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Kristen Stewart Is A ’60’s Goddess On The June Elle U.K. Cover, But Do You Prefer Her Old Elle Avatar?

Is Kristen Stewart guest starring on Mad Men? Because her new Elle UK June cover — seen on the left — made us think of a 60’s diva immediately. The shoot went down on March 13 in L.A. and aims to promote her forthcoming film Snow White And The Huntsman. They even documented Kristen’s time at the session sending out messages like, “On outfit 4. It’s still sunny but there’s a chill in the garden, so Kristen’s covering up in a zip-up hoodie between shots.” So we know she tried on multiple ensembles. The one they eventually picked for the cover was this gorgeous, textured Jil Sander dress. Pair that with sexy minimal makeup and retro-chic hair, and we got ourselves a hot cover. We don’t really get the association of this image with what her role in Snow White is about — other than the dress being white, of course — but we’ll take what we can get because she looks beautiful.

This is the second Elle cover for Kristen, FYI, which you can see with the photograph on the right. This was also released in June but back in 2010. That shoot was pretty spectacular too, even though she was still growing out her The Runaways hair. Even though the styling in that photograph is pretty modern, the hair takes us straight back to the ’70’s, thanks to her amazing portrayal of Joan Jett in the movie.

So here we have it. Two covers. Both for June but shot two years apart. One is fabulously retro and the other is the ’70’s-meets-modern. You have to tell us which one you prefer.

[Photos via Elle]

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On The Road Couple Kristen Stewart And Garrett Hedlund Steam Up The Jalouse May Cover

Are we jalouse about this Jalouse magazine cover? Yes we are. Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund — the lead pair in On The Road — headline the French magazine’s May issue, and have a spread inside it as well. And all we can say is that the photographs are so louchely sexy, that we’re forgiving the makeup issues. Forget the fact that K.Stew has raccoon eyes. We still think she’s working it. This is also in part because we have been dying to watch On The Road ever since we saw the trailer. We were sold even before the 90 seconds of the video were done. The film looks hauntingly beautiful and has an amazing sprinkling of stars, other than Kristen and Garrett, like Sam Riley, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Amy Adams, Tom Sturridge, Terrence Howard and Steve Buscemi. And interestingly enough, the film is pitted against Kristen’s boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s movie Cosmopolis at Cannes this year. We don’t know, man. Kristen and Garrett seem to have serious on-screen chemistry, so they have a real shot!

[Photo via The Fashion Spot]

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Beyonce Is People’s “Most Beautiful Woman” Only 3 Months After Giving Birth

Three months after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter, Beyonce says she feels more beautiful than ever, and we’re not the only ones who agree. People magazine announced this morning that Beyonce is their 2012 World’s Most Beautiful Woman. “I have never felt so connected, never felt like I had such a purpose on this earth,” she told the magazine, echoing our own suspicion that our sole purpose on this earth is to chronicle the life of the Bessiah. Kidding. Sort of. The 30-year-old new mom is joined on People’s annual by Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Sofia Vergara, Charlize Theron, Lily Collins, Madeleine Stowe, Christina Hendricks, Michelle Williams, Paula Patton, Miranda Lambert, Kate Middleton and Mad Men’s Jessica Pare. According to the magazine, B addresses all the rumors about B.I.C.’s birth and how she lost the baby weight in the issue that hits newsstands this Friday.

The 16-time Grammy winner has been churning out hits since she was 17, and just as we couldn’t get enough of her music and sightings of PDA between her and Jay-Z, we’re eating up any and all news of her new motherhood. With a tour coming soon, we expect Bey is already getting back to work — with baby Blue in tow of course. And we can’t wait to see what’s next. It’s officially Bey season, ladies and gentleman!

