The Situation Looks So Confused


There could not be an image of The Situation that so perfectly sums up The Situation as this cover of Men’s Fitness. The Sitch’s trademark abs are on display, but even better is his “I have no idea what I’m doing here” expression. He is literally throwing his hands up in confusion, as if to ask why he’s posing for a photo when he could either be gymming it, tanning, or doing laundry. Most pictures tell a thousand words, but this one really just seems to make the “Wah-wah” sound on a trombone.

[Photo: Men’s Fitness via The Life Files]

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LeAnn Rimes Responds To Shape Magazine’s Non-Apology

What’s this whole “I’m-sorry-I’m really not sorry-Screw your sorry” biz going down? Shape magazine ed-in-in-chief Valerie Latona, first apologizes for having LeAnn Rimes on the cover of her publication. The story dealt with her and Eddie Cibrian, bringing up all sorts of unpleasant cheating-marriage breaking up associations because a still married Rimes hooked up with a still married Cibrian. Those two aren’t exactly Mr. and Mrs America right now and the piece had peeps getting out their pitchforks and screaming, “Adulterer!”Latona’s apologetic statement read,”Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal-but to show (through her story) how we all are human. And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment.”

Then Latona does this semi-retraction on her apology writing, “The fact is a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain calling LeAnn a ‘husband stealer’ and a ‘terrible mistake for Shape.’ I wrote to those women apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy – as I have done for other cover stars in the past.” Then she blogs a note called Setting the Record Straight on LeAnn Rimes where interestingly enough, the tags on the post are “backpedaling” and “cowardly”.  Whatevs. Pick a side and stick with it, make your stand blah blah blah. It’s Monday and we’re grumpy so all this waffling doesn’t cut it.

Because now LeAnn Rimes sees your non-apology and raises the stakes pretty much shoving you out of the game. How? By making the Shape crew look like hypocrites. In her defense, LeAnn tweeted, “wow, that’s really funny since they’re are throwing me a party in LA next week to celebrate this being the 3rd time I’ve been on their cover.” Ouch. Then to drill home the point, LeAnn tweeted the invite. Mission Accomplished. Unless they’ve canned the party… which we’re guessing they have not. Let’s all carry on with our day now.

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Husband-Stealers Rejoice! LeAnn Rimes And Shape Magazine Have Your Back


It’s been a whirlwind day for LeAnn Rimes and “other women” everywhere as news came that Editor-In-Chief Valerie Latona issued an apology for Rimes’ October Shape cover story. Responding to readers peeved over LeAnn’s story of adultery with current boyfriend Eddie Cibrian, Latona issued a statement explaining: “Please know that our putting her on the cover was not meant to put a husband-stealer on a pedestal-but to show (through her story) how we all are human. And this woman in particular found strength in exercise in what she said was her most difficult personal moment.” Remarkable that some readers wouldn’t like the idea of a toned, blond Grammy winner luring away someone’s husband and using a magazine article to talk about it. We mean, who doesn’t like a little betrayal with their reverse crunches?

Said Latona, the article “did not come across that way… And for that I’m terribly sorry.” If you recall, a married Rimes started dating Cibrian before he divorced his wife Brandi Glanville, leaving him torn between two women. Though given that Glanville was just arrested for DUI today, the decision between the two may not have been as emotionally grueling as we might think.

Latona has since backpedaled on her apology, insisting that, “The fact is a mere 40 readers out of almost 6 million readers wrote in to complain calling LeAnn a ‘husband stealer’ and a ‘terrible mistake for Shape.’ I wrote to those women apologizing that our cover choice did not make them happy – as I have done for other cover stars in the past.” Yikes, how many home wreckers has Shape had on their covers? That seems like a pretty specific niche to try and sell people.

Claims Latona, “My comments have been taken out of context. I used the words of the few unhappy readers who wrote in.” She continues, “I stand by the fact that LeAnn’s story is compelling – and her courage and strength in the face of so much adversity is compelling. That is why I put her on the cover of Shape for what is now the third time.”  Thank you! Finally someone is coming out to acknowledge the struggle that all husband-stealers must face. It’s not easy to get in good enough shape to snatch a married man. We have to work at it. We mean…they have to work at it. They.  Not us. [Photo: Getty Images]


James Franco Is Such A Drag


Move over, Lady Gaga, you’re not the only one that can successfully pull off drag in a magazine. James Franco went all RuPaul’s Drag Race on the cover of Candy Magazine this month, ticking off one more thing on the James Franco Super-Meta, Always Unpredictable Bucket List. Franco – it’s hard to say his last name seriously without remembering that he went by Franco during his stint on General Hospital – makes for a, um, handsome woman, don’t you think? He’s part sweet transvestite, part Willem DeFoe in Boondock Saints. Also, I think my mom has that necklace.

[Photo: Facebook]

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Kim Kardashian’s “Risque” Magazine Cover


Kim Kardashian is on the cover of Prestige magazine flanked by two gorgeous, oiled nekkid men. Just another reason why her life is so much better than ours. This is probably the beginning of the Kardashian takeover of Asia (Prestige is based out of Hong Kong).  She blogged, “I have two covers and I’ll be sharing the second cover and the whole spread tomorrow, so make sure you check back. I really want to visit all my fans in Asia! Are any of you guys from Hong Kong? Or have you been there?” See? She’s planning her move!

She also exclaimed, “This might be one of my most risque covers to date!” And we bet she couldn’t be more thrilled. We’ll have two of those dudes to go, thanks.

