?