[Photo: People]

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Allure‘s Nude Pics Of Heidi Klum, Others Are Supposed To Make Us Feel Better About Our Bodies

So we have more tastefully nude pics to add to the portraits of Maria Menounos and Debra Messing we saw yesterday, from Allure‘s “Naked Truth” issue. Heidi Klum, Taraji P. Henson, Leslie Bibb and Morena Baccarin also stripped down for the breathtaking black-and-white photo spread. And because Allure is not Maxim, these photos are supposedly meant not to titillate but to make women feel better about their bodies. Huh? Actually, they just made me put aside the sleeve of Girl Scout cookies I was about to eat for breakfast. We learn in the accompanying video featuring everyone but Heidi that the ladies did feel slightly nervous about dropping trou for the shoot. Some even — gasp! — admitted to dieting.

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“I told my friends [about the shoot], mostly because I’ve been starving myself for three weeks. And so when they ask me to go out to dinner, I have to preface it by saying, ‘Well, I’m actually not eating now,’ ” Homeland star Baccarin said. “Part of me wanted to say, ‘I don’t diet.’ But I do, and I work really hard to look the way that I look. I think that that’s comforting for women to know the truth.”
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Zooey Deschanel Bats Her Baby Blues On The Marie Claire Cover

We’re all firmly on Zooey Deschanel‘s team around these parts. We even celebrated her birthday in January, in our small way, by compiling a list of 32 of Zooey’s best looks as a grand hurrah for the 32 years of her existence on the little blue planet she’s chosen to inhabit. Yes, we do think she’s from another universe, but in a good way. The fact that this particular writer shares a birfday with her is a source of, admittedly misplaced, bragging rights. But we digress! Zooey’s on the cover of Marie Claire‘s May issue and she looks like a million bucks. We like the fact that they’ve steered clear from the hipster fashion she usually favors. On the cover, at least. We like the mussed hair and bodycon, plunging dress she’s got on. They’ve made concessions in the fashion spread inside (as you can see in the picture on the left), putting a a bow in her hair, but we can live with that.

A section of the interview has also been published as a teaser. She discusses the vitriolic diatribe that’s often directed towards her saying, “People do think I’m weird. I don’t know why.” She goes back into her past, to high school, where she was bullied. Not much has changed because people still rag on her a lot — remember this L.A Times columnist who called her a cow? — but luckily this particular incident hasn’t come up again. One of the girls she went to school with actually spat on her face. She explained, “I really don’t know why she spit at me. I just talked to her. I guess I wasn’t allowed to talk to her. I remember I couldn’t believe it.” Just lay off her, guys! Team Zooey, for the win!

[Photo via Marie Claire]

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Happy Birfday, Zooey Deschanel! 32 Adorkable Years And Counting

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Renee Zellweger, Victoria Beckham Wow Us On Harper’s Bazaar Global Editions

Wow. It would be an understatement to say this is a bit of a departure for Victoria BeckhamHarper’s Bazaar, China has really outdone themselves with this May cover of Posh. Or shall we just call her the new Ginger Spice considering she’s morphed into a redhead for this. Everything is so OTT with the manga warrior princess vibe, from the feathered eyebrows to the gilded eyes and those huge metallic earrings. We’re used to seeing Vicky B looking perfectly put together, and while this is without fault, it is totally a departure from her regular style.

We’d also like to say that the magazine has really outdone itself with its global editions since they put Renee Zellweger on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Russia (see below). It’s a completely different look from Vicky B’s cover, but no less glamorous.

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Katy Perry Discusses Her Concert Film With Teen Vogue

Katy Perry really works that blue hair on the May cover of Teen Vogue. And hurrah for architectural shoulder pads! There’s also a lot going on with the interview, in which she opens up to the magazine about her life at the moment — “My life is crazy now. When you get to this level, there’s a lot that’s not real, but I really haven’t changed” —  and more important, work. Katy also shares her current “spring” playlist with them, and it features the likes of Lana Del Rey, Robyn and Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx.

