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by (@hallekiefer)

Brad Pitt Refusing To Talk To World War Z Director: Diva Move Or Completely Understandable?

Brad Pitt Not Talking To World War Z Director

Oh, but can’t it be both? While we understand almost all moves made by divas, Brad Pitt‘s alleged decision to stop talking to World War Z director Marc Forster is a head-scratcher indeed. According to Vulture, the actor has become so annoyed with Forster, “he stopped speaking to him altogether as the production heads into at least three weeks of reshoots.” You fool! Don’t you know that communication is the only way to survive a zombie apocalypse…movie? The two apparently communicate via “messages relayed through an intermediary.” Yikes, this movie has been having problems since last October when a SWAT team seized “85 fully functional guns” being unlawfully used as props. Did you hear us? The film has been shooting since last October! In some cases, literally!

All of which makes Pitt’s refusal to talk to Forster make complete and utter sense…if Brad was determined to drag filming out and/or make the situation a whole lot worse. The movie’s budget has apparently ballooned to $170 million, you have weeks of re-shoots and you’re going to make someone run Post-It notes to the director? Brad, baby. Let’s stop this foolishness and go kill some zombies. We promise we’ll all see it when it hits theaters. We’re sure everything will work out just…what’s that? The ending of the movie itself is “still in flux?” Oh. Oh no.

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