Mason Kardashian

by (@missmuttoo)

Oh Look! There’s A Celebrity Kid In That Bag?

A part of us is yelling, “Be careful” at this photograph because the balance looks a tad precarious. Another part of us is LOL’ing pretty hard at little Mason’s bewildered look at being toted around in a bag! Kim Kardashian posted this photo of her nephew on her Celebuzz page writing, “Mason was playing by my feet at dinner in Bora Bora and crawled into the back of my bag, so I took him over to show¬†Kourt! How funny!?” That’s a Goyard bag, too. Fancy! We also have to say that Kim’s looking pretty damn good, right? This photo was taken when the whole family (are those Kylie and Kendall in the background?) took off to French Polynesia for Bruce and Kris Jenner‘s vow renewal. But back to Mason — we love him!

[Photo via Celebuzz]

by (@missmuttoo)

Oh Look, It’s The Lady And The Tramp!

This is the most adorable picture we’ve seen in a long time. And it’s photographs like these that make us warm up to the Kardashians. They may be fame-hungry *insert word that rhymes with knows* but there’s a lot of love there. Kim Kardashian tweeted this snap of sister Kourtney Kardashian with her son (and Kimmy’s nephew) Mason, writing, “Cutest thing ever!!!” And it is, with Kourtney and Mason channeling Lady and the Tramp with a plate of spaghetti. We think that Mason’s a star anyway — even though his mom’s in full make-up — considering how he stole the show in that sneak peek video of Kim’s wedding!

[Photo via Twitter]