The songstress seems keen to discuss the release of her 3-D flick Katy Perry: Part of Me, saying, “One of my main reasons for doing this is that people think of me as though I’m Dorothy in the ruby slippers. I want them to see everything else that’s involved. Yes, I am her, but at the end of it all, I’m also the guy behind the curtain.” Delving deeper into why she made the movie, she added, “I wanted to document the tour, because when we started to book these really big venues, I felt like I was going all in. And I figured that by the end of it I’d be bankrupt or else I’d look like the smartest music businesswoman of my age, and I thought either outcome would be interesting. More than that, though, I wanted to show people this parade that surrounds me … I wanted them to see the engine.” She’s clearly not bankrupt, so she’s doing something right. With everything going on, it’s also imperative that she keep it together. “I hope so,” she says. “If not, I’m sure my sister and my brother and my best friends will kick my butt.”

[Photo via Teen Vogue]

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Charlize Theron’s Leg Takes Over The May Cover Of Vogue

Looks like someone is trying to give Angelina Jolie’s Oscar leg-show a run for its money. And if there’s anyone who’s capable of that, it really is Charlize Theron. The actress and her ridiculously toned gams are on the May cover of Vogue, wearing a lovely icy-blue Versace gown, we might add. Her hair is a little on the matronly side, but we’ll let go of the nitpicking, for now. As we expected (and hoped for), the interview does delve into Charlize being a new mom to adopted baby, Jackson, who she says “is the coolest kid ever.”

She talks about what kind of mother she wants to be and is looking close to home for inspiration, revealing she wants “to be like my mom. Fair, tough, loving and supportive. My mom has made it possible for me to be who I am. Our family is everything. Her greatest skill was encouraging me to find my own person and own independence.” Speaking of mothers, she does joke about her reasons for starting a family, adding, “I don’t think my mom could wait any more!” We’re going to have to wait for the magazine to hear more, but until then, the cover suits us just fine.

[Photo via Vogue]

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Da Man Magazine Helps Us Get To Know Alexander Ludwig A Little Better

Alexander Ludwig has been omnipresent during all The Hunger Games promotional activities that unfurled over the last few months. We didn’t really know much about him before the movie, but he really made his mark playing the role of brutal Cato. The 19-year-old Canadian actor looks quite relaxed on red carpets, often pairing jeans with either plaid shirts or leather jackets. Which is why his Da Man cover for April and May is such an eye opener! He looks impeccable in a suit and actually pulls off slicked, side-parted hair!

Snippets of his interview reveal the transformation he had to undergo to play Cato. He said, “I gained almost 40 pounds of muscle for this role. I’m currently working on getting back to how I was before Cato. As an actor, I feel that it’s important to make a physical commitment to create a character and it’s also important for me to return to my normal self.” We almost applauded that answer. Did you also know that Ludwig was a musician? We had no idea, but he told the magazine, “Check out my new song ‘Liv It Up’ currently available on iTunes! I’ve always been very passionate about music and am currently working on creating an album…” Keep your eye out for this one. We’re wondering if he has anything lined up after The Hunger Games. Cato was his first big role after 2009’s Race To Witch Mountain, FYI. More, please!

[Photo via Da Man]

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Lauren Conrad Takes Her Top Off For Glamour

Way to barrel back onto the radar, Lauren Conrad! She’s on the May cover for Glamour in nothing but a flirty pair of bikini bottoms. It’s artistically done, of course — all her naughty bits are covered up, so all you can see is a hint of sideboob. And it is somewhat appropriate considering this is Glamour‘s swimsuit issue, so expect to be bombarded with the word “body image” and pep talks about confidence. Lauren does sell it well, though. We have to admit she looks really pretty up here.

The sneak peek given of L.C.’s interview thankfully steers clear of anything to do with cellulite busting, but focuses instead on The Hills. Which is a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire, really. She revealed how they were prompted by producers while on the show, saying, “During shooting, the producers would send us quick text messages telling us what to talk about. They couldn’t walk through the shot, so they’d just text me, like, ‘Say something quick about this story line.’ That’s why we were always checking our phones!” That’s reality television for you. Everything is so unscripted.

[Photo via Glamour Magazine]