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Carly Rae Jepsen’s Wardrobe Finally Grows Up On The Cover Of Fashion Magazine

Carly Rae Jepsen Covers 'Fashion' Magazine October Issue

You know how there’s all this talk of Carly Rae Jepsen dressing too young? We agree because the 26-year-old singer — with her propensity for wearing tennis shoes and cutesy skirts — does look extremely twee on many occasions. Wearing a school girl frock with sneakers at the U.S. Open was one (disastrous) example. We get it, she looked sweet and it was for Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day in New York. But she’s not the kid. It’s okay for her to dress her age!  Which is why we burst into spontaneous applause when we saw her on the cover of Fashion magazine’s October issue. Girlfriend really lived up to the name of the magazine in that gorgeous, very complementary emerald printed McQ by Alexander McQueen dress and sexy leopard Christian Louboutin pumps, proving that the mid-twenties is a great age to experiment in. Hopefully, she’ll translate this look into future red carpet events. The interview snippets that have been released sound a tad syrupy as she reveals insights like, “Nobody can do Britney again. She did a great job at it. I just want to be the best Carly Rae I can be, ” and “I definitely have a little attraction to bad guys, but they have to be sweethearts underneath. After all, I like to be treated well—it’s important to me.” But we’re going to give the issue a shot anyway, just for that cover. That’s how awesome we think it is.

[Photo via Fashion Magazine]

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Kristen Stewart Looks Gorgeous In New Balenciaga Campaign, Silencing Rumors That She Was Dropped!

Kristen Stewart New Ad For Balenciaga, Elle Spain

The news of Kristen Stewart becoming the face of Balenciaga’s new fragrance “Florabotanica” was released back in June. The campaign shot released soon after and K.Stew killed it looking as high-fashion as they come, but still herself, if you catch our drift? The photograph stayed true to her image, and it wasn’t like looking at someone who had changed everything about themselves for an endorsement deal. This was all pre-Rupert Sanders-hook-up scandal, though and there was talk that Kristen had been dropped as the face of the brand because of all the negative publicity. She was absent for the video commercial, which is where people started talking even more. But The Cut published a story stating that the video was released a full week (July 19) before the scandal broke, so it wasn’t because she was having issues with her contract (they checked the time stamp on the video.) Balenciaga has silenced all those rumors themselves now by putting that advertisement you see above in the September issue of Elle Spain. Artfully black-and-white with a pop of color through the floral motif above her arm, Kristen’s striped top looks like its paying homage to the cap of the fragrance bottle, which is also striped. We love it! Do you?

[Photo via Magazine Download]

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Lea Michele Gets Catty On The Cover Of Nylon

Lea Michele On The Cover Of "Nylon" Magazine

We’re kidding, guys. By getting catty, we meant that awesome kitty-ears headband Lea Michele has on, on her Nylon magazine September cover. The snippets from the interview given are pretty meaty, but we feel a little let down by her take on her relationship with Glee castmate Cory Monteith. We were expecting a ton of backstory and juicy details. C’mon, everyone loves a good story! When asked about her “relationships on and offscreen” she replied, “We were Finn and Rachel before–I feel like they come first.” Okay … what does that even mean! More, Lea, more! The next bit we found quite interesting, is when Nylon asked about all those rumors swirling around about Lea being a total diva. Like when she blew off Hailee Steinfeld. Or when she gave attitude to society photographer Patrick McMullan. Stories like that don’t just come out of nowhere. She addresses the talk by saying, “I think I was fighting so hard to change [representations of my personality], that I was not really being myself. [But] I came to a place where I’m much happier personally in my life and because of that I really don’t feel like I need to explain anything or be anything. I’m really proud of who I am.” Which doesn’t deny the fact that she’s a diva, at all. But hey, if she’s “really proud” of who she is — then that’s the way it’s going to be.