[Photo: Celebuzz]


Harry Potter And The Piercing Cover Photo


Harry Potter is all grown up on the cover of OUT Magazine this month. Look at all that chest hair seeping out from under his tank top (ew, man tank top) and check out those biceps bulging out from beneath his non-sleeves. Daniel Radcliffe is certainly moving past his legacy as boy wizard, that’s for sure.

Radcliffe is one of our favorite young actors precisely because he has no problems appearing on covers like this and supporting gay rights issues in addition to discussing his personal life and career (and yes, Harry Potter!) so openly. We’ve picked some of our favorite quotes from the interview and posted them below.

Radcliffe, on why he loves New York and performing on Broadway: “It’s very, very hard to actually describe why New York is so brilliant. But the community is amazing, and if you get involved with all those events, and you show how much you love and appreciate being there, you really get nothing but generosity and kindness back.”

On his impressive avoidance of Hollywood: “I was just in L.A. for the first time in my life. I went for the premiere of the fifth [Harry Potter] film, but other than that, I’d never really gone there before.”

Discussing his surprising music playlist: “An English singer-songwriter called Frank Turner. He’s absolutely brilliant. Oh, the Drums — I quite like a couple of songs by them. The Divine Comedy’s new album is really, really good. It’s called Bang Goes the Knighthood, and it’s very, very funny and sad. And of course, I’m still listening to Florence and the Machine.

His take on educating people against homophobia: “I think that with every generation, people become more open to those ideas and more aware and more educated. But it’s a really, really slow process. If you take any family with parents who are bringing their kids up in a narrow-minded way that includes homophobia, it will take a very profound moment of realization to change those deep-seated views.”

So what’s his relationship status? “At the moment, I’m just being single and running around chasing girls. [Laughs] I’m not getting too many responses, but, yes, I’m having a go. I’m also starting to go on dates for the first time. I’ve never really done it because all my girlfriends that I’ve ever met, I’ve met through work.”

And finally…what did he get to keep from the Harry Potter set? “I’ve got two pairs from the seventh film and the pair I wore in the very, very first movie — which are really tiny on my head now!”

[Photo: HuffPo via OUT]


Hello Gorgeous! Jennifer Aniston Dresses As Streisand


Jennifer Aniston and Barbra Streisand are both polarizing stars in their own way. Either you love them for their work and their signature senses of style, or you hate them because you are on Team Angelina, a hardcore Republican, or just averse to showtunes and Friends. So these shots of Aniston dressed as Babs in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar will thrill you or make you want to claw your eyes out. (We are thrilled – they’re delightfully campy and fabulous, and deep down we are really just a gay man at heart so we love that. You can view all the photo’s on the Harper’s site.)

Aniston is a longtime admirer of Streisand’s and says of the photos “I have no idea what people are going to think about it. Everybody has an opinion; it’s just what people love to have. But that’s okay. Art is so subjective, and people can react however they want. Barbra inspires me because there isn’t anything she hasn’t done that she wanted to do, especially as a female in the time when her generation was prime. She’s a true renaissance woman.” Personally, we’re happy to see Jen do an interview where no reference is made to her relationship status and she’s not exposing side boob.

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar}


Katy Perry Loses Her Top For Esquire UK


Well hello, future Mrs. Russell Brand. Yes, that is Katy Perry and her boobs going full-on Bettie Page pinup girl for the cover of the UK version of Esquire. After taking a look at the Esquire UK site we can say that it seems like Katy’s ladies are a little shocking for a magazine with articles like “How To Use A Spitoon” and “Polo In The Park” but it just goes to show – boobs are beloved by all, no matter how fancy-pants one may seem.

[Photo: Esquire UK via Huffington Post]


Lady Gaga’s Bare Ass Graces Cover Of Rolling Stone


Lady Gaga graces the cover of Rolling Stone this month with guns a-blazin’ and cheeks a-thongin’. This picture probably isn’t anyone’s first glimpse at Gaga’s ass, nor will it be our last, but it’s still a goody. In a snippet from her interview with the magazine, Gaga is quoted as saying “When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, ‘Bitch, you’re Lady Gaga, you get up and and walk the walk today.”

Such confidence must be the reason Gaga feels so at ease throwing ‘tude around, like for instance, during her visit to Yankees Stadium last week. It was first reported that Gaga smooth-talked her way into the Yankees clubhouse and displayed some very un-ladylike behavior, fondling her breasts and wearing a Yankees jersey wide open over nothing but her underwear (and even we know that the Yankees have a strict dress code, they made Johnny Damon cut off his caveman hair after all). The New York Post reported that Yankees co-chairman Hal Steinbrenner banned Gaga from the clubhouse after her antics, but General Manager Brian Cashman says she isn’t banned, she was just not supposed to be in the clubhouse at that particular moment. He explained “Celebrities aren’t banned. If Michael Jordan showed up here he would have access [to the clubhouse], but not after a loss. That was the wrong time and the wrong place. It’s been taken care of.” Somehow we doubt Michael Jordan would swill whiskey and touch himself inappropriately in the clubhouse, but okay. Sounds to us like Cashman has a soft spot for Gaga.

[Photo: Rolling Stone via ONTD]


Ladies Young And Old Come Out For Good Housekeeping 125th Anniversary

Jessica Simpson & Hillary Duff

Good Housekeeping may be celebrating more than 125 years in the magazine business, but last night’s anniversary party hardly looked like a home for the elderly. Young actresses like Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Michelle Trachtenberg and Kristin Bell got glamorous for the NY, joined by older stars like Meryl Streep, Marlee Matlin, Aretha Franklin and Brooke Shields. See the celebrity sewing circle in the gallery below.

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