Mark Barron

by (@hallekiefer)

Top 10 Hottest New NFL Draft Picks — For Football Fans And The Rest Of Us

Most people fall into two categories: those who know exactly what happened at the first round of the NFL draft last night, and those of us whose knowledge of football starts with “John Madden” and ends with “skintight pants” (two phrases we promise never, ever to write in the same sentence again). This list of the Top 10 Hottest New NFL Draft Picks aims to please both categories, but probably mostly the second.

Now, the draft might not be over until Saturday, but there is already a serious contingency of hotties being recruited, like Carolina Panthers pick Luke Kuechly, new Buffalo Bill Stephon Gilmore, new Miami Dolphin Ryan Tannehill, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick Mark Barron, just for starters. (Yeah, we know that Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III went #1 and #2, but they’re both kinda busted.) Oh, and did we mention that these guys are also instant millionaires on top of being babes? Kind of makes up for forcing you imagine John Madden in shockingly-tight football pants, right? You’re welcome.

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