[Photo via Nylon Facebook]

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Tom Brady’s Kissing Quotes In VMAN Might Make Football Fans Of Us Yet

Tom Brady in VMAN

I don’t think Tom Brady’s latest spread for VMAN, or Tim Tebow’s armpitty pics for GQ, are any kind of special effort on the part of the NFL to draw in new female or gay viewers. A) Wrong publications, and B) that’s a terribly sexist thing of me to say, as I know plenty of women and gay men who love the game. BUT, these sexy shots do go a long way in making me, a non-football fan, begin to see these men as more than the padded-up, grunting things they appear to be on the field. Even when Brady’s doing his best to imitate a Doberman pinscher. Because in the interview accompanying his cover story for the men’s fashion mag, he melts my New Yorker heart with this quotes (via E!):

“I grew up [in] … an environment where people weren’t afraid to express how they really felt or to express their emotions. I’m very blessed to be able to do that because with my two boys — I kiss them a thousand times a day.” Awwww. Now tell us about Giselle’s pregnancy already! Why are you pretending that she suddenly has a beer gut? Still not ready? OK, at least he said he wants to have four kids (doing his part for the gene pool!), and he really does look good in that tux.
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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Looks Suave, Talks Shop In Playboy

Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Playboy's September 2012 Issue

Who would have thought that Tommy Solomon from Third Rock From The Sun would grow up into this guy, huh? To say that Joseph Gordon-Levitt floats our boat would be an understatement. He seems to be pretty down with the Playboy crew since they’ve selected him to be the celebrity for their 20 questions round for the magazine’s September issue. And they put him in a red suit. Not the easiest thing to pull off, but he’s managed to look pretty damn good in it. There’s a lot of talking shop in the piece, about him directing short films, making the transition from kid star to grown-up actor and such, but we’re going to cut straight through to the meat. The interviewer, Stephen Rebello, asks him, “Your character in (500) Days made extravagant gestures in the name of love. What kind of woman could make you do that?” Start taking notes, ladies. Joe’s response is, “Making checklists of things you’re looking for in a person is the numero uno thing you can do to guarantee you’ll be alone forever. You can’t meet someone and think, Do they have everything I want in a person? You just have to pay attention, keep your eyes open, listen to people and be present. I guess what I look for in a girl is someone who’s doing that too. Beyond that there’s not much more I would specify, because you never f— know, man.” Uh oh. Stop taking notes, right now! No more notes! Too late … we all blew it.

[Photo via Playboy]

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Penelope Cruz Looks Like An ’80’s Supermodel On The Cover Of W Magazine

Penelope Cruz, W Magazine, September Cover

Thank you, W Magazine, for reminding us how awesome the ’80’s were. That decade always gets such a bad rap for its big hair, fingerless gloves and shoulderpads, but people forget that it gave us some pretty amazing fashion moments too. Penelope Cruz on the cover of the September issue of the magazine is a nod to everything that was right about that decade. We’re loving the chunky jewelry, the natural eyebrows and the massive, sideswept hair. We’re also grateful that they didn’t go too ’80’s with the makeup. The matte look is what pulls this whole cover together. The accompanying black-and-white shoot comprises some of the most stunning images we’ve seen of her yet and are are in a completely different stylistic direction than her cover. Look at the photograph on the right? Minimal, arty but completely captivating, right? Each of the pictures is like that, and Cruz really needs to send the photographer a bottle of wine or something, because he just did her a solid.

The interview itself deals with her cinematic career, specifically about with her very fruitful working relationships with directors Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen. We would have preferred more personal insights, like some stories regarding her story with husband Javier Bardem, but she’s famously quiet about that side of her life. As a result the piece didn’t draw us in like we were hoping it would. So we’re just going to have look at the pictures again. Not that we have a problem with that.

[Photos via W Magazine]

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Ashley Greene Covers Nylon Magazine, Just Wants To Do Her “Damn Job!”

Ashley Greene's August Nylon Magazine Cover

Ashley Greene‘s makeup on this August Nylon magazine cover is one of the better faces we’ve seen on her. Not that her face ever looks bad. We’re just sayin’ whoever created the look has done a pretty swell job. Got to love that strong, red lip! We’re just a bit perplexed by her pose. What’s up with the scrunched up arm, dudes? It’s a bit too emo for us. Perhaps they were setting her up for her sound byte about fame and all it’s trappings. “I got [to my casting], and there were cameras all around me. Everyone’s so obsessed with celebrity, I think more than ever before, ” she says, adding, “It’s the instant gratification of it — the tabloids an the Internet and the camera phones. We’re just so infatuated with it that basically everyone is a stalker. I was like, ‘Just let me do my damn job!'” You heard the woman! One of those jobs includes her role on The Apparition, due to release in late August this year. “… because I try to make everything as realistic as possible; I want to experience what the character is experiencing. So to make myself believe there was something after me … it was a dark time,”  she revealed about her stint shooting the movie. Yikes. We wouldn’t want to sleep alone in that frame of mind. But let’s face it, when you look like Ashley, sleeping alone is just an option, not a choice.

