Marion Barry

by (@shalapitcher)

Is Crack Mayor Rob Ford As Bad As These Other Politicians In Sex And Drug Scandals?

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“I’m not perfect,” Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told Matt Lauer on the Today show, with regard to his admission that he has smoked crack when in a “drunken stupor.” Perfection, maybe, is not a thing we look for in our leaders. But we do kinda like for them to stay away from illegal drugs, prostitutes, extramarital affairs and naughty sexts with underage employees. As we watch how our neighbors to the north handle this interesting development, we can’t help but be reminded of other powerful men (and yeah, it almost always is the men) in public office who were caught in similar nonpolitical quagmires. From JFK to Marion Barry, Bill Clinton to Anthony Weiner, there are a whole lot of them.
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