Gossip Geek: Page Six Gets Faced By Facebook

Now we know why Facebook was mean to Lindsay Lohan: when it comes to potentially fake social network pages, you can’t be too cautious. Page Six reported yesterday that Leighton Meester and boyfriend Sebastian Stan had changed the relationship status on their “secret” Facebook pages to “engaged.”

NOT SO SECRET, crowed the headline, which was more true than they knew. Us magazine now has it’s own source saying the Facebook pages are fake. With both stars’ reps denying the story, we’re inclined to believe it’s a lie. Just because someone throws a snowball at you on Facebook, it doesn’t mean you should duck.

We sympathize with the Six‘s excitement, though. Based on one of Leighton’s MySpace pages, we almost reported she was 101 years old and single. Glad we did our research!

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Patrick Swayze To National Enquirer: STFU

Kanye West might hate the paparazzi worse than a Nazi, but Patrick Swayze thinks less of a tabloid freelancer than pancreatic cancer. The Dirty Dancing star is going off on a recent National Enquirer article that claimed he’s been preparing for death and saying goodbye to family. According to People, Swayze’s preparing for the holidays and saying “go watch my new A&E drama, The Beast” to anyone who’ll listen.

The only thorn in my side being that many tabloids have been consistently reporting lies and false information about me and those close to me. And latest, they’re reporting that I’m on my last legs and saying goodbye to my tearful family!

It’s upsetting that the shoddy and reckless reporting from these publications cast a negative shadow on the positive and good fight I’m fighting. For me, my family, and those close to me, it amounts to downright emotional cruelty. That makes me angry when hope is so precious.

At the very least, it sounds like he’s not going down easy. The Enquirer should hope the Make-A-Wish Foundation doesn’t offer to open a can of whoop-ass in his name.

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Tina Fey Explains Scar, How She Became A Hottie

Jeff Richmond, husband of 30 Rock star Tina Fey, reveals the source of her facial scar in the new Vanity Fair, explaining that she was slashed by a stranger when she was five. “It was in, like, the front yard of her house, and somebody who just came up, and she just thought somebody marked her with a pen.”

Says Fey, who has been mostly silent on the subject, “It’s impossible to talk about it without somehow seemingly exploiting it and glorifying it…I proceeded unaware of it. I was a very confident little kid. It’s really almost like I’m kind of able to forget about it, until I was on-camera, and it became a thing of ‘Oh, I guess we should use this side’ or whatever. Everybody’s got a better side.”

And she’s got a pretty great one. Despite these sad details, much of the profile consists of men (and women) drooling over her metamorphisis into a smarter brand of sex icon. Alec Baldwin, naturally, takes credit for much of his co-star’s evolution.

I’d say to her, ‘You know, you’re a really beautiful girl. You’ve got to play that. It’s a visual medium. This is not Upright Citizens Brigade, where we’re doing sketch comedy at nine o’clock at night on a Sunday for a bunch of drunken college graduate students. You are a very attractive woman and you’ve got to work that. You’ve got to pop one more button on that blouse and you’ve got to get that hair done and you’ve got to go! Glamour it up.’

…Tina’s a beautiful girl. We needed to get the pillows fluffed on the sofa and we needed to get the drapes steamed, and we needed to get everything all nice and get the presentation just right. Tina always played the cute, nerdy girl. Tina on the news, the glasses. There was not a big glamour quotient for her. Now there is.

Come on, Alec. She starred in a high school production of Cabaret—this isn’t the first time she’s dolled up. Check out the gallery for a taste of that Baldwin-approved glamour.

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Hugh Jackman: Hot Or Not?

It’s been two days since Hugh Jackman was announced People‘s Sexiest Man Alive Of 2008. Now that the shock has worn off, the time has come to decide whether he’s really up to the task. We’ve already pointed out what ridiculous theater dorks he and wife Deborra-Lee Furness can be on the red carpet, but what we really should be judging is the man himself. Is Hugh really the sexiest man alive, or is this just a blatant attempt to promote his new epic, Australia? Take a look at our ginormous gallery below, rife with the peaks and valleys of his hottie-osity, and decide whether he’s worthy of the crown recently held by Matt Damon, George Clooney and Matthew McConaughey.

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Luckiest Wife Alive?

Hugh Jackman may have been crowned People‘s Sexiest Man Alive today, but we’d rather pay some attention to Deborra-Lee Furness—better known as Mrs. Hugh Jackman. Jackman waxed rhapsodic about his wife to the magazine, noting that she’s quick to denounce rumors that he’s gay, and that she’s always turned on when he comes home dressed in character, yelling “Do your sexy dance for me!” Yeah, he said that out loud.

Looking at the more haggard photos of his wife, you might think that the older woman really lucked out to grab this rising star twelve years ago, when the two were co-starring on the Australian TV series Corelli. But the more we look at photos of the couple, the more Scandalist believes these fugly-prone dorks totally belong together. Check out their hysterical red carpet get-ups in the gallery below to see just what we’re talking about.

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Kate Winslet’s Ass Is Real…And Sadly, So’s The Fur

Man, Kate Winslet does something nice for the world—like laying her fine, naked body on a rug for everyone to see—and all she gets is shit.  First, everyone was up in arms over whether her impressive ass had been retouched (which Winslet adamantly denies). Now PETA has observed that Winslet is dry humping a throw rug made from six silver foxes. Should the perennial Oscar nominee get ready for a bucket of blood at her next red carpet?

In an attempt to avoid controversy, Winslet is blaming photographer Steven Meisel, who made her believe she was resting her goods on the fake stuff. Said her spokesperson, “She thought it was false….Kate never wears fur. She’s very, very firm on that.” Vanity Fair has since apologized, blaming “miscommunication.” If all this hubbub drives Winslet to curb her exhibitionism (she’s shown the full monty in several films), we’ll never forgive those responsible.

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