[Photo via Nylon Magazine]

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Jordin Sparks Is In The Best Shape Of Her Life

Jordin Sparks "Shape" Magazine August Cover

This is a treat for American Idol loyalists. One of the show’s most beloved winners has get herself a cover on Shape Magazine’s August issue. We’re talking about the fabulous Miss Jordin Sparks and all we can say about this shot is — dayum, girl! The sleeve feature an extremely svelte, but very fit looking Jordin killing it in a sexy purple bikini. Great hair and makeup add the finishing touches. This doesn’t even look mucho photoshopped, you know? She looks like herself. The body looks like it’s all hers even though we spy some smoothing touch-ups here and there. But they work done on a computer is completely minimal when compared to the work she’s done on herself — that much is pretty evident. Of her incredible 50 pound weight loss, Jordin has said, “I just wanted to be healthy. I remember thinking, ‘I’m in my prime. I should be happy and fit.’ That was the moment I decided that changes needed to be made.” And the great news is that the way she achieved those goals sound so healthy and balanced. Simple walking started off her regime, until she got confident enough to try hiking. Once she got used to that, and her body started changing, a gym and Zumba followed, as well as a change in diet. See? It was all slow and steady. No crazy, unhealthy diet fads. The proof is in the sugar-free pudding. You only have to look at her to realize that you shouldn’t have to shock your body into losing weight. It’s not a yo-yo!

[Photo via Shape Magazine]

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Michael Fassbender And Charlize Theron’s W Magazine Spread Makes Us Fan Ourselves

Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender W Magazine August Spread

We’re not talking about the August W Magazine cover of Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, guys. That released a few days ago, and you can see it here. It was steamy alright, but it did nothing to prepare us for the heat that lay on the pages inside the magazine. That gorgeous silver necklace Charlize is wearing on the cover, so visible thanks to the deep, plunging neckline of her Dior Archive dress, is by Tiffany & Co, FYI. If someone is feeling generous and would like to send it over a present, feel free. The newly released photo shoot of the two Prometheus stars is damp, sexy, slightly S&M and has us swooning. Not in a Mills & Boon kind of way, but in a Fifty Shades of Greykind of way, if you know what we mean. The cover story is pretty great two, with Fassbender and Theron both talking about life, movies and their friendship. A hilarious moment comes about when they’re asked, “What’s harder to do? A death scene or a sex scene?” Charlize replies, “It depends on who you’re doing the sex scene with. I don’t have issues being naked. That sounds very slutty.” But enough talk about reading and let’s talk photos again. Specifically the one that’s coming up after the jump. Warning: it’s Charlize in thigh-high stocking and Michael shirtless, again.  Read more…

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Should Marie Claire Have Photoshopped A “Hyper-Real” Kate Middleton Onto Their Cover? Discuss

Kate Middleton On Fake "Marie Claire" South Africa Cover

I consider myself the Kate Middleton flag-bearer of this team. Seriously, you can see how much here. It’s total fangirl territory. So when I saw this latest Marie Claire South Africa cover of Kate, some alarm bells went off. First, because it just looked off. Secondly, and no offense or anything, but that does not look like an outfit Kate would wear. Turns out, I was right, because it isn’t Kate at all. The magazine has actually taken Photoshopping to the next level and the image is “a hyper-real illustration of Kate, meant to be a fan art tribute to fashion’s new royal icon.” The magazine is spinning this whole fake cover by saying, “We were so inspired by her fairytale wedding and her life as a modern-day princess, which is why we elected Kate Middleton as our cover star for the August issue.” Except, she didn’t really agree to be their cover star, so they just went ahead with it anyway? So, now we’ve come to a point where if we can’t get a royal or a celebrity on the cover, we just make an image up and call it a tribute? Is it just me, or is that not cool? There’s a whole system with actually contacting an individual, setting up dates and having them show up in flesh-and-blood and interviewing them. I’m a bit wary of an art department creating a cover out of nothing. I’d really like to hear your thoughts about this, because I find it rather disturbing that an entire team is being so gung-ho over the fact that their entire cover story has been spun out of composite imagery.

[Photo via Marie Claire]